Chapter 80




             Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

On the stage in the innermost part of the temple of the God of business, the second day of the match before God has begun.

The first match of the day, the fourth match of Explosive onee-san and Cool who are the Kingdom’s pride, with their skill they managed to overwhelm the opponent from beginning to the end and won.

「Oh? The next one is that Nun, huh」

The one that appeared on the stage was the nun with an exceptionally long tongue who beat me yesterday.

「Hoho… so her opponents is that Lightning」

The guild master said after looking at her opponent.

He’s an uncle with a composed expression that has a well-maintained beard between his nose and lips. And maybe because he thought it’s fashionable, a ribbon is attached at the tip.


The rough uncle tilted his head. It seems that he didn’t know about him.
I thought that he’s a well-known player, but it looks like I was wrong.

「He’s a player who just rise in fame recently」

According to the guild master, he’s still next to no one but is rapidly growing in fame.
As expected of the guild master of the merchant guild, as quick as always.
That aside, Reaper, Lightning, etc. their nicknames are so cool while mine was just Dr.Slime.

(What’s the basis characteristic when a nickname is made, I wonder?)

The nickname Doctor Slime comes from the impression of the women when I gave them a massage that can cure illness and feels good at the same time as if they’re going to melt because of it.
The Grim Reaper probably comes from his looks and scythe.
And what about Lightning then? I looked at the two on the stage with great interest.

The nun is just like yesterday. She smiles gently with her palms in front of her chest.
Lightning, on the other hand, is fully naked aside from the socks he wears. He lowered his waist, taking a stance as if he’s fencing.
However, unlike fencing, he raised both hands diagonally instead of just one hand.
That figure is like someone with a pair of wings that wants to fly.
It looks like a stupid posture, but the foil* on his crotch is pointing straight at the nun.
(TL Note: The sword used on fencing)


The voice of the referee echoes.
And at that very moment, Lightning disappeared.



For a moment, it sounds like an explosion.
Lightning suddenly appeared just a few steps away from the nun, still on the same stance as before.
The nun unravels her palms and holds her crotch with her right hand. Her gentle smile disappears, changed with a sharp expression.

「What just happened?」

The rough uncle asked, but even I don’t know what just happened.

「He instantly move forward and went back」

Only the guild master that seems to understand what just happened.
But I still can’t understand with only that explanation. The guild master holds me back who was going to ask for a more detailed explanation.

「Here he goes again, take a look at it carefully」

I opened my eyes widely so I can observe more clearly.


The same scene as earlier happened again.
Lightning instantly moves further forward, and the nun is retreating with a stoop.
What’s different is the depth of my understanding.

「Instantly jumped at the opponent’s bosom, and after successfully landed a strong thrust, he quickly withdraws from the opponent」

Right? I confirmed and looked at the guild master.
The petite old man nodded with satisfaction.
(But still… how springy his body is)

His movement was so fast, he seemed to teleport.
The thin and sharp blade breaks the gap between the nun’s fingers and strikes the tip.
And sooner than the opponent’s counterattack, he kicked the ground and took some distance.
As the name implies, Landing one hit and quickly retreated, literally like a lightning itself.


With his next attack, the nun was cornered just until the outside line.
Her forward leaning posture has deepened, and her expression is impatient.
This is because the attack with her long tongue, which she’s good at, is sealed.

*PAAN!!* *PAAN!!*

The match is greatly progressed by Lightning’s continuous attacks.
With the first attack, the nun, who was in a position where she could no longer retreat, fell on her back.
Lightning then moves forward and lifts one foot of the nun on his right shoulder. And he pierced the second shot into her defenseless point.


At the next moment, Lightning’s waist moves with strange sounds.
And at the same time, the nun shook greatly.

「What just happened!?」

I can’t understand what’s going on and raised a question.


Again, it happened.
And the nun is writhing like crazy.

「……It’s lightning sword」

(Lightning sword!? It’s another cool sounding name isn’t it?)

As I thought, Lightning theme has many good names, huh.
The guild master explained to me, who felt envy and jealousy.

「He’s releasing three thrusts in one breath」

Even during the explanation, the sound like before rang, followed by the nun’s cry.

「Moreover, all three of those thrusts seem to capture the opponent’s weak points」

Listening to the guild leader’s explanation, I stared intently and listened.
Kakaka! Kakaka! Those sounds can clearly be heard.

「Looks like it starts getting serious」

The nun tried to escape by twisting her body.
However, that’s difficult when she had one leg held up by her opponent. And even if you managed to back away, you’re out of the stage.
Three sets of set attacks continued, and the volume of the nun’s voice continued to rise.
The nun desperately tried to shake him off with both hands.
However, Lightning gripped the nun’s shoulders tightly on one leg, keeping her upper body glued to him. And only his lower body was moving at high speed.

(At first glance, it seems loose, but the foundation is solid)

I became aware of that.
We can see the back of Lightning from our seats. As you can see, Lightning’s dirty ass drew the “の” character in the air.
A rough but delicate “の” is drawn with powerful brushstrokes. It even looks like if you put that on paper with a brush, you might win a calligraphy competition.

(That’s not something you can just get overnight. Something like that could only be gained after thousands of training)

I’m convinced with Lightning’s rough training and efforts, and fears grow inside me.
He might not be a world ranker like the grim reaper, but I can’t say that he’s inferior and weak.
His technique, lightning sword, is undoubtedly an accumulation of tough and rough training.
I feel grateful from the bottom of my heart for being able to come to the Holy city and witness many strong people.

「I’m just the frog in the well who knows nothing of the great ocean」

I said to the next person beside me softly.
The guild master nodded gently.

「To realize that much, it seems it was worth it bringing you here」

I bowed down to the guild master with all my heart.
Almost at the same time, cheers rang around.

「Winner, Individual participant D!」

The referee announced.
The nun protruded her long tongue as her body convulsed.
There is no focus in her eyes that are looking into the sky. Is she reunited with this world’s God or something?
The fight against Lightning was one-sided.
But still, the nun isn’t an easy opponent. I know that too well myself.

(Compatibility factor is nothing to scoff at, huh?)

I thought while reminiscing about the match earlier.
The nun’s tongue was unable to catch lightning, which repeatedly struck her at high speed.
She couldn’t get into her winning pattern of attacking one-sidedly with her elongated tongue without letting anything go inside her.

(Good grief, woman and men alike are just so profound)

I shook my head and sighed.


There’s a dignified building that stands high in the center of the Royal Capital. That is the knight order headquarters.
The high ranked pilots were chatting at the advanced-class pilot office on the top floor.
While the low-class pilots have a lot of work to do and cut their sleeping time to do those works but to them, the advanced class pilot, it was none of their business.

「What happened to the newcomer who came this time?」

A person asks the old man.
It’s about a young man who had attended the pilot school’s training and the only one that has just been recruited.
Immediately after joining the knight order, newcomers are given some challenges and as a result, they are divided into advanced, intermediate, and lower classes.

「He’s got into the intermediate class」

The answer had a disappointed tone in it.
The newcomer was the son of a middle-class noble and was expected to be an advanced-class pilot.

「Why’s that?」

「It was the last task. That was difficult, but he gave it his all and able to complete it in the end」

The voices around are saying that it’s no good.
Unlike regular exams, you’re supposed to fail that task.
The purpose of the task that is given to a newcomer is only to test their dignity as a pilot.
There’s a task that you can’t accomplish by just facing it fair and square.
To become an advanced class pilot, one needs to fail that task.
He made a move around in secret and devised a scheme to somehow complete it. But then, that means he’s no different from those lowly vulgar people. Such a person won’t be recognized as an advanced class pilot, the so-called true pilot.

「…..By the way, have you heard about the Heavy golem case?」

The moment someone else changed the topic, the fun air that had been there disappeared from the room.

「I heard. It was a pilot from the merchant guild who defeated it, right?」

The old man makes an unpleasant look towards the person who changed the topic.

「It was said that he defeated it in a single fight. It seems that there are some people in the streets who believed that, saying that he’s actually stronger than the knight order」

The person who changed the topic frowned.
The people around him said something like, what an idiot or this is why ignorant people are.

「You, you had been in pilot school until recently, right? How was it? the merchant guild’s pilot?」

A man who had been an instructor at the pilot school clearly showed a look of contempt.

「He was famous. As a coward, that is」

The surroundings buzzed with those words, asking him for more explanation.
The man continued without breaking his look of contempt.

「He avoids clashing swords directly and running around while shooting magic from afar. Moreover, he always won the match because of that, truly the worst guy out there」

At that explanation, everyone there makes an expression as if there’s filth in front of them.

「What, aren’t he just a thief then?」

The old man spat out such words.
He took advantage of the rules and won. That just looks like something a thief would do, to them who’s an advanced class pilot.
Rules aren’t just the one written in the rulebook. It is also the ones that are written in your heart. That’s how they think.

「There’s also a possibility that he just found the heavy stone golem corpse」

And then he claims that he’s the one who defeated it. He continued, and the young former instructor agreed.

「If it’s him, then it might be possible」

Upon hearing it, the people around him groaned.
There’s an expression of joy on the face of the young former instructor because his story is catching everyone’s attention.

「But something like that, other people wouldn’t be able to tell」

At someone’s word, a voice of dissatisfaction followed.

「He got full of himself as of late. We have to give him a lesson, don’t you think?」

Strong voices of agreement followed that statement.
Some of them were getting dissatisfied with the merchant guild.
It’s not like the bribe from the merchant guild has stopped completely, but it has decreased dramatically.
The knight order were asking the merchant guild for cooperation money every knighting ceremony, inauguration ceremony, and ordinance ceremony.
The amount of their payment didn’t change. It was the same as before.
What has changed is the money that comes to the pilots individually.

(It was their fault that I can’t visit any store at all recently)

An influential advanced class pilot thought so with resentment.
He had savings at several brothels under his own name.
He frequently goes to those brothels and makes payments from those savings.
However, no savings have been made recently, and because of that, he can’t play there.

(Hmph, even if you came bowing your head to me now, don’t think I’ll talk to the adventurer guild for you anymore)

He decided so.
Until now, the merchant guild always came to the knight order if the adventurer guild won’t take action.
When that happens, he will go to the adventurer guild and says, The knight order will take action soon.
When the adventurer guild heard that, it means that they can’t raise the price anymore and finally took the merchant guild request.
Thus, he gained bribes from both the merchant guild to put pressure on the adventurer guild and from the adventurer guild itself for providing information that the knight order will take action.

(The adventurer guild too. I will never provide any information to them again)

The adventurer guild was rewarding him in return for the information he provided. But now that the merchant guild no longer came to the knight order, of course, no reward has been given to him.
But it no longer matters to him.
All he feels is the frustration of being unable to play in a brothel.
As the place began to be filled with curse towards the merchant guild, its pilots, and the adventurer guild, a loud clapping sound rang.

「Gentlemen! You will only defile your mind if you keep thinking about the merchant guild and that damn thief」

A middle-aged man with long white hair and beard like a lion’s mane speaks.
He got a thick and strict voice.
The pilots closed their mouths and waited for his next word.
His appearance showed the strength of the man’s position.

「First, let the ignorant fools know the strength of the knight order. That’s essential」

Am I wrong? In response to that, everyone expresses their consent one after another.
The man nodded with satisfaction and reopened his mouth.

「To enlighten the ignorant people is also our duty as a true pilot. It might be difficult, but we have to do it」

With that word, the air that was filled with bloodthirst a while ago relaxed at once.
Voices from the surrounding saying that it couldn’t be helped, could be heard

(….There’s no way to keep their dissatisfaction in check forever, I’ve got to think of something)

A middle-aged man with long white hair and beard sighed in his heart.
The growing pressure among advanced class pilots was more than expected.

(And it has to be as soon as possible)

The knight commander knitted his eyebrows while stroking his prided white beard, and sank deep into the sea of thought.




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