Chapter 6




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「Please treat me well.」

She greets me with a smile. Yeah, she’s really beautiful and cute.

While I was making my payment, one of the people working behind the counter gave her the key to one of the rooms. The key had a ring that could fit the palm of a child which also had a different number than the number on the woman.

Finished with my payment, she linked her arms with mine just like the previous customer and brought me up the stairs.

When I reached the second floor, there were several doors placed along the sides of the corridor. She guides me to the door having the same number as the key holder she now possesses.

Eventually, arriving in front of the corresponding door, she turns the key and opens the door.

When I entered, half the room is carpeted and furnished with a large bed, sofa and table while the other half is two steps lower and was tiled with an installed bathtub and shower. By the way, there are no windows in the room.

I was urged to sit on the sofa, so I put my bags and mantle on the floor and sat down.

As if expecting the timing, a knocking sound came from the other side of the door.

I don’t understand what was happening and when I looked at her for some clarification, she replied with “Please go ahead” so I answered the door.

A child about 10 years of age immediately came in, moving to the spot in front of me and knelt on one knee.

「Please, tell me your orders.」

Saying this, the child passed a menu containing the same selection as the one in the lobby towards me.

While thinking if people were expected to place another order here or not, I decided to ask for iced tea this time around.

「Can I also make an order?」

The woman asks me and I reply to her “Sure thing”.

She also orders iced tea.

The girl who receives the order goes out of the room.

Well, there is no doubt that the girl will bring back the drinks, so it’s not possible to rush into the action just yet.

After an awkward amount of time passes, the girl came back.

Just like in the lobby, I gave her a tip.

When the girl goes out of the room, the woman goes to the door and locks it from the inside.

It must finally be starting.

Two hours later, every corner of my body and mind was cleansed. The lingering refreshing scent of soap still with me as I walk around the city.

I didn’t take a bath yesterday, but just then, I was thoroughly washed from my head to the tip of my toes.

I probably don’t need to take a bath at night.

I go to a fashionable café, which was facing the town square, and asked for pound cake along with black tea.

Sweet things taste the best when you are tired.

I took out the book from my bag (Beginner’s guide to guilds that I borrowed from the rental store) and killed some time while reading.

The thing I found out from the book is that there is another town about the same size as Land Barn located two days due east named “Awoke” with the Royal Capital being two days away after that.

There is a designated highway if you wanted to travel from Land Barn straight to the Royal Capital. This is the safest path to take and travellers are very unlikely to be attacked if this route is taken.

I felt a lot better after resting for a while, so I left the café and headed for Shrimp Field.

I love it so I’m heading there.

I was walking around the town that was approaching the evening within a few hours.

I have already come to like this town, or rather, I’ve really come to like this new world.

Even in Shrimp Field or the Sea God that I went to a while ago did not require the use of any condoms for protection.

…Well, such technology did not exist in this world.

When I asked around to hear how they solved the problem of not having rubber, people told me that magical technology dealt with the problem.

That’s why the erotic play is very direct and fresh. What can I say…

I felt embarrassed that I didn’t bring any sort of protection for my first time so I was moved when they let me continue.

However, this train of thought did not stick.

Thinking about this carefully… If I was lamenting that bringing some sort of protection was mandatory, I should have thought of it beforehand.

On the other hand, because they said that everything could be cleared using magical means with protection rendered unnecessary to act as contraceptives, meant that I can explode like an underwater volcano within an ocean.

No, since it’s an underwater volcano, it is natural to explode in the ocean, that’s because the eruption will always be done in the sea.

I was truly and deeply moved. This foreign world is amazing, it’s wonderful.

My steps were light as I headed to the inn in a giddy mood.

When I arrived at the inn, the old man who gave me information the other day gave me a lewd smile, so I grabbed a few copper coins and said “Good Job” while giving him a thumbs up.

My meaning was properly conveyed to the old man.

When such good information is given, it’s natural to give a good reward in return.

Above all, I was in a great mood.

I tell him that I will also be staying in this inn for tomorrow and then I asked about something that caught my attention, giving tips.

Fortunately, this inn did not have a custom of receiving tips from its customers.

No, giving tips were generally unnecessary with brothels being a special case.

Since the brothel is a full-service industry, it seems that a tip system is put into place so that it will increase the motivation to provide exceptional service.

When I mentioned the fact that I gave tips for the drinks.

「Oh that’s true, I forgot to mention this.」

The old man politely apologized and tapped my shoulder lightly saying, “Don’t worry about it”.

After finishing my dinner, I went to my room and started to prepare 40 potions between rank F and E for tomorrow.

After finishing writing in my diary for today, I leave the room with the intentions of going out.

The old man at the cafeteria greeted me as I was passing by.

「Oh, are you planning to go again?」

「Since I haven’t been yet, I may as well try Loquat.」

「It will be really crowded at this time though.」

「I’m just taking a look, if I can’t go in, I don’t mind just looking from the outside.」

「I envy you~ damn it.」

Receiving the old man’s envy, I head towards the city of the night.

I head to the deepest part of the red-light district but I don’t feel any danger for now.

The security in this area seems to be fairly good.

I go inside Loquat with its lobby considerably crowded.

I thought about sitting in a chair an ordering a drink, but there seems to be no chair left untaken.

The amount of women left at the platform is also sparse.

When I was thinking that I was going to return home, I noticed a customer talking to the receptionist lady.

When I listened attentively, I heard the lady ask if he had made a reservation.

When the lady goes from her counter to the interior of the store, a woman that wasn’t in the platform came out from the back of the store.

The customer who was talking to the lady about reservations earlier smiles broadly and walks towards the woman.

The two hold each other tightly as they go behind the counter.

「I see, he made a reservation. If you become a regular, you can reserve your girl.」

I learned something new.

I really welcome this type of learning experience.

After all that, I left the store without doing anything.

The place was too crowded for me.

I don’t necessarily have to visit during the night, so I can always have the main dishes during daytime till late afternoon.

After wandering around leisurely for a period of time, I head back towards the inn.

As usual, the old man, who works in the dining room, greets me.

「It was crowded so I didn’t get a chance.」

「That must be disappointing, huh.」

「Yeah, I will go back when I get another chance.」

I wave goodbye as I go up the stairs and return to my room.

I don’t need to take another bath for today, right?

I still feel refreshed even after walking around the red-light district.

Before going to bed, I sort out the last thing I needed to do for the day.

That’s right, I want to practice using S Rank magic.

This time around, I wanted to create an S Rank Cure: Disease Potion.

I know it’s impossible to sell it within this city, but I still want to see what it can do.

(Manufacture S Rank Cure: Disease Potion!)

A potion appeared in front of me.

It contained a deep blue liquid while shining brightly.

The blue shine is strong enough that staring straight at it is not possible.

I cover my own eyes with my right hand and see between my fingers.

( Ahh, this is definitely an amazing thing. If they find me in possession of this, I have no doubt they would just throw me to jail.)

This potion may actually be an item that has never appeared in this world until now. Therefore, if it is handled poorly, things could turn into a disaster.

If this type of potion is to be revealed in public, it may not be as simple as just having others feel jealous or envious of you, they may actually start torturing you to find out how you came about the potion. No, I’m sure that will be the case.

(I was planning to keep this S Rank potion in case of an emergency, but I don’t think I can do that anymore. If it were to be found during a belonging search by the guards, I’m scared to think of the result.)

I was at a loss at how to dispose of it, so I decided to just drink it.

It didn’t particularly taste like anything special and no change occurred to my body.

(I guess there are a lot of people who would think that it is okay to let go of all their property just so that they can drink this.)

When I thought this, I felt that it was a waste to just drink it up like this, but hey, what can I do as this potion is at a level beyond what I can currently handle.

I already did what I wanted to try so I slipped into the bed covers to sleep.

I was able to sleep comfortably tonight.




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