Chapter 373 Part 1

Under the clear sky where the grassy plain was beginning to change from the color of withered grass to green. There was a one-horse covered golem carriage moving along the cobblestone road paved there toward the royal capital.

(The spring has come, huh.)

Sitting on the driver’s seat with the reins in my hands, I squint my eyes at the warm breeze that brushes my cheeks.


On the way, one of the wheels falls into a hole in the road, making the carriage shake. I turn my head to look at the back of the carriage, but the potion bag on the back has not fallen over or spilled.
Yes, today was my first potion delivery since moving to my new house in the outskirt.

(It’s about ten minutes by private golem carriage. Considering the standard in my previous world, I can’t say it’s far.)

Arriving at the west gate of the royal capital, I left my golem carriage there and entered the royal capital on foot.
I could have entered the city with the carriage, but that would have required me to queue, which would take a long time. In my case, I was only carrying one potion bag on my shoulder, so it was faster to get off the carriage.

(It’s also nice seeing the red-light district before the stores open since it has a different atmosphere.)

The time now is just before noon, and most brothels open at noon. Therefore, the streets are empty now, with only a few shopkeepers cleaning up.
I arrived at the central square via the red-light district from the west gate and entered the headquarters of the merchant guild, which stands on the east side of the central square.

「It has perfect quality as always, as expected. Thank you very much.」

The person who presented the guild card that had been processed with the payment was the tough-looking chief who had become my supervisor. I like the fact that he doesn’t cut corners in his inspection even though he keeps saying 『no defective products』 all this time.
I wonder what should I have for lunch? As I was about to leave my seat, the chief called out to me.

「By the way, Tauro-san, are you free this evening? If you don’t mind, there’s a brothel I’d like you to join me.」

I unintentionally raised my eyebrows, but you can’t blame me for it.
After all, the other day, I had experienced a 『stinky items auction』 as a result of agreeing to a similar line from the Santa Claus-like vice guild master.

(No, the chief is different from the guild master or the vice guild master. I’m sure he didn’t have a peculiar taste like them.)

I quickly return to my usual expression and think about it. Although he has a strong interest in idols, but that’s it, and I don’t dislike idol-type women either.
Besides, it’s rare for the chief to invite me. So I decided to accept his invitation, partly because he has been so kind to me.

「Sure, I’ll gladly accompany you.」

Plus, I’m curious to see what kind of place it is.

(If I pick the store on my own, I’m inevitably going to be biased.)

After we decided on the place where and when to meet, I left the merchant guild.


Time flies, and it is now evening. I met up with the tough-looking chief after he left work, and we walked shoulder to shoulder down the main street of the red-light district.
After making several turns, we arrived at a brothel located about two streets off the main street.

「There’s a selection meeting tonight to decide which member is going to be switched out.」

The poster of an idol group plastered on the wall at the entrance. The tough-looking chief said while looking at it.

『Each member sings and dances solo, and the popularity votes determine who joins and leaves the group.』

Apparently, it was this kind of event. Since all the members are just starting out, it seems that being able to work as a group is quite important in order to get nominations.
Many handwritten messages on the posters, like 『please support me!』 were written by the members of the group. It certainly showed a sense of desperation.

(Idol-themed brothels, huh? That’s certainly the chief-like.)

Incidentally, the difference between the 『real』 idols, who only have the opportunity to play in the Holy City, is the scope of their activities. While that group crosses the border and conducts business activities throughout the Ost continents, this group is only within this store.

「Since there’s one of the members related to Tauro-san, I decided to invite you to come along.」

He then tells me her name, but I don’t recognize her. I then tried looking at the poster, but the face on it was too small.
As I stared at the poster with my face close to it, the tough-looking chief smiled and explains.

「The school brothel idea that Tauro-san came up with and then later was started by the Revolutioner. She was a student recruited from there.」

Surprise and joy fill my heart when he told me that.

『A place where girls who aspire to work in brothels but are not scouted can learn practical skills while studying.』

It’s a school that doubles as a brothel. Here, you can get a high school diploma, receive instructions from professionals, and even earn some money, though it only amounts to pocket money.
There seems to be no other place like it, and it is very popular with 『girls who would be in their second or third grade if they went to a normal school』.

『The invisible customers invade the classrooms and do whatever they want with separate tickets.』

By the way, this is the content of the play.

(I went to visit the brothel a few times, but I never ask for their name. Maybe I’ll remember her when I see her.)

While thinking about such a thing, I made payment at the counter in the lobby and entered both doors at the back with the tough-looking chief.

(This store is quite spacious despite its appearance, isn’t it?)

This fan-shaped space with a high ceiling and a two-story raised stage at the end of the room could be described as a small hall.
For some reason, however, there was a large 『gutter』 between the stage and the audience seats.

「If you throw money in there, the amount of money he threw will become a vote.」

The tough-looking chief explained. If I had to describe it, it looks like a special money box for Hatsumode.
*TL Note: first shrine visit of New Year.

(I see. That’s amazing.)

The support of the fans will directly become their strength and influence the outcome. It will heat up the crowd and loosen their purse strings.
As I looked around in admiration, the door through which I had entered was closed and the lights dimmed. Then, after an announcement through an external sound system by the MC, the solo live performance that would decide the fate of the idols began.

(I like this fresh, amateurish feel from her.)

The first performer was a girl with medium-length, long hair and an outfit that looked like a skirt with a swallow-tail coat. She walked around the stage in a circular motion while waving her hands, and sing.
Not long after, multiple copper-colored sparkles were sucked into the money box in a parabolic pattern.


I felt something was strange because she had lost her subtle luster. Her body movements slowed down, though only slightly, and her pitch became sweeter at the end of the word.
The answer was immediately given to me by the tough-looking chief standing next to me.

「They put vibrating rods in her front and rear, and they get stronger and stronger depending on the amount of money or votes the girl receives.」

A vibrating rod he’s referring to is a stick about the size of a thumb, which is a set with a wand that shoots harmless light arrows. The survival game played with this toy is one of the most popular games in the red-light district.

「I see. That certainly makes me want to support them.」

With each toss of a copper coin, her back curled up like a cat, her legs turned inward, and the flush on her cheeks grew redder.
The mic in her hand seems as if it were my alter ego, it feels nice.
It seems that there are more than a few people who share the same thoughts and the number of sparkles flying towards the ditch increases. The position of her medium waist that kept shaking also getting lower.

「Looks like the song is finished and she withdrew from the stage. Though we would be able to see her losing her mind just a little while longer.」

That’s just how driven to a corner she was. I can’t tell exactly how much it is since the total amount is not displayed, but she must have been quite popular.
The tough-looking chief agreed with me, as he said that she made it on the safe side.

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