Chapter 91




             Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

On a prairie at the northwest of the Kingdom. Grasses are the only thing growing in this area due to the low rate of rain. And now, the curtain of dusk was about to descend on this desolate scenery.

「We will start the operation the moment the sun has completely fallen and the herds stopped moving」

The Knight’s hatch on the chest was opened, and from inside, a fat man that was apparently an intermediate-class pilot leaned in and gave me an order. The vice-commander doesn’t want to speak directly to me. Let alone speak to me, he doesn’t even want to meet face-to-face with me.

「Take a detour to the west of the herds, and shoot a signal flare to the sky when you’re ready to drive them away」

He said, then the B-class Knight controlled by the middle-class pilot handed a short tube to Old Lady. Its size was as big as two drum cans that connected vertically. Apparently, when you pour magic power into this tube, a bullet with bright light will be launched.

「After you shoot the flare, wait for a signal from us. Then, when you see the signal, begin to drive away the herds to the east」

「And how will this “signal” look like?」

「You’ll know when you see it」

The fat man only gave an abstract answer to my question.
That’s all, he one-sidedly ended the conversation and went back.

(What the heck!?)

The bad feeling only grew bigger inside me.
While making a distorted face, I went to ride the Old Lady

(My first battlefield, first night combat, first solo mission, also first role to drive the enemy)

I sighed.
Though I can’t help but think that this is way better than getting surrounded and trampled by the enemies as a meat shield.

(Well, I’ll do it as best as I could and if it’s still not enough and things get bad, I can just run away by then)

The common punishment for deserters is death penalty.
Even in this world, that’s pretty much the same.
The guild master of the merchant guild said it’s okay to escape but, I want to keep it as a last resort.
Even if I can hide myself by using the guild’s influence, it will surely cause a lot of trouble for the guild master and the others.

(I’m counting on you, Old Lady. Let us both do our best together…)

I gently stroked this lovely machine, and soon after the sun was completely gone from the prairie, I advanced silently to the east.


As to get unnoticed by the heavy lancers, the Old Lady took a long detour to the south before going to the east of the herds.
There’s no place to hide because we’re on an open plain with a flat surface.
Even if they say to prepare myself, there’s nothing I could prepare aside from my heart. Then, I have to shoot this “It’s ready” flare the moment it gets dark and the herds stop advancing.

(If I remember correctly, their magic resistance was also high)

I recalled the description I heard in advance before coming here.
Their scale-mail like hard skin apparently has a high resistance to magic.

(Even if they said to drive it away….. Where should I aim at?)

I waited until it became dark while observing the herds from afar using a telescope.

(They stopped…)

The darkness will deepen once the sun is completely gone.
When the surroundings became completely dark and the light, except the moon and the stars were gone, the herd of heavy lancers stopped their advance.

(Let’s get this over with)

I waited and observed them for a while more after they had stopped, just in case, but there was no sign of the herds starting to move again.
I let the old lady hold the cylinder containing the flare with both hands and poured my magic into it.
A light bullet launched to the sky while making a loud sound like a firecracker.
Some of the heavy lancers turned their heads on the light bullet, but fortunately, none of them moved from their place.

(The fat guy said that I’ll know it when they launched another signal but….. I wonder what kind of signal it would be)

And so, I nervously stared at the herds of heavy lancers and at the west side where the main force was lying in wait.


At the main force camp in the west.
An A-class knight stood tall in the center of the phalanx formation. The hatch around its chest area smoothly opened up without making any sound.
A pilot came out from the cockpit and climbed up the left hand of the Knight that was positioned in front of the chest area as he asked about the situation in the east.
It was the vice-commander.
It’s an unstable platform with no handrails on it and the height was about 10 meters, it was also nighttime now. It’s not a place where people could stand on it easily without trembling, yet the vice-commander was standing there with his back upright like it was nothing.
It made people who see that figure wondering if he’s actually used to it.

「It should be about time now….」

He’s looking up at the west night sky where the signal flare would rise.
By the way, the A-class knight mounted by the vice-commander was very similar to the B-class knight around it. However, the greatness of its spec is totally different. It may be better to say that “it reminded one of” rather than “similar”.
Of course it would. That’s because the vice-commander’s A-class knight is a prototype for many of the B-class knights.
It is highly evaluated for its good balance with few disadvantages. By comparison, A-class knights have swollen and bulging parts on their shoulders, backs, hips, and legs.
On the other hand, B-class knights do not have such bulge or swelling parts. It had a slim appearance with less unevenness.
And this bulging and swelling parts adds an intimidating look to this A-class knight.

「Ah, isn’t that the one?」

A young pilot answered from his left. This young man also rides an A-class knight. But unlike the body of vice-commander’s Knight, this one had a sharp look to it.
Just as the young pilot said, a bright object could be seen rising at the west sky faraway.

「The signal flare has been launched! Low-class pilot, fire at will!」

The vice-commander shouted.
The low-class pilots were aware of the plan, but they haven’t been told what that signal means.
Twelve knights followed the order and fired off a barrage of long-range magic at the same time.
Rain of different shades of light depending on its attribute is pouring down on the flank of heavy lancer herds.
Using magic to attack is the job of low-class pilots.
Advanced and intermediate-class pilots aren’t willing to spend their precious magic on magic attacks that have the same power no matter who fires them.
They believe such a lowly job should be left to low-class pilots.

「Vice-commander, isn’t this way of doing things was against our beliefs?」

The young man from the sharp-looking knight said while grinning.
Just like the vice-commander, he was standing on the palm of the knight’s hand. But it was the right hand that was close to the vice-commander.
The vice-commander who heard that question made a twisted expression.

「Those heavy lancers that are driven out by the magic attacks will head to the west. And while that coward act as a decoy, we will rush in and get them from behind」

Then he continued.

「I’m just giving that coward a place to fight in the center of the battlefield. This privilege didn’t come very often don’t you think?」

He’s making a face as if trying to confirm 「Just which part of it was against our beliefs?」.

「Even though you actually do it with intention to crush him there」

The young pilot said while deepening his nasty smile.

「…And what’s with “that coward”? At least call him “The merchant guild’s pilot” would you?」

「Hmph, what are you talking about? Aren’t you the first one to call him a coward?」

The vice-commander seriously made a shocked expression this time.
The young man who heard that laughed loudly. Until recently, he had been going to pilot school and served as an instructor.

「What a nasty person you are, vice-commander」

The vice-commander snorted as if making a fool of him.
His gaze fell on the west side of the herds, where the merchant guild’s pilot at.

「He who doesn’t know manners can’t be called a person. A fellow that has the thought to use whatever means available to win shouldn’t be allowed to be a pilot, even if he’s from the merchant guild」

He took a glance at the young pilot before continuing his words.

「If you don’t wipe off the dirt from a silver plate immediately, that plate will rust. And this is the so-called cleaning, of garbage, that is」


The herd of heavy lancers that was hit by long-range magic got very agitated and tried to escape the barrage by sprinting to the east.
It’s the direction where the Old Lady is at.

(As I thought, this was a set up)

I understand now.
After they’ve confirmed that the Old Lady has arrived at the west-side of the herds by looking at the signal flare, they drive away the herds to this place.

(As if I’m going to fall from this much)

Firstly, my top priority right now is to survive this.
I heard that one heavy lancer had a slightly less threat level compared to the heavy stone golem. Fighting against them one-by-one aside, I can’t defeat them if they’re coming at me as a group.

(Should I take some distance while shooting them down one by one?)

With that in mind, I started pouring D-rank magic into the hover on the Knight’s leg. And immediately after it started floating, I twisted the body and accelerated using wind magic. Explosive thrust quickly pushed the knight to the limit of the speed I could control. But then, I was immediately faced with reality.

(They’re fast!)

That was my impression after looking at the heavy lancers. It’s vexing, but it looks like their top speed is faster than mine.

(It’s the difference in stability huh….)

I clenched my teeth as I noticed the cause. Hovering on two legs and running on four legs. Of course there would be a difference in stability.
The speed of the Old Lady was limited to the extent I can maintain the posture so I wouldn’t fall. On the other hand, heavy lancers don’t need to consciously control their posture. So all of their power can be exerted entirely to their speed.
I clicked my tongue and after I shook them off to the side, I leaned the posture of the Old Lady as low as possible before turning to the south.

(Of course they would chase me…..)

The herd of heavy lancers also turned around.
Unlike the Old Lady who draws an arc while trying to keep its balance, the heavy lancer bends in a straight line.
The gap was closed at once. It’s just like the train I saw at End of century brothel. If the heavy lancers could maintain that speed, it wouldn’t be long before I got swallowed by their herds. That wouldn’t end well for me.
Using D-rank magic, I’m counting the amount of magic I could muster to be poured to the main body, the hover, and the rifle.

(Shooting them down while moving around like this is impossible)

It’s difficult to penetrate their scale mail-like skin with the amount of magic subtracted from the hover.

(I should’ve tried the C-rank magic somewhere beforehand)

Even with just D-rank magic, it is enough to overwhelm the heavy stone golem with bare hands. Therefore I haven’t tested C-rank magic yet. Because I didn’t feel the need to.
In addition, the magic of C-rank above will emit a very bright light when cast.
Even if I wanted to try it, I want to do it at a place where no one can see the light.
It goes without saying, I’m not going to try it now. Because it would be fatal if the output drops now, like in the case when I fought with the heavy stone golem.
I’m thinking hard to decide my next course of action.

(Maybe I should try to keep them in check by shooting their legs without slowing down for now)

I set that as my objective for the time being. Meanwhile, our distance has gradually narrowed.
While turning the Old Lady halfway to look at the back, I began shooting light magic missiles.
I intuitively shot three to five shots per second.
It wasn’t as good as a machine gun but it was a considerable rate of fire. Countless shining white snakes flew in the darkness of the night.

(I don’t need it to be powerful or accurate, I just want to silence their leading group for now)

I kept shooting at their feet that’s likely to have the thinnest armor and the ground around them. A heavy blow to their feet didn’t even make them flinch. And the light arrow missile that landed in front of it blew up the ground and raised a cloud of dust.
Despite that, the heavy lancers break through the smoke as if nothing had happened and continues to close in.

(The damage should’ve accumulated by now, and the ground that was blown up like that should make it harder for them to run)

That’s what I believe as I keep shooting relentlessly.

(It looks like their speed is finally dropping….)

Finally, my effort began to bear fruit. I could see that their movements are getting dull. At this rate, they wouldn’t be able to keep up with me anymore.

(I don’t think there’s anyone aside from me who could’ve escaped that unscathed…)

That was a fact.
Hovering at high speeds while firing light arrow missiles at the same time requires a huge amount of magic. And not many pilots have that huge amount of magic.

(They’re trying to kill me…)

Or maybe they’re okay with me being dead or alive. I guessed the intention of the vice-commander to be so.
Well, if they came to me with the intention of killing me, then I too don’t have the intention of holding back.
My blood started to boil but soon stopped. The figure of smiling guild master of the merchant guild, and my spirit beasts playing around in the garden floated in my mind.

(There are things I want to protect….)

Fighting the knight order means turning the whole kingdom into my enemy.
It won’t just stop within the knight order.
If for instance, I shot the vice-commander, what awaits me would be the Kingdom’s retribution. And even if I survive that, the price I had to pay for it would be too great.

(I shouldn’t make a rash decision)

I took a deep breath repeatedly to calm myself.
The only thing I can come up with at this moment is to push the heavy lancer herds back at the knight order.

(It can’t be helped, it was once a part of the plan after all)

I made a distorted expression as I reluctantly changed my objective from running away to driving the herds away.
With that being said, I immediately changed the course of the Old Lady from west to south.
And as expected, the heavy lancers also followed me.

(Let’s get around them)

Taking the advantage of the decelerating heavy lancers, the Old Lady repositioned itself behind the heavy lancer herds. The figure of it continuously shooting at them was like a sheepdog chasing down a herd of sheep and barks to make them turn.

(Good, good…)

I felt a certain response as I shot continuously to guide them.
Thanks to this, I had the leeway to widen my field of vision to look at the whole herd.
There, I felt something was off.

(Hm? Aren’t their numbers less than it was before?)

It’s obviously less than it was in the daytime. If in the daytime there were around fifty of them, then the one I’m chasing down right now was just about thirty of them.

(Did some of it run away when the knight order shot them?)

That possibility exists. If it’s so then, I might run into them somewhere at some point.
While being more vigilant, I decided to concentrate more on guiding the herds.

(Nice, we arrived without troubles)

A sense of relief and accomplishment filled my heart.
Eventually, the herds of heavy lancers turned around, creating a very big arc.
Now, the herds are sprinting from the southwest to the original position.
They were guided by the Old Lady. And it’s not just merely being chased by the herds like a train.
It was moving around the herds, driving them by shooting, and guiding them.

「Now, go and beat the crap of that shitty vice-commander!」

I shouted from inside the cockpit.
I feel like the power of the sprinting heavy lancers might just be able to do that.
However, the knight order was so confident in this plan.
No matter how strong the heavy lancer’s charge is, I don’t think they could easily overtake the tightly assembled phalanx formation of the knight order.
Nevertheless, I shot the butt of the heavy lancers with magic and increased their speed even further to increase the potential of succeeding.
But little did I know. At this time, the knight order had already entered the battle.





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