Chapter 57



             Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

That night, I was walking around the red light district with unquenchable anger within my chest.

(I only have to let out this anger at the brothel)

But at whom?
The only person who came to mind when speaking of a person who has the endurance to take in my grumbling was the werewolf sister.
However, the only werewolf sister I know is in Jeanne. And I am not allowed to visit Jeanne.

(Ahh, damn, what should I do with this feeling)

While I was brooding alone, I heard a familiar voice.

「Mr. Tauro, thank you for your hard work. You have been through a lot」

It was Corneel.

「I heard that you couldn’t participate in Knight’s training」

That facial expression is sympathetic. It even seems apologetic.

「To think that the way of fighting that I advised had such a bad reputation. To be honest, that was unexpected」

It seemed that he was extremely worried about that.

「Corneel doesn’t need to take responsibility for this at all. If I didn’t get the advice, I would most likely still be the inferior one」

And also, I continued.

「If time was to revert back to that moment, I will still use the same fighting style」 I puffed out my chest and said it in a clear voice.

Corneel let out a smile as if he was saved.
Seeing this, I grinned.

「But please listen to my grumbling」

「Of course」 Corneel nodded.

I was like that of a walking drunken middle-aged father complaining about his dissatisfaction.
Talk the same many times, get angry and ask for consent. To be honest, I can’t believe it’s true.
Nodding away, Corneel hears me out.
In time, my internal pressure begins to fall, and my heart calms down like a hedgehog whose pines have retracted.

「I’m sorry, Corneel-san. And thank you…」

I apologized for spilling unpleasant grumblings while also thanking him at the same time.

「There are times like that.」

Corneel said with a smile resembling an adult.
He should be in his late twenties, which is to say he is younger than me.
However, on the inside, he was far more capable.
At first glance, he looks like a perverted and vulgar macho, but he continues to learn and practice to become a knight pilot, smashing through adversities and realizing his dream. There is no way he is normal.
I sighed, thinking of the difference between Corneel-san and myself.

「Hmm? What’s wrong?」

「Looking at me like that」

Corneel said, clearly mystified.

「No, it’s just that I think I can’t win against Corneel-san.」

「What dumb things are you saying」

Corneel-san let out a broad smile.

「My goal is just to defeat Doctor Slime you know?」

He said, repeatedly slapping my back.

「Now, there’s a perfect place for Tauro-san today, so let’s go there」

「A perfect place?」

Corneel bends the meaning and makes a laughing face.

「Look, from back then, didn’t Tauro-san say that the pilot’s school uniforms are pretty good, that the triangular shadow created by both thighs and the tight skirts above the knees are really attractive.」

I nodded strongly. Even now, when I have unpleasant memories at the pilot school which I have no intention of elaborating on it.

「What if there was a place with waitresses which will serve you in that uniform?」

Those words struck me like that of thunder.
A girl wearing the uniform from the pilot school will be the one serving me, who has accumulated much anger from the pilot school.
Needless to say this right now is perfect for me.
I look at the Royal Knight Order’s knight pilot who is crafty and macho in front of me, my eyes filled with respect.
Since I came to the capital, I went to brothel frequently, but I cannot match up to the amount of information this man has.
Somehow, the gap in information is on a different level.
There are experiences that can be gained from diving in without any regard to danger.
Conneel continues to speak while watching me trapped in such thoughts.

「…And what if they are still students who are currently studying at the pilot school? What will you do?」

Due to how much meaning those words held for me, for a while, I found myself mouth agape, without a word coming out from them.
In my mind, those words spun around in circles.

(A student currently studying at the pilot school?)

Corneel’s face is distorted by laughter. It’s a mischievous smile.

「Please, take me there!」

I cling unto Corneel.
The scene resembles the golden Yasha statue in Atami. No, that statue depicts a kick, so the implication is completely different.
While being led by Corneel wearing a friendly smile, we head to the store.
It was a little off the center of the red-light district, and from the structure of the store, it looked like a low-class brothel.

「Uniforms specialty store. They have any uniforms in their collection. Now you too! Conquer! Uniforms! 1 Right now!」

The dark-colored signboard and the pop text description are wonderful.

「It’s Corneel, the one who has made reservations!」

As the door pushed open, Corneel calls out vigorously to the concierge.

「Honestly, I was planning to celebrate the confirmation to join the Knights training.」

As I say that I shrug my shoulders.
I am honestly happy for his consideration. I have a good friend.

「This way please」

We are guided to a room in which we enter.

「…Thank you very much for your appointment.」

A seemingly prideful girl with a ponytail wearing a pilot school uniform greeted me while glaring.
This person I knew.
No, to be clear, she is the opponent who I sparred with the quarterfinals.
At the end of the duel, the students shouted phrases such as he was no match for her and fight fair and square.
Needless to say, she is one of the competitors who thought poorly of my fighting style.
Also, she is the very person who threw heartless words such as 「Pervert」 and 「Hentai」 at me.
I felt the internal pressure, which should have fallen while I was grumbling to Corneel, rise to darkish levels once again.

(As you wish, shall we do this fair and square?)

I think as such.
If that is the case, I am an expert at close combat.
By the way, the other is a girl super-big tits and her hair braided like a kappa.
This person will also be dueling in the group league.
And, the night of the practical skill test, the first game, Corneel started with super busty-chan and I began with Ponytail.
We sat on the bed, facing each other.

「I don’t think I have lost」 Ponytail said without meeting my eyes.

I hate this person, but he is a customer, so it cannot be helped. There is such a feeling clearly emanating from her.
Still, I feel relieved as she is still willing to treat me as a customer.
This was because I thought that she will most certainly either scream suddenly or leave angrily.
If that happens, I won’t be able to enjoy the much anticipated real-life uniform situation.

(Also, she does not seem to know that I’m Doctor Slime)

I snickered.


「Alright, just open your legs a little. Oh, don’t open that much, open it a little smaller」

And the battle began.
I treat her as I like. Because I am a customer. That much is a given.
Up first is Glancing.
Without restraint, use excessive amounts of the item that allows me to look through the eyes of the golem without being discovered.
But do not be fooled. The man’s heart is delicate.

Deep within the healthy-looking thighs lies a triangular shape with white and blue stripes, I look at it persistently.
I love watching this because I am lewd and perverted.
Moreover, when it comes to those from that of a forbidden opponent, it is natural that these strong feelings would increase.
She is looking away with disgust and embarrassment.
I stroke her inner thigh.
I can tell from my palm that her body has stiffened a little.

(It is smooth)

I never would have thought that an opportunity like this would be given to me allowing me to touch the inner thighs of the Ponytail to my heart’s content.
To do something like this with someone I have never gone out with: this is a crime.
This was only possible because Ponytail was working part-time at the brothel.
Students can openly work part-time at brothels without worry.
The culture of this world – I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
As I buried my face in her inner thigh and rubbed my cheek against it, a shaky voice came from above.

「You have seen enough yes? I am also doing this as a job, so allow me to do some work too」

Looking up, I saw that her face is quite red.
A customer she knows who is from the same school and has his face buried in her tight skirt. It seems that she is very embarrassed by this situation.

(Let me see what she can do)

I will try leaving it up to Ponytail.
She started moving her entire body in order to rub and caress my body. Needless to say, she is still wearing her. After all, as written on the signboard, the purpose of this store is to conquer uniforms.
Well, that being said, I am already fully naked with only a bath towel covering me.

(Ho, this is pretty good)

I am honestly impressed.
It feels good.
This is an act similar to my grooming, however, this uses the whole body instead of hand massage.
She strokes the exact spots where I feel good.

(Maybe the Ponytail also sees the circulation of light.)

I had a sudden thought.
I understood the technique called magical operation because it had the same feeling as the circulation of light.
And Ponytail is a good pilot candidate.
It would be no surprise if she could feel the circulation of light.

(Knight operation and the techniques of man and woman)

Think about new research themes.
While I left it up to her and was in a euphoric state, Ponytail called out to me.

「All ready」

She removed the bath towel from my waist as I was lying on the bed.
Ponytail proceeds to get on top of me, sliding down the white-blue striped fabric thereafter.

「Ahh, wait a minute」

After hearing my words, she showed a puzzled expression.

「Don’t take that off. Leaving it on is fine」

Ponytail frowns.

「…What do you do with them on?」

「Please shift」

She lets out a long sigh.
But as she said so herself, she is here for her job. Thus, she must be willing to comply with customer requests which are within a reasonable degree.
And my request is on a level where it can easily be met.

「And there we go…」

Ponytail murmurs.
Exactly as requested.
I am lying on my back, and on top of me is Ponytail in the pilot school uniform.
Needless to say, the tight skirt is still on.
The same can be said for the contents underneath.
Since her legs are open and are facing me, the white-blue striped fabric can be seen perfectly when slightly shifted to the side.

(What a majestic view!)

I am enraptured.
However, such a calm feeling only lasted for a moment.

(What’s this? It’s hot!)

The inside was really hot.
Why is that part the only part that is hot? No, now is not the time to have such thoughts.
Swells and dents with that amount of heat made me feel uncomfortable and ran a sweet current in my brain.
Accompanying the intensity of the heat, the swelling and contraction made me feel ecstasy on a level which I had never felt before and a numbing shock ran through my brain.

「How is it? She feels good, right?」

Hearing those words, I looked to the side.
Until then, Corneel, who had been tasting the braided busty who was a rare item, was watching me.

「That kind of heat is hard to find」

I nodded away.
This feels good.
Ponytail became proud she saw that I had no room for conversations.
It seems she intends to return the favor from that match.
She starts shaking her body up and down.

(This is good)

It is hot and good.
Come to think of it, recently, it feels like I have only been trying to make my partners feel good.
However, because I took that too far, I was banned from my favorite store.
It will be best to start off by enjoying myself – returning to these roots after a long time is not a bad idea.


Without thinking, I laughed at the change in my own feelings.
Even though I should have been so resentful up till just now.
Even though I was thinking of using Ponytail to completely relieve this feeling of gloom.
No longer do these feelings remain in my heart.
Along with the sweet melody that flowed through my body, those dark thoughts also flowed out of my mind.

(As expected, women are wonderful)

The concierge at Jeanne has said this before.
That the power of women when it comes to healing is amazing. And with that power, I want to help people live without worry.
That’s right.
I am being healed by the power held by Ponytail.
While sweat runs down her forehead, Ponytail moves rhythmically, reeling in the feeling of victory with her 「mouth」.
While I looked up at her doing that, I gave my heartfelt appreciation.

(But this is a kinda bad)

I want to be healed more, but due to Ponytail’s marvelous weapon, I had reached too close to the goal.

(I want this feeling to last longer)

These simple thoughts made me take a small step.
Specifically, I put my hands on the Ponytail’s hipbone and shifted her 「drop point」.
From the position where I felt it the most.
I was grateful that the place where I shifted to was a place where Ponytail felt good, thus I serviced her.
Ponytail, who was continually moving rhythmically, shows a puzzled face.
She has probably noticed that she was getting more damage than she expected.
She tried a number of times to continue moving rhythmically while biting her lip but she stopped.
After repetitively taking deep breaths to calm down, she changed to moving in a horizontal rotation.
The ∞ shaped movement was also quite the experience.

(This is also somewhat dangerous)

Lateral movements were difficult to control with my hands when they were attached to the hip bones, thus I changed the angle in small increments in order to prevent her from noticing.
Of course, this is to avoid the place where I feel good.
By the way, the service to keep Ponytail in her good position is still ongoing.
Unfortunately, Ponytail has stopped moving sideways after a few times.
She is looking at me doubtfully. She may probably be suspecting something.

(This is bad, I am not Doctor Slime right now. I am just a little boy in his thirties with little experience who is tossed around by Ponytail.)

In order to set myself up as that sort of character, I intentionally screamed in a pathetic voice.
I am already close to exploding, please give me a break! I have to put in the effort to give off such an air.
I am certain that my effort came to fruition. Even though she struggled, Ponytail grinned and earnestly began to move rhythmically.
After enjoying the rhythmical movement from several degrees, I let out a pathetic hoarse voice which was easily noticeable. It was an enthusiastic act to suggest that I was struggling against saying I cannot take it anymore.
Ponytail, who is a pilot candidate and is positioned on top, would most likely have realized that it is time for the climax.
She brought it up to another level, using the gravitational acceleration as her ally, she started coming down at me with the intention of putting an end to this.

(I must avoid this!)

I suddenly shifted the drop position by half, and what lied there was also the Ponytail’s「G-spot」.
Ponytail who had just unleashed her finishing blow packed with all her might laid upside down and stopped moving.
She seems to be desperately trying to hide the fact that her whole body is trembling.
But I can tell.
Ponytail and I are deeply connected physically. The trembling of her whole body also does the same to my skeleton.
Above all, the fact that the piping hot vacuum pump was in full operation was a clear sign that Ponytail had just climaxed.

(It will be good to act like I did not notice it)

I must respect Ponytail’s pride.

「What am I doing when I just have to do a little more?」

she wore such an expression on her face as she looked up from below.
Acting tough, she tried to keep up her appearance by showing an expression suggesting that this was nothing.
She swung her head to the side, brushing her trademark pony-tail aside.
She then started moving up and down once again.

(How courageous)

As long as he does not notice the climax, I will bite my teeth and hang in there
I was impressed by her bravado.
But it was futile. The reality was relentless.
Ponytail has climaxed again after only moving up and down twice.
As expected, she could hang in there no longer, thus, she decided to break the link with me.
She then took half a step back, however, she fell down on her back. The bed was soft and was able to break her fall.
Ponytail keeps her mouth wide open and was rapidly breathing through it. Her eyes were looking at me in disbelief.

(The fact that I was not a cherry boy was exposed)

Afraid, I approached her from her feet on all fours.


I do not know what I was begging for.
For some reason, these words came to me when I thought of a way to express cherry-like.

「Please! Please!」

I hugged Ponytail from the front.
As she always said.

「I will face any challenge fair and square」.

She tries to push me away desperately but I use both my hands to embrace her firmly.

「Please! Please!」

I continue to beg.
In front of me was Ponytail, her mouth wide open. The same mouth that spat hurtful words such as perverted, obscene and cowardly at me.
I decided to take the opportunity to try it out. It must be difficult.
However, she closed her mouth and turned her face away.
It seems like a resolute refusal.
Since there is no other way, I decided to continue my begging.

「Please! Please!」

My physical needs seem to have greatly exceeded my logic.
After begging a few more times, her mouth opens again.
I gently touched both sides of her head so that it didn’t turn to the side.

(My, isn’t this sweet?)

Even though I thought it was a spicy looking mouth, when I had a taste, it was succulently sweet like that of the nectar from a warm peach.
A mellow fragrance travels from my mouth to my nose.
It seems like Ponytail had some fixation about her mouth. Even though she was desperately resisting earlier, her resistance quickly weakened and all the strength left her body.
And she started tearing up.

(This is bad, did I go too far?)

Regret and guilt swelled within me as I looked at Ponytail’s current state.
Intending to apologize, I opened my mouth.


After Ponytail’s mouth was released from my captivity, she started murmuring deliriously.
It seems like she wanted to apologize to someone.
The interesting thing was that 「Elf」 was mixed in those words.
I brought my ears closer to Ponytail’s mouth, concentrating so as not to miss the disjointed words that she was murmuring.

(Those assholes)

Listening to me, I was swollen with anger and discomfort towards the elven men.
There is no regret or guilt already.
From what I learned from Ponytail’s words.
She said.

「The Elven shop, Köni. A wonderful male elf who is a regular there will gently escort the ladies.」

And she alone had supported the shop financially.
The reason she did not like kissing was that she decided that even if she worked part-time, that her kiss was meant only for him.
She seems to think that she is in love, but knowing the nature of the Elves, I honestly would not recommend it.
Excluding the common Elves, Elves working at brothels which are aimed towards females only see females as customers. I can assert this point.

(I do not think it is true, but just in case)

I had some things I am curious about, thus, I activated abnormal status effect recovery (F) on Ponytail.

(…Those Elven assholes!)

My vision turns red with anger.
The result was the worst.
Ponytail had an abnormal status effect.

The sensation was different from that of one under the influence of inferior aphrodisiacs. I do not remember it very well, but I think it was similar to the sensation when I activated it on myself at the Awalk inn.
That was when I was brainwashed by Elder Lich Elda.

Fortunately, Ponytail was able to recover immediately with the F-rank magic.

(I will not forgive that someone for doing something like this to her)

I love brothels.
Going to brothels is a huge part of my life.
I was able to raise myself by the women in these brothels.
And I was even able to make friends with Corneel, my very first friend when I came to this world because we shared an interest known as brothels.
The women at the brothel make me happy.
And though a part-timer, Ponytail is working at a brothel.
That is why I cannot forgive the Elf that made Ponytail like this.

By the way, Imosuke and Dangorou are family, not friends.

(I was trying not to get involved with the Elves as much as possible but it seems like that is impossible)

I recall the appearance of the elves trying to use the very humans they despise.

(You are my enemies. One day, I will let all of you know this very fact)

I decided this in my heart.
And, for now, I should follow up with Ponytail.

(Ponytail has left her body to those with long things. She must have gotten used to being stimulated in the deepest places that normal humans can never get a taste of.)

If that is the case, abnormal status recovery magic will not be enough to remove the brainwashing.
I must do whatever it takes to reach that circuit of joy that has been carved into the depths of her body.

(Let’s overwrite it)

This is a circuit that only the Elves can reach, the Elves are to be held in high regard for that aspect.
If that is the case, I should just push deeper. So much so that the stain left by Elves fades.

(I will steal her lips along the way and heal her wounded heart)

To be honest, I do not think my kiss will heal her wounds.
This is the very man in his thirties that Ponytail scorns who is cowardly, perverted, obscene and ugly looking.
The wound would indeed spread but the reverse is impossible.
However, the half-open lips were so attractive that it made me swallow so hard that a sound resounded from my throat.

(This is just a side benefit)

I left it at that.
And I started infiltrating Ponytail once again.
Seeing her chin rise as she threw her head back, I gently returned to her mouth, sealing it.
I then activated my monk’s fist.
My virtual gun barrel extension kneaded by my consciousness went deeper and deeper diving right into Ponytail’s deepest parts
My virtual extension barrel is not a substance. It has already reached the star ethereal body’s territory.
Therefore, it can easily reach the true depths that cannot be reached by the material body of the Elves.
Due to the overwhelming stimulation, the Ponytail had a huge eruption with every blow, but this cannot be helped. Be patient, this is for the sake of healing her.
And until I was satisfied, I adventured in the deepest part of Ponytail’s dungeon and scraping off at the curse that the elf carved into the wall until there were no traces left.


(Haaa, that felt so good.)

After enjoying my fill of Ponytail, I take a rest on the sofa.
When I reached the goal and caused a huge eruption at the bottom of the sea, the lava that flowed in probably became the trigger, and I was placed in a hold by both her arms and her booty.
Underwater eruption without equipment on a teenage classmate in school uniform. Moreover, the reaction on reflex was the activation of the 「I loveee you」 hold.
This is a phenomenon that cannot occur unless it was specified that equipment-less underwater eruption is OK.
As expected, when I think of it again. Other worlds are the best.

[1. TL note: Uniform and Conquer are read the same way in Japanese – Seifuku]




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