Chapter 64




             Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

It’s been a long time since the last time rain fell on the Royal Capital.
The cold rain that began to fall since dawn is hitting the stone pavement.

「I hope it stops before evening」

I was talking to myself inside my room.
It was already afternoon, but I didn’t want to get wet so I stayed in my room.
Today is a day off.
It was because the herbivorous mechanic is still resting ever since we went to that brothel. In fact, it’s already the third day.
And of course, the maintenance of the knight has not been completed.

「I’m worried about him, to be honest. Let’s go visit him if he still didn’t come tomorrow」

I’m worried because I held a part of the responsibility.
I looked into the corner of the room and saw Imosuke and Dangorou playing around.
It was raining outside, so they came into my room.
From the way I see it, they’re just rolling around on a bath towel that was lying on the floor but the person themselves said they were playing around.
I don’t quite understand.
By the way, I put a pet door to the forest garden so that my spirit beasts can freely enter and exit the room.

「Hm? What’s wrong, you two?」

They suddenly went to the forest garden
It seems that a guest has come, so they went to hide.
Eventually, the sounds of the golem carriage stopping in front of the house, the opening and closing of the carriage door, and the footsteps of someone climbing the stairs to the third floor can be heard.

(As expected from spirit beast, well done noticing it)

I’m amazed. I didn’t notice at all that someone was coming.
I heard a knock not long after.
I checked who the other party was through a small viewing window on the entrance door.
There stood someone I knew, but I didn’t expect they would come all the way here.

「It’s been a long time. For what reason did you come here today?」

I opened the door in a hurry and said hello.
Standing outside the door was Gentleman, the concierge of Jayanne, a high ranked brothel in the Imperial City.
「It’s been a long time indeed, Tauro-sama」

As always, he has this… elegance aura surrounding him.
He was holding a hat and cloak in his hands that were slightly wet in the rain.
It seems that there’s something he wants to consult with me no matter what so he asked the merchant guild and came here.
I decided to invite him inside for the time being.

「It’s a bit dirty but, please come in」

I did say that it’s dirty but it’s not like I want to make it like that.
But it’s not like I can show him the appearance of my spirit beast who made this mess either.

「Thank you. By the way, I bring one more person with me but… is it alright if that person also comes in?」

I nodded despite feeling a bit wary.

(Another person? Don’t tell me, it’s Light cruiser sensei!?)

Light cruiser sensei is one of the workers at Jayanne.
And I was always being taken care of by her even though I caused a big inconvenience for her.
She ended up sleeping for 3 weeks straight because of me.

(I heard she’s working like normal now. But I don’t know what should I say if I ever meet her again)

When I was thinking of such a thing, the concierge who returned to the carriage, came back with a woman in tow.
Unfortunately or not, the woman wasn’t light cruiser sensei.
For the time being, let them sit and prepare some tea for them.
Then I take a look at the woman several times.

(Someone from the sideline huh. I’ve seen her before but I’ve never nominated her as my partner)

I remembered because compared to the other women, she has a strict and cold impression and that creeped me out so I didn’t choose her in the end.

「The thing that I want to consult earlier was actually about this girl here」

The concierge explained.
According to the story, she suddenly said that she’s going to quit Jayanne and will look for a job at lower-class brothels instead.
As a sideline, she’s quite famous and even got her own enthusiastic regulars.
Such a girl is suddenly saying that she will quit and going to work for a lower class brothel instead. The concierge was quite surprised about it.
She also won’t tell him the reason no matter what.
And just the other day, he finally managed to persuade her and bring her here to talk to me, hoping that I could do something about it.

「Haa….. me, is it?」

To be honest, I don’t have any clue about it.
And by the way, she did not say a word so far.
She was just looking at me coldly without changing her expression.

「Yes, and I was hoping that you could make her say the reason for that」

So it was like that.
I decided to accept his request because I was in his care for some time.
And it wasn’t his fault that I was banned from Jayanne because the women there were refusing my nomination.
It’s not a big deal if I can pay him back even just a bit.

「Well then, I will be waiting in the carriage outside so, please take your time」

She doesn’t want to talk to anyone besides me.
That’s why the concierge left the room and headed for the carriage outside.

「Please talk to me if you will」

I call out to Cool-san in front of me.
She had a dignified appearance like the daughter of a samurai. Her back is also straightened.
She’s quite beautiful. Cool-type enthusiasts will absolutely love her.


I waited for a while, but Cool-san doesn’t try to speak anything.
She’s just looking at the medicinal trees outside the window.
I have no choice but to ask a question here.

「Are you dissatisfied with the treatment at the store?」

She doesn’t want to talk about it to the concierge, so I figured that that was her reason.
「Not really」

She only replied with that one word and the silence returned.

「We’re not going anywhere if you won’t start talking to me」


She said while shrugging her shoulders.
Then she started mumbling some words.
If I were to put those words together, it would more or less go like this.

She’s currently working at the forefront part of the sideline.
And recently, some excellent juniors have grown up.
She thought that it may be time to give up my position at the sideline seats to them.
And from now on, she wanted to work for the sake of the people who can’t get into high-class brothels like Jayanne instead.
It was something like that.

(…..But I smell lies)

Calling it a lie might be a bit too much. But I’m pretty sure she didn’t say her true feelings.
The proof of that was, I can’t find the reason why she only wanted to consult me in her explanation earlier.
The source of this unsatisfactory is either I’m missing something or she didn’t tell her true feelings.
And in this case, it’s the latter.

(It’s troubling because I can’t read her expression at all)

She was expressionless the entire time, I can’t read the true meaning behind her words.

(Let’s make use the circulation of light and the color of her temperature then)

As I thought of that, I gave her a proposal.

「Alright, now could you please take my hand and as you did, please answer my questions, okay?」

I said with a strong tone as if forcing her.
Cool-san must be thinking that I had thought of something and quietly extended her hand.
I lightly held that hand with my left hand.

(Good, with this, now I can grasp her true feeling)

By touching a part of my body, I was able to feel the circulation of light flowing through Cool-san’s body.
I can see the other party feeling as a circulation of light with this technique.
Then the light is emitted according to the color temperature that shows how sexually comfortable they are.
This allows me to understand at which part and how comfortable the other party is.
I started asking questions in order to know her true feelings.

「What kind of play that makes you turned on the most?」

Her eyes were looking at me coldly.
Well, it can’t be helped since this is an important question.

(Because I have an ability to detect the other person’s feeling through their sexual responses)

However, she didn’t give a clear response to my frank question.
I think it can’t be helped so I started saying the name of a play she might like one by one while still holding her hand.
Then, by looking at how her temperature color changes, I tried to guess her favorite play.

「Do you… like being being pushed down?」

My questioning continues.
One after another, I asked questions that can be counted as sexual harassment like her type, weapon, her own weakness, etc.
I even went as far as asking the color of her panties and her first-time experience.

(I asked a storm of sexual harassing questions to the Cool beauty)

And above that, she answered with an expressionless face while occasionally turning her cold eyes at me.

(It feels kinda good)

I kinda get the feeling of an old man that likes to do sexual harassment to the point I feel like my lower part is hurting.
Now then, as a result of doing a series of interrogation, I think I have reached the truth.
The truth behind the reason she wanted to quit that couldn’t be figured by looking at her expressionless face.
I exposed that truth in front of Cool-san.

「Now I know what you truly desire. And that is……」

I let silence fall upon us once again, and after building enough tension, I finally said.

「You…. want to eat virgins, don’t you?」

Her expression changed dramatically.
She’s glaring at me as her face turned red.
But I didn’t react at all.
I am confident that I hit a bullseye.

「Virgins rarely visit a high-class brothel like Jayanne. They tend to go to a more cheap, low-class brothel instead」

Going to a high-class brothel even though you’re a virgin is like, going to a first-class golf course even though you’ve never hit a ball before.
Sure that will be a memorable moment of your life, but it’s just too wasteful.
I personally think so.

「That’s why you want to quit at Jayanne and work at a lower class brothel instead, right?」

I declared.
Cool-san has an expression like she could kill me with only her gaze, but her face becoming red.

「You got to taste a virgin by chance」

I continued my hypothesis in a detective-like manner.

「And you can’t forget how good that is ever since」

I continued calmly.

「Virgins rarely come to a store filled with beauties like you. And you, who can’t satisfy your desire, have no choice but to give up」

I approached her face and looked up at her cold eyes from diagonally below.

「But you can’t stand it anymore and came upon a realization of a certain fact. Right, the fact that rare things in Jayanne, like virgins, is coming to your fellow colleagues, Twintails」

Twintails is a twin-tailed hair girl who started the beginning of the aphrodisiac accident.
I cured Twintails’ extreme status abnormality by using cure status abnormality spell.
It turned out that the cause was the side effect of some poor aphrodisiacs, and thus starts the beginning of the investigation on that accident.

(Twintail, huh…)

I felt nostalgic after recalling her in my mind.
A woman with a slightly big breast, yet delicate, and has a class chairman vibe.
She left an impression on me because I used her as my practice partner for improving my technique I called treatment, in which I raised her sensitivity and ended up being permanent.
But then again, we don’t know what will become a good thing in life.
Turns out, her high sensitivity traits attracted a lot of customers who also had a high sensitivity just like her.
And now, she seems to be one of Jayanne’s precious members.

「Twintails’ sensitivity is extremely high. And because of that, it attracts the virgins coming to Jayanne who still doesn’t have any experiences」

I pointed my finger at her.

「But you are different. You’re the type of woman who can fight even the strongest man at the frontline. In fact, you did bring a lot of results from that」

She was still silent and biting her lips.

「A lady like that could never imitate Twintails. Even when you managed to act like her somehow, a lady isn’t supposed to have a personality that deceives her customers, or even herself just so she can have a taste at virgins!」

I shouted, making myself clear.

「And so, you came here to consult with me, the Doctor slime」

She lowered her head and looked downward.
Perhaps because I hit a bullseye and can’t bring herself to look at me in the eyes.

「You want to have it remodeled to a sensitivity equal to or better than Twintails. And try to change yourself so you can truly enjoy your time with virgins」

Am I wrong? I whispered in her ear.
My guess must’ve been right so far.
As if she had prepared herself, she muttered, “it was just as you said”.

I suddenly got up from the chair and put on my mantle that was hanged on the wall.
Then I spun around and spread it as wide as possible.
I tried to put an evil smile as big as I could and said loudly.

「Very well! That figure of yours who honestly living up to your desires, it really shake my soul」

Doctor slime, the executive of an evil organization that creates monsters one after another.
No, it could be said that he’s the leader himself. It’s common for doctors who create monsters to be leaders.
Doctor slime that leads an evil organization.
That idea is shining brightly inside my heart. Truly a good setting.

(I finally made it this far huh…)

I looked back on my journey and felt deeply moved.
At first, I’m only a guy in his thirties who could only fight against a fresh, novice magical girl.
And now, after various growth, I finally became a leader of an evil organization.
I was different from other people and always yearned to be a villain like the one in one of those hero shows.
For me, this position I have now is so valuable that my heart trembled in joy.
I, who was conscious of being a villain, laughed loudly as a villain would do.

「Eat every virgin in this world and engrave unforgettable memories inside them in the process. Let’s remodel you into such monster!」

Hearing that, Cool-san seems like she’s excited.
The word “Eating the virgins” might’ve made her excited the most.
And so with this, I took a big step towards one of my dreams, that is being the leader of an evil organization.




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