Chapter 96




             Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

I finally arrived at 「Uniform specialty store. Any uniform is available. Come, you are in uniform, conquer now!」.
And the time hasn’t even become evening yet.

(Truly the best time to have fun)

I, myself, was going out to have fun when everyone else is still working.
Just like the blissful time privilege only the tourists have.

(Well, I’m not a tourist though)

Thanks to the magic lent by the mysterious stone statue, I easily earn money and have more fun.
I can earn money with less effort and enjoy women for a bit longer.
The fact that the price is unknown did scare me. However, the flow of time is truly terrifying that recently, I don’t care about it anymore.

(Whatever will be, will be, I guess)

This is a body that has died once after all.
I look up at the sky while thinking about such a thing.
In this season between winter and spring, the sun was there, shining warm sunlight.

(If we were in Japan, it would be around the time they call it Nendomatsu*)
「*TL Note: End of fiscal year.」

While being showered with the warm sunlight, the memories of when I was working nonstop without sleeping resurfaced in my mind.
The feeling of accomplishment when I finally went through it was a wonderful feeling I don’t want to experience ever again.
The details might be different but I’m sure that this year too, some of my former colleagues will be stuck with the same situation as me

(I just hope they take care of their body)

Unfortunately, I can’t tell them not to overdo it.
I wished good health for everyone in the company as I opened a cheap-looking door, and entered the 「Uniform specialty store. Any uniform is available. Come, you are in uniform, conquer now!」

(Is she here?)

I went to the lobby and observed the platform.
There, a girl with a stern face with a ponytail in a pilot’s school uniform sat with an unamused face.

(There she is)

I was relieved after I found my target.
I was a little worried she wouldn’t be here because I hadn’t checked her schedule today.
The ponytail who noticed my gaze was surprised for a moment and became more and more grumpy.

(As cold as always huh…)

I just smiled at her usual response.
Then, I immediately reserved her and brought her to the room.

「Been a while, is it?」

Ponytail sat on the edge of the bed, saying something that has no hint of courtesy at all.
She wore an olive-green uniform like that of a soldier, but at the bottom, she was wearing a tight skirt.
The skirt length was about a few centimeters above her knees and was so tight that it almost exposing the triangle inside it.

(Umu, as I thought, uniform is the best)

I kept staring at her figure while standing without even answering her question.
After that, I pulled one of her knees upwards in front of her and fully appreciated the sight of the triangle inside of it.
Ponytail closed her knees while making an unpleasant expression, but it doesn’t mean it has completely become invisible.
She didn’t hide it with her hand or turned her body away because I didn’t allow that.
As a customer, my standing while we’re in this room is much higher than her.

(Light blue, eh…)

Ponytail seems to like cold colors.
She is an active student at the Pilot school and aims to be a Knight’s pilot.
She said that her grades weren’t that bad and she thought that her dream will soon come true.
Maybe because she had the sense of a true knight, she always charged from the front and fought in close combat.
She also thinks that obtaining victory through long-range magic attacks is cowardly and hates it.

(It looks like I will have plenty of fun today too)

I’m getting happy.
Normally, if you treat your customers like they weren’t your customers, their mood will turn sour.
But for me, Ponytail is a special case.
She was a classmate who once shared a desk with me.
I beat her during the regular practical test, thus making her unable to participate in the knight order’s training session.
Even now, she still can’t accept her loss to my fighting style and keep a scornful attitude towards me.
The pleasure of forcing such a former classmate of mine as her customer is a really enjoyable thing for me.

(I admit it wasn’t a good hobby, though)

She smiled bitterly but she can’t help it because the fact is, it feels good.
By the way, as to why the ponytail is doing a part-time job at a lower-grade brothel like “Uniform specialty store. Any uniform is available. Come, you are in uniform, conquer now!”.
It was to pay her debt.
Until recently, Ponytail had to contribute her life to a male elf from a brothel aimed for women.

(Somehow, she’s different today…..)

I was the one who completely ignored her words earlier but, I noticed something unusual.
She never said hello or greeted me up until now.
Instead, she would always put on a Buddha-like face while saying that she only did this to pay her debts.
But today, a greeting came from Ponytail’s mouth.

(I wonder if it’s because her income has been decreasing since I didn’t come by recently)

And so, she welcomed me after my long absence.
That possibility certainly exists.
Ponytail has something called the hot pot. It has a high temperature, it will make you feel really good just from entering it. It’s quite a good weapon.
However, because her customer service is bad, she didn’t have any repeaters aside from me.
If she can’t get any customers, then the money she made will be nothing more than a chicken’s feed.
I remembered the time when I went shrine visit to the Holy City and the battle with heavy lancers.

(Let’s threw a tip for her later then)

A sympathetic feeling grows in me.

(Well, that is if her service is better than usual)

Even though I look like this, I’m also an E-rank member of the guild merchant, that’s why I won’t give charity. I will ask something in return even if it’s just for a little amount.
I learned from the guild master at the Holy City’s “Gate of Sin” that it was about respecting the other party.
Besides, Ponytail always refuses to even hold a conversation.
The room for her service improvement is wider than the plain where I fought the heavy lancers. So it shouldn’t be that difficult I think.
I made her seiza on top of the bed and dived straight at her proficient knee pillow.

「You know right? Tell me then」

I gave a half-hearted answer as a response to those words.
It was rare for her to start a conversation first. This alone was a significant improvement in her service.
But right now, it wasn’t the time to think about that.
Right now, she is in a seiza position while I put my face on her lap, in a prone position.
I put my hands on the bottom of the jacket and unbuttoned her shirt from below while in that position.
While taking a deep breath repeatedly, I’m undoing the button of her shirt just by relying on my fingertips alone without having to look at it. To be honest, it was no easy task.
After some struggle, I finally succeeded in undoing the buttons on the bottom of the shirt. I then slipped my hand between her shirt and her skin.

(It’s warm)

I grasped it with both of my hands as if to wrap it up. The soft and smooth sensation I felt at the center of my palm was great.
A gave it a little rub to savor the taste.

(As expected from Ponytail. What a well-trained body)

A teenager’s body that has been under constant strict training, it wasn’t just soft, but there’s also a bit of firmness to it.
This isn’t a taste that you can feel anywhere.

「I told you to tell me about it, didn’t I !?」

Ponytail grabbed both of my arms and began trying to put some power to pull it out from her.

「…….Tell you what?」

Even though I’m in the middle of having fun with it, what a rude gal.

「You, you participated in the battle with heavy lancers didn’t you?」

I didn’t answer.
If I don’t give an answer soon, my arms will be crushed by her force, so after thinking that it can’t be helped, I gave her my reply.
I massaged it strongly with both of my hands.
I did it with the meaning to answer “YES”.
She moaned for a moment as her body made an arc.

「Answer me! You heard me, didn’t you !?」

I gave it another strong massage.
Ponytail seems to understand my action this time. She then asked a question while knitting her beautiful thin eyebrows.

「You, was that supposed to be your reply?」

Ponytail grip got stronger as if she’s trying to endure it. It hurts a little.

「Then, what about the NO?」

I gave two strong massages this time.
Ponytail twisted her body as she moaned.

「……There you go again doing something weird」

She seemed to have compromised with this.
Ponytail has known me for quite a while now. She probably felt like it would be pointless to ask me for more than this.

「Did they let the herd escape?」

However, her next question was not something that I’m not allowed to talk about.
I couldn’t say yes or no, so I pinched the protrusion between my fingers a bit strongly.
It seems she understood that I can’t answer that question. The protrusion became a bit harder.

「I think so because there was no victory parade being held」

Ponytail made a pained voice as she showed one side of her face that has distorted expression.

(I see)

I remembered what Corneal said about this battle with heavy lancers was actually the first big battle in a long time.
Because the Knights have few opportunities to fight, they are eager to get some achievements. Of course, at first, a departure parade was held.
But there were no signs of the victory parade being held at all.
Ever that day, the Kingdom and the knight order has been silent. It was no surprise that people will have some doubts.

(It wasn’t easy at all after all)

I remembered the northwest prairie, where some of the Knights were annihilated.

(Even so, to think that Ponytail would say that they let the herd escape….)

She doesn’t even consider the possibility of them losing. That showed just how reliable the knight order’s fighting force is to her.

(They always speak of their strength whenever there’s a chance after all)

Thinking back, even the instructor at pilot school often boasted about the power of knight order didn’t he?
Probably because she thinks my silence as confirmation, she sighed.

「……As I thought, that’s what happened」

「Well, if you wish to know more than this, you better make me satisfied」

I told Ponytail.
I’m just going to be her source of information if this continues.
I probably wouldn’t mind if it’s someone else, but she’s a student of pilot school. If weird rumors start spreading, it might reach the knight order and the Kingdom’s ears.
That’s why, I want to make this a match, win, and leave without telling her anything else.
Ponytail looked surprised for a moment. But soon after, a light of burning spirit was lit in her eyes.

「Fine, I’ll do it」

She took the bait.
One of her special traits is that she will immediately bite the bait once she provoked. As a playing partner, she’s someone hard to get.
Ponytail pushed me who was glued onto her front part and stood on top of the bed.

「En garde!」

As she said those words, she grabbed me by my shoulders and pushed me down the bed.
After that, she spread her legs while facing me and swallowed me whole in one go.


I let out a voice like when I dipped myself in a hot bath.
It feels hot and good as always.
And the sensitivity check when I did a YES and NO massage on her was as good as usual too.
Of course, she was still wearing her underwear which slightly shifted when she swallowed me whole.
I’ve always demanded this, so this time she took her initiative to do it herself since the beginning

(Taking off your uniform while you’re in a uniform specialized store wasn’t something I can forgive)

That is my belief.
There, I tilted my head.

(Why do I feel like she’s strangely confident)

I felt something strange in her attitude.
Despite her always losing on top of the bed, I feel like today is different.

「Don’t think that I will forever be like that」

And then, making my weapon as its axis, she made a 180 degrees turn.

(This is–!?)

It’s a technique that Ponytail never showed me before.

「This is the technique of the recently held, match before God’s Champion! Enjoy it to your heart content!」

While saying so, she makes another turn.
This is no doubt Cool-san’s spinning technique.
And there, I remembered.

(Right, this technique was covered in a magazine after all)

After the champion was decided, Cool-san was surrounded by reporters that wanted to have an interview with her.
Don’t tell me… I ran my gaze at Ponytail’s bag. When I did, I spotted a familiar magazine peeking out of it.

(Temple of the God of business, match before God’s special issue!)

It was released just the other day and some were put in the merchant guild.
There were articles about Cool-san, Lightning, Explosive onee-san and Shinigami, but there is nothing written about me.
Maybe it’s wasteful for them to write about a guy who lost in the third round.
That magazine seems to be spread quite widely. Maybe Ponytail bought and read it as a source of information an average teenager needs.

(But, this is not good enough)

There might be some fault with how I said it.
Ponytail’s weapon is her hot pot. Even now, my weapon is still wrapped around in a temperature hotter than body temperature.
And it will be troublesome if you misunderstood me, so I’m just gonna say it’s not that bad either. It’s good enough that she has a well-trained young body.
However, I experienced first hand the real version of this technique from Cool-san herself, I also watched it live at the match before God.
So with this level of skill, I have no choice but to express it that way.

(Well, it’s just an imitation after all)

A low level one at that.
There’s an interval every time she does a half-spin to catch a breath. Rather than spinning, it’s more like she’s repeatedly roughly changing direction every 60 degrees.

(THIS is what you call a spinning technique!)

I grabbed the knees of Ponytail who was in the middle of catching her breath and started to spin her around.
It’s a bit slower but nonstop spin.
Ponytail hot pot shrunk from the sudden stimulation. She held her skirt with both hands and screamed loudly.

(I’m not done yet!)

But I didn’t let her rest. I gripped her knees and forcefully spin her.
Sometimes I would tilt the shaft rod slightly to hit her good spot.
Then, as I hit that good spot in the third lap, she shouted loudly and her hot pot convulsed a lot after squeezed me tightly.
I stopped spinning her and asked her a question while grinning.

「You came, didn’t you…」

「….I didn’t…」

Her face is bright red, her breathing is rough, and her eyes are moist. But it seems she doesn’t want to admit it.

(As I thought…)

This stubborn part of hers was actually one of her delicious parts.
Fine then, I’ll have her taste it even more.

「Reverse spin!」

I grabbed her knees again and this time, I spun it around in the opposite direction.
If Ponytail is mimicking Cool-san’s technique, then this is the technique that imitates Corneal’s skewering whirlwind.
They are the same imitated techniques but I’ve been training this “skewering whirlwind” technique since I saw it for the first time.
The difference in perfection was certainly big.

「Reverse spin!」

I shouted again.

「Reverse spin!」

The spin continues until her body and muscle could no longer maintain her posture. Well, it was only after a few laps though.

Ponytail is lying on the bed as her body keeps twitching.
Her breathing is rough as tears coming out from her eyes, snot from her nose and drool from her mouth.

「Seems I won, huh」

Even when she’s in that condition, she slightly shook her head at my question. It looks like she’s still being stubborn.

(How wonderful!)

As expected from Ponytail. I’m thrilled.
I wrote in the manual of Ponytail inside my heart that, “She gets more stubborn the more you crush her, very enjoyable”.

「……Do you know the thing called “lightning sword”?」

Her body shook the moment I whispered that into her ears.
That’s the male champion of the match before God’s technique. There’s no way she didn’t know about it.

「It’s the champion’s technique. Enjoy it to your heart content」

Ponytail’s body began swaying as if she’s trying to flee.
But unfortunately, she can’t pull out any strength from her legs. As a result, she can only turn her butt towards me.

「There you go inviting me again」

I squeezed those butts and spread it from side to side, then I thrust my weapon into her hot pot once again.

「Lightning…. Sword!!」

I shouted as I started moving my hips.
I wanted to laugh at this sloppy imitation I made.
But it seems strong enough for Ponytail.
She let out a scream louder than ever before.

(Did she became weak because of the brand?)

The technique quality just now was very low. It shouldn’t dealt any significant damage.
But when she heard the name of “Lightning Sword,” the peach valley in front of me began to let out hot juices even though I hadn’t put it in yet.

(Well, she’s still a young woman after all. There might be a part of her that sensitive to fashionable things)

If that’s so then, it will be rude to not enjoy that sensitive part right?
I ignored the state she’s in right now and continued waving my hips as I like.

(This is also the good part of her)

If it’s the result of a challenge that came from her, she would silently accept you.
So even if I went overboard here, she wouldn’t even be mad at me.
This appearance of her that’s seriously paying for her debts while keeping her integrity as a knight might her true essence.

(There, there!)

I keep thrusting at her.
Ponytail’s convulsions stopped after getting pounded in her unexpected place continuously.
I kept enjoying her sweet screams while firmly holding both of her well-shaped, tight butts with both of my hands.


One hour later, I was completely satisfied so I took a shower on my own and got ready to leave.
While Ponytail, still lying in bed while half of her eyes had turned white, and saying things like “Ah–” or “Uu–“.
Of course, the match is my win.
With her serious attitude, she wouldn’t do something like squeeze out some information from me forcefully.

(Thanks for the food)

I put a tip on the bedside.
It’s quite a large amount compared to the usual.
It was also my thanks for the hardcore play, but it wasn’t just for that.

(Hurry and pay back your debt already so you can give more time on your pilot training, okay?)

I brought my mouth near her ears and whispered so.
I don’t know how far the knight order can recover but they definitely lost many human resources.
The hurdles for joining the knight order might not change, but the chances to be accepted will increase.
If it’s at Ponytail’s level, as long as you keep polishing your skills, the chances are pretty high.
This isn’t charity. A non-repayment scholarship to help a former classmate. This is the least I can for her.

「Adios, alter ego」

I left the room, while waving my hand at the one behind me as I muttered the words that somehow came to my mind.





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