Chapter 55




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As the days went by, my evaluation at the pilot school was shattered.
There are those who deemed that my winning by judgment in the mock battle was acceptable and others did not.
Those who were not, said that it was a cowardly way of fighting, and it was useless in actual combat.

「Tauro-kun, you can be using other ways to fight, but why do you stick to this way?」

Is what a noble’s kid said to me.
We are classmates, so we were speaking unreservedly. At first, I was reluctant to being called using kun by someone 10 years younger, but I got used to it. This is a meritocratic school.
This noble’s kid is one of the opponents that I haven’t won against.
There are no holes in his close combat, long range magic attack, defense and mobility.
He thinks that my way is acceptable, and we don’t feel any ill-intentions between each other.
The words earlier too, if anything, he’s caring about me.
When I was thinking about how to answer his question, the noble’s kid continued speaking.

「I think even without using this way of fighting, you will be able to obtain the same result, or even better. 」

The noble’s kid particularly has high evaluation on my Magic Manipulation skill.
With this skill, he thinks that one would be able to handle any type of battle at a high-level.

(Not like you guys, I’m sensitive!)

I scream in my mind.
There is a reason to why I’m so persistent with this cowardly way of fighting.
Because of my excellent Magic Manipulation skill, I’m able to control the Golem as if it is my body.
However, as a side effect, every impact that the Golem receives, I too would sense the similar impact being received.

(It hurts, so I can’t do close combat.)

This is why I am persistent on long ranged magic attack and escaping while avoiding close combat.

「It’s my nature, I guess…」

I somehow scrape together an answer.
I don’t want to say that it’s because I hate pain.
To say, knowing that my sense of pain will be stimulated, a Tauro counter plan may even be made.
Please spare me from it.

「… I see, that’s a shame.」

The noble’s kid let out a big sigh, and left.


Then a few days later.
With precise operation because of my high-level Magic Manipulation skill, my rank in the advance class raises rapidly.
With my unparalleled long range attack magic while moving at high-speed, It was a nightmare for my opponents.
And I was now a fully establish member belonging to the top of the top group of the advance class.
But, there were not many voices of praise.

「Saying he won, It’s just by judge’s decision no?」

「Even though he’s earning point using Light Arrow Magic Missile, but there’s not even actually damage. 」

「Yeah, there won’t even be any use in actual combat … Oh, sorry, there is an effect for momentary surprise」

「The rule is really strange.」

「Stabbing the gap in the rule, isn’t it unfair?」

「Putting aside being unfair, it’s not the proper way for a Knight’s pilot to conduct themselves.」

There were lots of comments like this.
Not just among the students, but also among some of the instructors.
There was an instructor which enthusiastically encouraged me to do close combat.
But I didn’t follow as he said.
Since then, responded to me extremely coldly.
The person, who once gave me advice with a smile, was now a different person.
And the last words I receive was,

「This is what they mean by talent and character are different things. 」

Such a warm thing.
Just because of the way of fighting, my character was denied.
In such wonderful atmosphere, the most important event at the pilot school 『Regular Practical Examination 』has begun.


I am now standing match ground for the Regular Practical Examination.
Soon, it will be my match.
The closest position to the Knight’s Brigade is the advance class.
The rank you get in the advance class during the Regular Practical Examination, will be a direct road to the Knight’s Brigade.
The ranks are decided as follows.
The 32 people who belong to the advance class are divided into 8 groups of 4 people.
Then, a round robin battle will take place within the group, and the top two players in the group will advance to the finals.
The top four players in this tournament will receive recommendation from the pilot school and participate in the Knight’s Brigade training.

「Alright, let’s do this.」

My target is being a Knight’s pilot.
For that, I can’t stop here.
I slap both my cheeks lightly.

(If I win, let’s reward myself.)

I dangle a carrot on myself.
Nonetheless, rewards at this time, will be the standard of another world, food.


Thinking of the dish I have never yet eaten before, a sloppy smile forms on my face.
In this world, in the Royal Capital, there must surely be a shop that has it.
The magical girl and her retired mother who’s a former magical girl. I imagined myself fighting against the two.
In my head, the former magical girl is forcibly wearing her costume.
… I’m getting motivated.
I got into the simulator cockpit.


While thinking about the countermeasures my opponent would take, I challenged the round robin battle.
But, I was at a loss for words.
The reality was ruthless and was far beyond my expectations.

(To think that everyone is avoiding fighting me.)

The three other in the same group were treating me as If I didn’t exist.
Since I’m determined to win, they didn’t want to spend useless magic chasing around.
The resource was to turn things over during the last frame.
That seems to be the case.

(Well, if that’s the case, I don’t really care.)

I continuously shoot Light Arrow Magic Missile.
My opponent who has abandoned the match just stands there, after a few hits, my victory was determined.
Because my opponent was the smirking young man, I went a little more out.
By the way, that smirking young man was the unpleasant guy who intrudes me during lunch, and kicked the table’s leg.

(Hore Hore)

I continue shooting relentlessly.
He must not have tolerance from the start. At first he ignored me when I was shooting, but soon he boils over and started chasing me.

(Come, use more mana, come, use more.)

I will be contributing to him spending mana.
After awhile, after getting back his composure, he stops.
Like before, I continued shooting him relatively, he starts chasing again.
By the time the match is over, the amount of mana he possessed was greatly reduced.
Noticing that he had failed, his face turns blue.

(Serves you right, you lost.)

While cheering for that guy in my mind, I prepare for my next match.

After the round robin battle ended, the first day of the Regular Practical Examination comes to an end.
Of course, I advance to the finals as one of group top.
The other top from the same group was the Braided Hair Busty-chan.
All the audience sight was glued to her, as if looking at a rare item.
There must be many males who are delighted that she made it to the finals.
By the way, the smirking young man lost in all the battles due to exhaustion of mana.
The result from the Regular Practical Examination is serious.
He may have to return to the Intermediate class.
My condolences.


The existence that Tauro called 「Goblin Grandpa」 was there.
At the End of the Century brothel.
Just a moment ago, he has finished sowing his seeds.


But his lust has still not settled down.
He searches for the next prey.
A young field enters his sight.
Goblin Grandpa, without hesitation and thought but reflexes, attacks the young field.


As always, he starts sowing his seeds.
But after, it was not the same as usual.
A large wave springs out from the field.


His seeds are flushed out.
Having sowed thousands of times, it was the first time it was exploited out.
Before long, the field calmed down.
Not moving while stretch out.
And was slightly convulsing repeatedly.


The Goblin Grandpa was in a state of confusion.
He had never experienced something like this before.
He looks all around.
There was no other guest waiting for this field.
Then without any concern.
Goblin Grandpa starts sowing his seeds on the same field again.


His seeds were exploited out the same moment it was sown
It was the same as before.
The field convulsed violently.
It feels good.
The body feels good, but even more the mind felt better.
He has never met a field that responded to him at the end.
Goblin Grandpa’s view rapidly narrows, and starts reddening.
It was the first time Goblin Grandpa experienced going into berserk state.
He could no longer think of anything else.
It feels so good to sow seeds.
It feels so good to sow seeds.
Goblin Grandpa continued sowing his seeds eternally.
It was when one of the cleaning women reported「A terrible thing has happened」, that the men in the shop rushed to tear off Goblin Grandpa who was continuously sowing his seeds.

Because of the violation of「No continuous occupancy」and the fierce resistance when he was torn off, Goblin Grandpa was banned from the End of The Century brothel.
Tauro who had good intention, taking people like Goblin Grandpa as target, tuned Truant.
But as a result, being the reason of Goblin Grandpa being banned could only be described as irony.




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