Chapter 40




             Translator: “Karaage”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

Now, I’m at a restaurant called 「Bonanza」.
I chose this place because of the signboard display outside the door.
It shows a picture of an old man sitting at the center of a sofa having a meal with two girls on both sides.

(How lordly.)

Not using one’s own hand, and having a young, beautiful and cute girl in a miniskirt feeding you.
It’s one of the lord plays which I had imagined.

(Thanks to the high sales, I have no trouble with money. I shall play luxuriously today.)

From the perspective of the common people, I am playing luxuriously every day, but let’s not think about that now.
I tell the waiter that I want to have a meal like the signboard.
Then I was showed to the back, and the restaurant concierge attends to me.

「There are three courses in our shop, which would you like?」

「The best one please.」

「If that is the case, this will be the amount, is it alright? 」

I confirm the amount. There’s absolutely no problem.
Seeing me nod, the concierge asks me for my preference of the waiter.
It seems I have 3 waiters attending me.

「Can I not choose one by one?」

It seems I can’t.
Instead, they will try their best to match the appearance, style, age, skill, and others that I hope for.

「Then, a young one will be great.」

Recently, all I had were mostly married women with children, so I want some fresh ones this time.

「I understand.」

After that, I received a detailed explanation from the concierge.
The trio of waitresses is divided into three roles, food serving, drink serving and food transport, but it’s possible to change the roles freely along the way.
The time is 3 hours.
The meal time for the waitresses will be at a different time, so there is no need to worry about it in these 3 hours.
After the explanation is over, I pay on the spot.
It’s basically prepaying everywhere.

「Now, over here please.」

Guided by the concierge, I enter the backmost private room.
There, being comparable to the quality of magical girls, I was greeted with a smile by three young girls.

「Please enjoy your time.」

The concierge quietly closes the door and leaves to the hallway.
The three girls greet me one at a time.
All of them were wearing matching clothes.
They were like the ones used in motor shows, a separate mini skirt.
Their styles are slender for their age, and face is both cute and beautiful.
Their hairstyles were short hair brushing behind the ears, medium gnome core hair and long loose fluffy natural curls.

(Oh, the roles are drinks for short, food for long and transport for midi.)

I sat in the center of the sofa, with short on my left side and long on my right, glass and plate were prepared for each of us.
Midi goes toward the dumbwaiter by the wall and takes out food from inside.
Looks like the preparations ready, alright let’s start with a drink.
Short then pours something like iced tea into the glass.

(Iced? There doesn’t seem to be any ice and there’s no condensation, it doesn’t looks like its cold.)

I had a little doubt but was waiting for short to bring the glass to my mouth.


At that moment, something unexpected happened.
Without bringing it towards me, short drank it herself.
When I was slightly surprised, short approaches me with her cheeks slightly swollen.

(I see! So that’s the plan.)

I was pleased and accept the tea that was in short’s mouth.

(This can’t be cold or hot but room temperature, no human temperature is the best!)

Delicious! I ask for a refill, I taste it again and moisten my throat.
Looking to the right, long is putting a cucumber appetizer and steamed chicken salad into her mouth.

(Not just the drink but also the food!)

Full of anticipation, I look at the figure of long’s moving mouth and biting.
It seems to be ready.
And long approaches me.


I screamed in my heart. Because my mouth is being softly pressed down long.
After leaving me, long now has chili shrimp in her mouth.
And she approaches me again after it’s ready.
But I stop her.

「Chew it more.」

Receiving my instruction, long begin to chew.
A little later, thinking it is fine now, approaches once more.
But I stop her again.

(No, chew more.)

Long begins to chew again. From her looks, there must have been men who gave the same instruction as me in the past as well.
After a little time passed, I signal with my chin.
Closing in on my face, the chili shrimp is transferred to me. It was now completely mushy.

(Delicious! It’s so delicious!)

I screamed again.
This shop is a hit. I have never had such a meal before.
I ask for tea to refresh my mouth.
Of course, this was also by mouth.
I no longer know if its tea or something else, I consume this warm stuff and trembled from this delicacy.
It has a supreme and ultimate taste.

(These girls are going no-hand; I too have to go no-hand)

At first, I was thinking of playing with them with my free hand.
Practically, that would have been normal. The old man on the signboard of the store was also playing with both hands while eating.
But to respect them, I decided to go no-hand.
It won’t be an easy take even with magic eye.
However, I will grow even more after going through this difficulty.

(Alright, first will be long.)

I decided so while tasting the dish made of peppers, eggplant, bitter gourd, zucchini and pork fried in garlic sauce.
After transferring the meal, I gently hold the back of long’s head to prevent her from leaving.
And while watching the color temperature distribution in long’s mouth, I stimulate her.
Since the place is limited to the mouth, it is quite difficult. Gently and sometimes strongly I stimulate her tongue, the back of the tongue, and the inside and outside of the gums.

(Somehow it seems to have worked.)

I feel relieved when I see the rise of long’s color temperature.
And I then order for long and midi to switch.
Long should have been tired after all that chewing.
This time it will be short’s turn.

(Even with such a cute face, this girl sure is tough.)

For short, her color didn’t change easily.
How do I put this, her mouth sensation may be dull.
Like even when you tickle the sole of their foot, they wouldn’t show any reaction. It might be similar to that.
By the way, I’m the kind of person who would quickly laugh just by being tickled.
I’ll give up on short for now, and head towards midi.


I exclaimed again while tasting the porridge-like fried rice.
What I learned after switching long and midi was that the taste varies from person to person.
Steamed chicken salad, chili shrimp and stir-fried dish were all different, but there was always long’s flavor in them.
It became clearer after switching her with midi.

(Oh, till then it was long’s flavor. And now this is midi’s flavor.)

I am entrance.
However, I relaxed and focus on capturing midi, which was my initial objective.

(Oh, aren’t you a sensitive one.)

It was obvious compared to short, but she was even more sensitive than long.
And soon, my objective is completed.
It’s too bad that I have to give up on conquering short halfway, but my belly has already swelled up.

(But still, I don’t feel right just eating alone, though the concierge said they will have their meal at a different time.)

It might be good to let them eat fruits since they are doing their best.
I thought so, and called long who was free.

(Here, eat.)

Saying so, I put out grapes and bananas.
Surprised for a moment, long who understood my intentions, brings the banana close to her mouth.

(Hmm, here again, eating bananas without using hands. As expected, they sure have good education.)

I praise the shop while enjoying the sweet feeling running up my back. Quite an excellent shop I must say.

「You can eat as well, enjoy it together.」

I said to short on the left.
Sharing with long, short begins to eat the banana.


I noticed an interesting thing.
Slightly deep behind short’s mouth, I found a high color temperature.

(Oh short-chan, you are advancing further than the other two.)

I sigh lightly.
Since I have found it, I have no choice but to strike. Besides, short was still not yet captured.
I ask long to take some distance, and face one-on-one with short. Of course, short still has the banana in her mouth.
I gently hold the back of short’s ear with both hands, to induce the movement when she’s eating.
I’ll let you have a taste of the banana in the part of your mouth which has the highest color temperature.
Gradually, changes in her color temperature distribution have appeared.

(Short-chan, you really.)

I shake my head from side to side.
This is because the part where the light of high color temperature appeared was in short’s throat.
I don’t know if it was natural or due to experience or training.
But I want to pleasure her too. Since I know the way, I have to execute it.

「…Eek!…Okk!…Hmp! 」

Short was eating so deeply, making long and midi who were watching worry.
Although it may seem like she’s suffering at first glance, the circulation speed and color temperature of short rise rapidly. In other words, she is pleased.
Even so, the scene wasn’t really pleasing.
In my case, I just felt a little pain in my chest.
Short was satisfied soon after, but I haven’t been satisfied once yet, because it’s the banana which was used.
Just at that time, midi bought three types of dessert.
Each of the girls held a dessert in their hands.
Midi’s is apricot tofu, long’s is mango pudding and short’s is vanilla ice cream.
The three line up side by side and ask which one I would like to eat.

(Hm, I go with the refreshing apricot tofu here.)

I answered apricot tofu and points at midi.
Midi smiled and puts the apricot tofu into her mouth.
And then, sits on me who was sitting on the sofa.

(Umu! Sweet and delicious!)

As a matter of course, the apricot tofu was transferred through midi’s mouth.
But then something unexpected happened.
Midi, who was sitting on me, after feeding me the apricot tofu, at the same time started eating a banana.

(No way! She should have been wearing a while ago.)

From time to time, I was glancing at them, so I’ve definitely confirmed that everyone was wearing it.
But now midi’s sitting on me in a skirt eating a banana.

(But this feeling, she’s not wearing it! But since when…)

Most probably, when she was preparing the dessert I think.
Still, this is quite a performance.
Ultimately, this was something that was already decided.
However, because they were wearing it till a moment ago, I thought that I wouldn’t happen.
This is really a fresh surprise.

(To be able to entertain with just small tricks, what a shop.)

Being filled with happiness, I unleash all the technique which was surpasses in my heart.

Ten minutes later, long was surprised.
Long with her butt on the floor couldn’t stand.
In front of long, were midi and short that has fallen.
I have eaten both their dessert, and I too have filled their container to the brim with my own dessert.
The only remaining dessert is long’s mango pudding.
I have no intention to leave any dessert behind.
Long loses the strength in her waist after seeing what had happened to her two colleagues.
I have the responsibility of giving long a peace of mind for her current state, and a vulgar smile appears on my face.

「That mango pudding looks really delicious. Come and quickly feed it to uncle.」

I approach while gently speaking.
Long moves back trying to escape, but her back immediately hits the wall.
And a look of despair floats from long’s face.
Putting both my hand under her armpit, I lifted long up.
As expected, she was light.
Carrying my dessert, I head to the sofa.
And using the remaining time, I enjoyed plenty of sweetness.





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