Chapter 38




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After leaving Cione, I bought dinner at a stall and returned home.
It’s still evening, much earlier than usual.
However, I’m a little worried about Imosuke.

「Imosuke, you alright?」

I know it’s safe, but my heart pounded thinking just by chance if something did happen.
Just like when I left home in the afternoon, Imosuke was eating leaves at a slow pace.

「Did you get a little bigger?」

I asked.
Really? A reaction stating that comes back.
I personally feel that it’s bigger than when I bought it back.

(The medical tree is still luxuriant, I wonder if I should use some weak potion,)

I thought so while looking at the medical tree which is eaten by Imosuke.
I watered around the medical tree with water diluted with an F rank potion.


I felt a gaze. When I look at Imosuke, it raised its head and look back at me.
It looks like its thinking pose, but was not looking at me.

「What’s wrong? Do you also want to drink it? 」

It doesn’t seem like it.
I have a feeling that its asking for a higher-ranked potion.

「Is it this? 」

I show the E rank potion on my right hand. It is one which I had just made from magic.
It seems to want a higher one.
I somehow knew what he wants.

「Then, how about this? 」

I show the D rank potion. It seems to be satisfied.
Then I should use this.

I said so and tried to pour the D rank potion into the water.
At the same time, a strong reaction came from Imosuke.


It looks this way, and moves its short legs.
When I stopped pouring, it stops moving.
I think for a bit and ask.

「Is it better if I use it directly? 」

I remembered when I pour an S rank potion directly on the herbs.
At that time, the medical herbs turned into a tree overnight.
Imosuke nods.
I try and pour it directly on the roots of the medical tree.
However, it starts moving again. This doesn’t seem to be it.

「What is it? What is wrong? 」

I look towards Imosuke while holding the potion.
Then it shook its small head.

「Hm? Should I pour it around here? 」

I feel like I’m starting to slowing understand Imosuke.
I followed Imosuke’s instruction and pour the potion.
It asked for one more, so I used another.

After that, I spoke with Imosuke as master and servant.
I am speaking one-sidedly, but I’m able to understand Imosuke’s reply roughly from its reaction.
It must be because our spiritual paths are connected.
By the way, Imosuke can sometimes communicate using words clearly.
But it is equivalent to it screaming loudly, so it didn’t seem to like doing it.
However, as time goes by, our spiritual path becomes thicker, and it seems to be now able to communicate without shouting.

It took until night to be able to properly communicate with Imosuke.
Imosuke also look tired.
So I decided to end it here today.

「Good night.」

I said so, and went back to my room.

(Still, Imosuke is more intelligent than I expected.)

It’s the impression I had from the previous dialogue.
I’m honestly happy.
It’s a spirit beast I went through quite some trouble and received. I want to be able to communicate with it as a partner.

The next morning, I woke up earlier than usual.
Yesterday, I didn’t stay out late and slept early.
The eastern ridgeline begins to turn white, and the sun’s light that has yet to appear extends the shadows of the buildings.

(Is Imosuke awake?)

I went out quietly to the garden to not wake Imosuke up, if it was still sleeping.
The morning dew on the medical herbs wets the surrounding ground. It feels a little cold.
I didn’t know whether it was because of my arrival or because it was getting brighter, Imosuke woke up and stretched slowly on the branch.

「Good morning, Imosuke.」

I raise my right hand and called out.
At the same time I noticed.
Various purple flowers bloom from the ground around the branch where Imosuke sits on.

「Is this a flower?」

When I look closely, not just flowers, there were also grasses with red fruits.

「Is this a … Strawberry? 」

It looks like a strawberry.
It’s one of those big strawberries that you can find riding on shortcakes. Not a raspberry sort.
And the flower looks similar to a bell flower.
Is it because I poured a D rank potion directly on the medical herbs, that it turns into bell flowers and strawberries?
I don’t seem quite right.
I ask Imosuke who was looking over here.

「Did you do this? 」

Imosuke nods.

「How did you do it? 」

Imosuke takes its thinking pose and returns to its original position. And repeat it several times.
Thinking pose is a pose when it poops, but now I don’t see any sesame grain liked poop falling.
I think for a moment about what imosuke wants to convey.
And something connects in my head.

「Are these flowers and strawberries grown from Imosuke’s poop? 」

Imosuke firmly nods.

「Yesterday, the potion you asked for, was it to speed up the growth? 」

It seems I’m correct.
And I receive a telepathy … is that what it’s called, from Imosuke.


When I look at Imosuke, it was shaking its legs.
I felt something looking at it and ask.

「Is this perhaps a present for me? 」

It seems to be so.
What is this, I’m so happy. My chest gets a little warm.
Although I’m the one who received Imosuke, I was wondering how Imosuke thinks of me.
To be suddenly summoned from the Spirit Forest which it is born and raised, and forced into a master-servant relationship with me. I can’t find any element of it to be attracted to me.
So I was pleased to have received a present from Imosuke.
I feel we could surely get along from now on as well.

「Tasty! 」

I quickly rinsed the strawberries and stuff my mouth with it.
It is fresh, sweet and has a refreshing acidity.
I didn’t have resistance, even though it’s grown from poop.
In the region where I lived, it was natural to spread cow dung and chicken dung in the field at the end of winter,
Imosuke looks happy to see me enjoying it.

「Do you want to eat it too, Imosuke? 」

I bought the strawberry over to Imosuke.
After hesitating for a while, Imosuke took a small bite on the tip.
And it didn’t continue after that.
It’s probably just showing a form of receiving it. It looks like it does not consume fruits.
And the remaining was enjoyed by me.

「But why do bellflowers and strawberries grow out of its poop, when it’s only eating the leaves of the medical tree? 」

…somehow a surge of wave seems to be emitted by Imosuke.
It also looks like it’s in a relaxed posture.

「Is this maybe Imosuke’s special ability or something? 」

It is not the special ability of just Imosuke, but the special ability of a Forest Sage.
They seem to play the role of maintaining the forest and ensuring the diversity of vegetation by sowing the seeds of plants that are likely needed in the forest.

By the time I understood this far, the sun has risen completely; it was now at the boundary between morning and noon.

「Okay, then Imosuke, take care. I’ll leave the garden to you. 」

I called out to Imosuke and left the house.




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