Chapter 42




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I walk down the red light district.
There are many people eating in the stall, even though it is still early in the daytime.
It’s a scenery unique to the red light district.
Most of the people who are eating are people tied to the brothels, and are having their meals before their shops opening in the afternoon.

(That person, her complexion is bad.)

I look towards a woman.
Her complexion is pale and there are bags under her eyes. It feels the same as Twintails when she was sick.

(There’s a possibility.)

I start thinking.
First, the inferior aphrodisiacs are still circulating and damage still continues.
The other is that the aphrodisiacs were used before the changes were in place, and had not yet been cured.

(In any case, if it’s a woman working in a brothel, I’d like to cure them.)

Thanks to the brothels, my life after coming to another world is full of colors.
So I would like to be able to help them even if it’s just a little.
I ordered a drink from the same stall and waited for her to finish her meal and leave.
I leave my seat and follow slowly behind her.

(Now, which shop do you work at?)

Due to the recent visits to the brothels, my intuitions have been refined, so I can tell that she is a member on the platform. Ten to one, there’s no doubt.
Soon she went to the back entrance of a nearby brothel.
The store is still not yet opened.

(As I thought.)

Feeling a little satisfaction for hitting the mark, I wandered around for lunch before the store opens.

After killing time until noon, I came in front of the brothel.
It seems to have just opened.

(As for the store, it’s a 3rd class.)

I judged from the appearance and location of the building.
I have only gone to brothels near the higher class, so this will be my first time to enter a lower class one.
I open the old cheap looking door and enter the store.


The concierge was a grandpa.
Thinking that the platform will be filled with grandmas, a fear runs through me for a moment, but I quickly regained my posture.
But the woman whom I followed just now should not have been that old.
I look towards the platform.
It’s a small platform. There are only five women, and the woman from before was also there.
I sigh a relief, seeing that there weren’t any grandmas.

(The ones who look sick are… those three.)

More than half of the platform seems to be in poor health.
I look around. There are no customers other than me. Well customers will not have come after seeing the atmosphere of the platform.

「That, that and that.」

I call the concierge and picked the three people with bad complexion.
The concierge was surprised that I picked three people who were in a bad condition. But quickly show an expression saying he understands.
And tell me in a small voice.

「As you can see, these ones are in quite a bad condition. So the price would be like this…」

Picking the ones in poor condition and pays a cheaper price than usual. It seems that he has misunderstood my intentions.
I don’t need a discount, but I’ll happily take it since you are giving it.

(I can just add the discounted price into the tip.)

Tips are individual shares. The girls should be happy with it.
I confirm the amount suggested by the concierge and takes out my guild card for payment.
The concierge looks a little dismay.
He must not have expected me to pay the amount he suggested in one shot. And he is now preparing to further negotiate the discounted price.
After paying, I look at the concierge.
Although looking a little puzzled, he’s happy.
The sales must have fallen recently. Well, it would be the case since the women were in poor health.
Surrounded by the three, I went up the stairs.

After entering the room, I decided to treat them one by one.
And I’ll have the other two to have a drink on the sofa.
First, will be the woman which I had followed.
I instruct her to lay flat on her back on the bed.

(…an OL.)

If you look at her closely she resembles an OL working at a mobile shop. Her appearance, style, was all medium. I feel a strange familiarity with her.
I started grooming by rubbing her two hills.
I want the OL to think that this was my one-sided teasing. It feels better for her to not move because of her bad condition.
When the top of her hill stiffen and her body begins to swell, I cast Cure Status Abnormality Spell (F).

(Like I thought, it’s the same.)

It feels the same as Twintails. At the same time, I get the sense that she was cured.

(Should I use Cure Disease Spell (F) just in case?)

When used, there was a sense of penetration, and she is now completely cured.

(Though just a little, it seems she had caught an illness.)

It’s easy to catch a cold because of the decrease in resistance due to the poor physical condition.

(Now, the treatment is over and it’s time for fun.)

I started persistent grooming while watching OL’s light circulation and color temperature.
And the dark yellow areas started changing.
The OL seems to be completely comfortable now.

(Next will be the milf with her hair pulled back in a bun.)

I called the slightly tall milf and lay her up next to the OL. Large beds are a unique trait to the brothels.


She must have prepared herself after seeing it just now; she’s already shining a bright orange color.
I started grooming and treating the milf while keeping her from coming.

(The milf is the same as the OL. Is the aphrodisiac really the cause of it?)

Apparently some of the customers in this store were using that inferior aphrodisiac.
I pull away from the wife who was now a thread away from her upper limit.
The milf who was left behind, clings to my arm, but the treatment of the third person comes first.
Calling over the third person, I have a lie down next to the milf.
Now, three women were laying on a king-size bed in the shape of a river.

(The last one is this girl with a French braided red hair.)

She’s the youngest looking. And she has lots of freckles, giving off a strong impression of a country girl.
I brushed her French braided hair to the side to not get in the way, and started grooming and treating her.

(This girl is also the same as Twintails.)

This red hair French braid is also a victim of the aphrodisiac.
The criminal should be quickly apprehended, so there wouldn’t be any more victims, but I can’t speak too early.
There is a possibility that the remaining drugs can be used for other drugs.
I will give some advice to the concierge later.

(But still, this is…)

After the treatment was over, I continued playing with the red French braid.
The red French braid has her mouth open in surprise; she must have never experienced such high skills.
Since she has no resistance, her subsequent reaction was great.
The red French braid lying on her back under me, bounces powerfully every time she was rubbed.
I wonder if she help in the farming works in the countryside, her legs were powerful.

(It’s like rodeo.)

It looks as if I were straddling an untrained bare horse.
It feels as if I’m riding a rodeo machine and if feels kind of fun.

(No matter how young and how strong your legs are, you have only just recovered. I shall quickly let you be at ease.)

I thought so and pressed down her bouncing body.
I thought about the remaining time and planned to finish it quickly and move on to the next one, but it didn’t go that well.

(This feels so good.)

The taste of the red French braid was very fresh.
Simple and unadorned, and despite being young, she clings her teeth and moans in a loud voice.
To describe it, it will be 「Country Bride」.
I didn’t have one, but if I was to be married to a friendly childhood friend in the countryside, would my night life also be like this?
And I look to the side.
(Oh, Mrs., I see you have started yourself.)

The OL with her flushed face was only looking here while breathing heavily, but the milf has started pleasuring herself.
Seeing this, I start imagining.
In an old house in the countryside, voices can be heard through the thin walls.
And the parents, who heard the voice, secretly came peeking on their son and his wife.
I imagined the scene and thoroughly enjoyed the time with the red French braid.
Unfortunately, the time was up the moment I pour every last drop of my love into the country bride.
The milf requested for an extension, but I politely refused.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime meeting.
I leave the room while receiving gazes from the milf.
And I talked to the concierge in a low voice after going out.

「I think the condition of the three should have improved.」

And the concierge makes a face stating he didn’t understand.
Of course, with just this alone he wouldn’t understand what I am saying.

「I am acquainted with the concierge of Jayanne.」

I throw out the name of a first-class store.
Hearing the name, grandpa concierge became a little more serious.
They really have a considerable position in the industry.

「Their symptoms were very similar to those who are affected by the inferior aphrodisiac.」

The grandpa is taken aback.
Whether by notification or rumor, is the information circulating?

「Whether it’s something in the past, or still going on, I do not know.」

I told him to be careful.
From here on, it will be the store’s responsibility.
Whether is it to check the records and customers like Jayanne, or another method, it will depend on the store.

Grandpa who has noticed the potential of it being the aphrodisiac has a blue face. Turning my back, I left the store.

I start thinking while walking down the red light district.

(The damage on the lower-class store should be much bigger.)

Just from the previous store, more than half of the women on the platform were in poor condition.
There are other reasons for the cause like the customer base and the store’s management.
And surely, the women working in lower-class stores have less income compared to those working in higher-class stores.
Even if it is proved that the aphrodisiac is the cause, it will be difficult for them to cover the cost for treatment.
(Alright, let’s go around the lower-class stores, and pick the ones who seem sick and treat them.)

The objective from now on has been decided.
With this amount, the dancers of Go Go Bars and women going in and out of dating aid coffee shops should also be suffering from the damage.
But I don’t feel like targeting those places.
I will only reach out a helping hand to places that are within my reach.
I walked around in search of the next lower-class brothel.

After that, I went to one store before dinner and two after dinner, and return home after midnight.
The garden forest is completely dark, so I didn’t step in it and change into my pajamas.
I dive into bed, and thought about the things that happened just now.

(As expected, there are more people suffering from the poor condition in the lower-class brothels.)

Nearly half of the people in the stores I went to were in poor condition.
I picked all the people who seemed to be in a bad condition, and the surrounding customers look at me with disgust, but I ignored them.
After going into the room, I was making miracles one by one.
Not only aphrodisiacs, there were also women who were suffering from other conditions, but were all cured as well.
If F rank magic was not enough, I used E rank and D rank ones. There’s no reason to hesitate.

(Albeit small, I was able to illuminate a corner of the world.)

Due to fatigue, I fell asleep quickly.




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