Chapter 43



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The next morning, I received a request from Imosuke.
It seems that the pill bug wants to be my kin.


I examine this unfamiliar word.
I understand the meaning of the word, but I have never thought of myself having a kin.

「Imosuke, are you also my kin?」

Of course, was its response.
Hmm, it’s fine. It’s not a bad idea taking care of the pill bug as my kin.

「Okay, I’ll accept pill bug as my kin.」

In front of me, the pill bug happily curled up.
However, it would be inconvenient to keep calling it a pill bug. Let’s name it as a proof of becoming my kin.

「I shall grant you a name. From now on you will be called Dangorou.」

And it curled up again.
…Hmm? It’s faint, but I feel that a wave of joy has been transmitted from Dangorou.
I ask Imosuke.

「Imosuke, has the mental path between me and Dangorou connected?」

…It seems to have connected.
Now, I’m sure that was Dangorou’s feeling just now.
After that, I spent all morning deepening the interaction with my family.

「Imosuke, I will be going out. I will probably return late, so as the leader please take care of the garden forest.」

I receive a quick response from Imosuke. It seems as if it was saluting.

From then on after I left the house, I have played an intensely active role.
I went to three brothels after launch, and two after dinner, and chose women who were in bad health.
Of course, I wasn’t able to pour into every single one.
At most, one person a store, and sometimes even without pouring, and ends with just grooming and treatment.
The brothels are not only limited to the lower-class but also the middle-class.

Staggering tiredly, I went home at midnight and went to the garden.
Imosuke and Dangorou may be sleeping, but as the head of the family, I must also tend to the garden forest.
I spread a bit of potion onto the garden.
Since F rank and E rank ones are almost used up, D rank and C rank ones are used.
Dangorou, who has crawled out from under the rocks, looks interestingly at the faint glowing potion.

「This should be enough.」

After saying it, Imosuke transmit a feeling of gratitude. It is still weak, but Dangorou as well.
After doing what needs to be done, I dive into bed and slept right away.

The next day, the routine is the same.
In the morning, I interacted with my family members. The topics were about the situation of the garden forest, if there was anything lacking, and also about spirit beasts.
And before noon, I leave the house again.
And with the mission of saving the girls in the brothels of the Royal Capital, I continued my journey.
As I continued my journey, a concierge from a certain store says to me with an inspiring tone.

「Oh, Dr.Slime has come to our store.」

(Dr.Slime? Is it me?… But why a slime?)

A question mark floats atop my head.
I decided to ask the concierge.

「Is Dr.Slime referring to me?」

「Yes, that is right. That is the way we have been calling you.」

Is it not alright? He looks up towards me.
I can’t answer whether it’s good or bad, because I don’t know the reason why.

「But why Dr.Slime?」

「According to what I’ve heard, there’s a customer who can cure women who are sick or in poor physical condition」

Hmm, that’s me.

「And that person is also a renowned pharmacist.」

… I don’t remember calling myself in any of the brothels recently.
No, I’m paying with my guild card, so its most probably enquired from there.
But, renowned, I don’t remember making my name this big.
But I suddenly realized.

(Is it the case of me selling the Cure Status Abnormality Potion (D) for Dolba?)

The old man from the merchant guild did mention about telling Dolba about me.
Well, can’t be helped since it has already happened.

「So, why slime?」

The concierge responds after thinking for a moment.

「There seem to be a mysterious type of slime that heals other creature in this world, and it is called a Dr.Slime.」

I don’t know why, but I feel like that wasn’t actually the reason.
If it’s just healing, isn’t there other things other than slime. And why is it a monster? Not human.

「…Putting Dr aside, I still don’t know why slime.」

「According to Telmano of the Magic Academy, Dr.Slime produces a medicinal ingredient similar to potions in their body. So, as a pharmacist, you are name Dr.Slime is what I think.」

Telmano… I remembered.
I’ve seen him before when I was selling potions at the merchant guild.
He’s a pharmacist who was showing off the shining C rank potion that he is delivering with his nose high up in front of everyone. And his mouth bent greatly.
That bent mouth, saying unnecessary things.
Although what he said made sense, I feel that that was something more of it than just this.

「And I heard that the first person who started to say slime, was the princess of a certain brothel.」

He shakes his head left and right stating that he didn’t know the reason as to why.
I won’t get any more information even if I continue asking.
And I came here for treatment. I can’t forget my purpose.

「I understand, thank you. Then, I would like to start picking now.」

I thanked the concierge and picked two women who seemed to be unwell.

Entering the room, I asked the women.
I’m curious as to why I am called slime.
It is said that it was a women who started using it. So they might know something.

「That’s because…」

And the two of them started trusting each other with their elbows.
Bingo. As expected, they know something.
I start putting pressure on them.

「I know that you girls know.」

And continue to speak while reaching for my belongings.

「If you don’t answer me, I’ll leave.」

The effect was dramatic.
It was a big difference from when they were hesitating.
However, they ask me to not feel angry or leave without treatment after they tell me the reason.
From their words, I’m convinced that it would be some stupid reasons, but I promised them.
And according to what the relieved girls had say,

When they are first touched, the feeling was terrible.
However, it gets better gradually.
And in the end, they are taken in and melted.
Like a creature which has been preyed upon by a slime.

And that’s the reason.


I was so mentally shocked that I fell on the bed.

『When they are first touch, the feeling was terrible』, that part, deeply pierce my heart.
I felt my heart broken, but I have promised the girls and couldn’t leave without treating them.

「It must have been hard to say. I’m sorry.」

The girls become relieved after hearing my words.
Even though I have lost my spirit, I have promised them, It will leave a bad taste if I were to go back.

「Then let’s get started.」

First I look at their state using Cure Status Abnormality Spell (F) and Cure Disease Spell (F). Fortunately, the first girl was fully recovered.
And after that, I did it thoroughly so as to not put shame unto my two titles.
I took her in and completely melted her.
Specifically, grooming using my magic eye, surpassing her near the limit and detoxification.
And by releasing her from there, her soul is launched high into the sky.
Normally, I would let her land softly, but I continued firing my straights like an anti-aircraft gun, not allowing her to land.
She was not even once allowed to land. Not until she’s completely melted.
Seeing the dreadful scene of her coworker, the other girl loses the strength in her waist.
And beg me.

「E…em, the treatment, just the treatment is fine.」

I smiled, and gently say.

「I’m not a magician, so I can’t use healing magic」

She tries to say something, but swallows it and points to her colleague.

「As a by-product for going so far, their bodies are cured. I don’t know the reason why though.」

It’s a lie. I cured them using magic.
However, the story was that they are healed by my comfortable massage.
If I don’t go this far, their bodies wouldn’t be healed.
If I don’t make them think so, I will most probably end up working like a slave.
I can’t let them know that it can actually be done with the flick of a finger.
The only ones I can heal are the ones that I picked at a brothel. It is limited to only that.

「So, what will you do?」

She hasn’t been treated yet, of course, according to the story.
If you are not melted, you will not heal.
At the end of pleasure, you will be granted with a treatment.
Being forced with a decision, she decided to receive the treatment.

(I’ll do it! I’ll do it! Damn it!)

I screamed in my heart as I headed to the next store.
I had completely melted the girl from before, not leaving a fragment behind.
From my experience, she won’t be able to stand for two days.
「The feeling was terrible」had hurt my heart, in return, I will now completely melt down my partner during treatment.
I, who have become aggressive, breathing roughly, entered the next store.

From there I became a stew craftsman.
In return for treatment, I melted them completely.
As a result, the name Dr.Slime which was only partially earned has now become completely established.

A few days later after covering most of the low and middle-class brothels, I arrive at the merchant guild.
I had been called.
When I was taking out my guild card for payment at a restaurant, I receive a message written in red. This card really has a lot of features.
When I stepped into the merchant guild, I was exposed to an unrelenting line of sight.


Such words leak out with a sigh from the surrounding.
The men in the merchant guild were looking at me in awe, both the customers and the staff.
Similarly, the female staff members and customers were looking at me with both a flicker of fear and interest regardless of age.
I am now completely a celebrity.



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