Chapter 72




             Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

「Well then, go play to your hearts content」

A Live concert where you can interact with the idols on the live venue to your heart content.
He said that to me who felt thankful to him who brought me to this wonderful place

(I wonder if guild master will play too or not)

Wondering about that, I ask.

「What will you do, guild master?」

When I did, he said that there’s a place he wanted to go.
I feel troubled for a moment.
It’s difficult to miss this live concert, but I was also interested in the place the guild master wanted to go. In the first place, I’m still unfamiliar with this world. Even though it is said that they are the best idol group in this world, that value doesn’t apply to me.

「Me too, please let me go with you」

Hearing that, the guild master displayed a complicated expression.

「…….My hobby is quite unique you see. I don’t know whether if it’s a good idea to invite you, Tauro-kun」

「That’s alright with me」

I steeled my resolve and answered.
And to that answer, the guild master showed a doubtful expression towards me.

「I’ve seen you with a prostitute before」

Then I explained to him.
What I saw back then was the guild master’s playstyle and taste, which is actually not bad at all. Hearing that, the guild master’s eyes glistened.

「Well if you say that much, you are welcome to go with me」

We went outside after he said that.
When I was wondering how far we will go, we went back through the gate where an F rank wasn’t allowed to go inside. And came out on the outer part of the temple. We then went down the stairs to the basement until we stopped in front of a giant black door.
I wonder if this is not a popular place because there are only a few people around.

「This is the Door of Sin. There’s no turning back once you get in there.」

Hearing those words, I gulped down my saliva.
To be honest, I was a bit scared after hearing that ominous name.
But, if I retreat after going this far, I will regret it for sure. And I… don’t want to regret anything.

「I’ll go」

I replied.
Guild master’s gently bent the tips of his mouth upwards, along with his right hand signaling to follow him. Beside the door, a person who I can’t see his face well because he wore a hood was sitting at the reception desk. The guild master then signaled him and received bundles of paper.

「This is called the Token of Justification」

The guild master then starts explaining.

「Behind this door are women who have sinned, and wanted to atone for it」

I listened quietly.

「This place is the temple of the God of Business and a place where you can pay off your sins with money. But, behind this door, are those without money」

I nodded, understanding his explanation.

「And this is where we use this Token of Justification. By giving this to the women inside, means that you pay off a portion of their sin in their stead」

The guild master then gave me a bundle of those papers. It seems that one of these is worth one silver coin, and it seems we have 20 of it.

「But remember, this place is the temple of The God of Business. Trading is good, but we don’t do charity here」

Then he continued.

「If you reach climax, give your partner one token of justification. The same applies even when they’re the one who reached climax」

(I see. In other words, if either is satisfied, one should give Token of Justification in exchange)

While I was convinced of the reason, I felt slightly doubtful.
It’s about a case where someone is lying.
These tokens aren’t free.
It’s worth one silver coin. Me aside, one silver coin has enough worth in general.
Say a person bought one of these tokens and was looking forward to using it. Then what happens if even though it’s just a few seconds after they start hitting it off, the partner of said person says “I came, please give me a token of justification”.
When I asked that question, the guild master looked at me with a confused look.

「They came here to atone for their sin. What’d you think will happen if they lie to god?」

…..Now that I think of it, that’s true huh.
I repent.
To that me, the guild master continued.

「The women gathering here are only poor amateurs who have come to atone their sins. There was probably no one who works in a brothel.」

The guild master’s tone is more serious than ever.

「In other words, only those who aren’t related to the standards of appearance, age, skill, etc. that the brothels are looking for」

I’m surprised once I figured out what those words meant.

「That’s why men are biased. Some are forgiven right away, and the others will never be forgiven」

It’s pitiful right? Said the guild master sadly.

「That’s why Tauro-kun. I want you to follow the same path as mine today」

Those pairs of eyes are staring straight at mine.
And to that, I nodded deeply. I already know what the guild master was trying to say.
The guild master seemed surprised at my instant answer.
To confirm my conviction, he asked

「This is a road of shura you know? If there’s a plain-looking girl, you’ll do her. And even if there’s an orc, you’ll do her too. Being picky is not allowed here」

「I understand. Let’s thread on this path of salvation together」

To my smile, the guild master squinted his eyes as if looking at something bright.

「Thank you, Tauro-kun」

Suddenly I thought of something and suggested it.

「How about a match, guild master?」

The guild master raised an eyebrow as if doubting me.

「The ones who used up his entire token of justification wins. The loser will also pay for the opponent’s part」

Though, I bet he has no intention of paying me In the first place. The guild master laughs after a moment of pause.

「Interesting. It’s really interesting, Tauro-kun. Fine, I will take part in that challenge」

「Then, let’s meet up again here when you’re already running out of it」

I laughed back.
And then we slowly open that Door of Sin together, to save those women who suffered from their sins.

That night, I had a dream.
A woman in front of me is talking to me.
Her face is perfectly shaped, her teeth are pure white, and her body shape is great.
Moreover, she has a great style. Even though her waist is slim, the parts where it should stand out, stand out beautifully.
It’s not an exaggeration to call her a perfect beauty.

『Then…every once a week from now on. Hmm…. right, on chastity day, make sure to visit this place, okay?』

I nodded.

『Make sure you properly made a reservation on me okay? Also be sure to ask for an extension, okay? You understand?』

Of course, I will! Anything for a beauty like her.

『Good, well done~ Then here is your reward』

The beautiful woman bends down and looks down in front of my waist.
I, who was looking forward to this present she’ll give me, turned my vision at the bottom of my stomach with expectation.
…..Where Elder Rich opened her toothless mouth, showing a deep jet black mouth.


I let out a scream and jumped out of the bed.
I look around. It was a room in a super-luxury hotel with ridiculously gorgeous luxury decoration.

「…….a dream, huh.」

That nightmare was so real, I was drenched in sweat and my heartbeat was also beating roughly.

(It’s because of that road of shura)

I guessed the cause of that nightmare.
Women who always wanted to atone her sin but are not forgiven. To save such people, I went to the battlefield along with the guild master.

(It was fierce)

It was far beyond my expectations.
Women gathered every night looking for atonement and salvation.
A woman who couldn’t get anyone to save them shows up the next night.
And as a result of such repeated selection, only the best of the best* remains to the end.
Our opponents were such girls. 「*TL note: Yes, he said it in english」

(I thought I was prepared but, It seems that I was naive)

It was painful.
The first woman I called out to was, when I looked at her style from behind it seems average, and even her skin texture seemed to belong to that of a young girl.
But, the moment she turned at me, the inside of my head turned blank.

(An evil god is here!!)

That’s the only thing that came to my mind where my thoughts stopped.
I think her face was not bad. However, the exquisite balance created looks that gave the viewer anxiety and physiological fear.

(It wasn’t just her that was ‘special’)
There were also orcs, fishmen, lizardmen, meatballs, and other various women.
But don’t get me wrong, they were actually humans, not sub-humans or demi-humans.
There were some old witches, and to be honest they were better than the other bunch. They put on a thick makeup that whenever I gaze at them, I feel like a portion of my life was shaved off. The perfume smell also terrible. That, combined with the smell of makeup, made me fell on my knees with one breath.
Inside The Door of Sin was such woman.

(Guild master, you are truly a wonderful person)

I sincerely respect you.
It was my loss. The guild master was already waiting at the entrance when I returned to the meeting place by the last minute.
But that wasn’t the thing that made me respect him.
I came to the meeting place by defeating all of my opponents by making them reach climax and gave them my tokens. But the guild master was different. He satisfied every one of his opponents by enjoying it until they made him climax and gave them his tokens along with gratitude and compliments to his opponents.

(Dignity as a woman can only be attained by satisfying the partner they were with)

And the women I met today definitely held their pride high.
The moment they made the guild master’s weapon stand, might be the moment they will happily remember. Then the feeling of self-affirmation will surely arise in one’s body, turning into the will to live.

『I’m not abandoned yet』

The pride that has been decayed by the days when they weren’t forgiven. It must’ve been restored to some extent. The liquid given by the guild leader must have been literally water of life poured onto the vegetation that has withered from the drought.
Suddenly the figure of a certain old man with a warm heart floated in my mind.
The mental power that rises and can overcome any difficulties.
A strong will that stays burning till the end no matter how hard the condition is.
All of that came from the will to save those girls, from the bottom of his heart.
At that point, the guild master already became a saint-like figure to me.

(The miracles needed to be recognized as a saint, it’s already happening here)

He even held out for those girls until they were both satisfied. What should we call this if not a miracle?
And if I had to count the miracles that happened today, it happened 20 times already. He even performed a miracle twice in just a few minutes. If you have anything to complain you’re welcomed to open that Door of Sin yourself.

I was mentally fatigued because of the nightmare earlier. I even got angry even though no one said anything. Immediately after realizing this idiocy, I shook my head.

(Let’s drink some water and take a bath, I guess)

I wobbly walk to the bathroom.

—At that time—

In the hangar for the Old lady, a Knight owned by the merchant guild, at the eastern part of the Kingdom.
There, the herbivore mechanic was buried in a pile of materials like survey data on the Old Lady and its rifle, also a bunch of books borrowed from libraries and the Royal Magic Academy.
The herbivorous mechanic is sitting on a chair while looking up at the ceiling.

(Just what exactly are you, Old Lady?)

He was thinking absentmindedly.

After the battle with the heavy stone golem, every magic formations that were supposed to be written all over Old Lady disappeared. Each of them is an auxiliary magic formation designed to move the Knight efficiently with little magic power. It seems that everything disappeared because too much magic power was poured into it.

(Then, that white smoke should be the remains of a burnout magic formation)

That’s the only thing he can come up with at the moment.
Then what did Tauro mean when he said that, 「The power should be back to normal when the white smoke stops appearing」?

Is he saying that, he can convert his absurdly high amount of magic into attack power by sacrificing the auxiliary magic circles?

It makes sense when you think about it that way.

(What about its frame? With the strength of the Old lady’s frame I know, it should’ve been bent over before it could defeat the opponent)

I don’t know anymore.
And the rifle too.
The current rifle has several built-in auxiliary magic formations so it could fire a high power attack with a little magic power.

But that old rifle has nothing drawn to it aside from magic missile,『Light Arrow』
And naturally, its magic efficiency is poor. It’s too simple and outdated.
In fact, if there any other weapons which could use the Light Arrow Magic Missile, or if Tauro is fine with any other weapon which have another attack magic, he should’ve use that other weapon instead of this outdated one.

(…….Is this a lady who gained a lot of experience and has many secrets on her?)

Geez, this is why women are so–. He said. Ignoring the lack of experience he had himself, before stretching his body on the chair.

(You’re truly a mysterious woman, worthy of the Old Lady’s name, truly)

He wiped his face with both hands, decided to call it a day with a mutter, and disappeared into the locker room.





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