359 – Invitation




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We’ve finished taking all the measures we can currently employ against the leakage of mental waves for the time being, so after reporting to Capt. Serena, we were allowed to take a break. Or rather, our work was done for today and we were allowed to go back.

The next step would be to collect data samples using the mental wave measuring device and cross-reference them with the language translation implant’s database.

“Most of the work’s gonna be done by machines huh? At most, we just need to tweak the algorithm a bit, right?”

“We also fiddle around with the algorithms used by the maintenance bots, but the scale of this job is a bit different, Boss.”

“Just thinking about messing around with that translation algorithm is making my head hurt……”

“But it shouldn’t be that hard since you have experience adjusting the maintenance bot’s algorithm, right?”

On the way back to the Black Lotus, one researcher and two mechanical engineers were still immersed in discussing technical topics. It seems like the three of them really hit it off. Was it because their respective fields of specialization were related to each other?

“Are you tired, Kugi?”

“I’m fine, My Lord. I find the opportunity to walk a good distance after quite some time fun.”

Kugi’s expression conveyed just how satisfied she was. Her fluffy tails were swaying from side to side energetically as well, so she must really have found walking fun. We walked around the interior of the Restalias quite a bit in search of mental wave leakages after all.

“That’s good then. I was worried that you got exhausted from using telepathy for an extended period.”

“That much is no problem. I would quickly get exhausted if I were to use telepathy seriously though.”

“What happens when you use telepathy seriously……?”

“Sending mental waves to another person from a great distance or sending thoughts only to specific people gathered in one place is very exhausting. Also, even though I do not want to use the technique if I can help it…… I can release a concentrated and powerful mental wave attack that can stun, torment, or even force out information from the mouths of enemies.”

“Hmm…… It seems that telepathy really has a variety of uses huh.”

“I do not want to use it for violence if possible, but I still need a method to protect myself after all……”

Speaking of which, Kugi doesn’t carry around weapons like laser guns, but for her, perhaps telepathy itself was a weapon akin to a laser gun.

“By the way, is it really fine for me to tag along with you guys?”

“It’s fine. It’s Boss, after all, so a beautiful woman like Dr. Shouko is very welcome. Right, Boss?”

“Don’t say it like that. It’s not like I’ll welcome any woman just because they’re beautiful. I pick and chose who to invite, you know.”

“Ahaha…… That’s certainly true. You’re pretty cold to Captain Serena after all, Big Brother.”

“It’s not just Captain Serena though.”

I certainly wouldn’t want to invite over Nia from Nyaatoflix again even though she was certainly an exotic beauty, and that poisonous snake-like woman Marie was absolutely no good.

“I’m sure the rest will welcome you as well, Doc Shouko. So please rest assured. Mimi and Elma will probably be surprised.”

“I’d be happy if that’s the case.”

Dr. Shouko’s lips formed a genuine smile. We’ve never interacted with her in a private setting before, so seeing her like this was rather refreshing.

“Huh? You’re…… Dr. Shouko, right?”

“Why are you in a place like this……?”

Mimi and Elma were very bewildered when they first saw Dr. Shouko. Of course, they would be. After all, Dr. Shouko, who was supposed to be working at a corporate hospital in the Alein system, suddenly came to the Black Lotus together with us. I’d be pretty surprised myself if I was in their shoes.

“Hey, guys. It’s been a while huh? Mm, it looks like you both are in good health. Great.”

For a moment, I seemed to have seen a number of question marks fly over the two’s heads as Dr. Shouko cheerfully greeted them. And then, the gazes of the two turned toward me.

“One of the researchers working in the lab was Dr. Shouko. I have no idea why she’s working there though. I still haven’t heard the reason yet myself.”

I said so and passed the buck to Dr. Shouko.

“It’s not really that big of a deal y’know…… It’s a bit embarrassing to say it to you in person though.”

Dr. Shouko, who received my gaze, smiled bitterly. Hmm? What does that mean? Mimi and the other’s gazes went toward me once more, but I shook my head in response. I shouldn’t have that deep of a relationship with Dr. Shouko yet though. At least, I shouldn’t have caused any events that heavily influenced her life.

“Everyone, if you do not mind, why not continue discussing things while having a meal? I will prepare the food immediately.”

Mei’s voice broke the somewhat subtle atmosphere.

“You are……?”

Dr. Shouko’s gaze went toward Mei.

“It’s nice to meet you, dear guest. I am the maidroid Mei.”

“Ah, mm, yeah. Nice to meet you too. I’m Shouko.”

“Greetings, Shouko-sama. My best regards. I shall now go prepare meals in the dining hall.”

With that said, Mei quickly retreated into the dining hall. Dr. Shouko, who saw her off, suddenly turned her attention toward me. What is it?

“That maidroid…… Mei-kun, was it? Doesn’t she look a bit like me?”

“……Really? I wonder.”

Come to think of it, I couldn’t say there really weren’t any similarities. Well, Mei’s chest size was smaller than Dr. Shouko’s though. After all, Dr. Shouko’s size rivaled that of Mimi’s. They really were pretty big.

“Well, she does have long hair and wears glasses, but her overall atmosphere is quite different, right?”

“Hmmm…… If you say so, Hiro-kun.”

What’s with that ambiguous reaction? Did I actually raise a flag with Dr. Shouko without meaning to? No, no, that can’t be. Yeah, of course not…… No way. Yeah.

“By the way, is that all of them? You’re not hiding away any more girls in here, right?”

“That’s all of them. Or rather, I’m not the kind of person who surrounds myself with women…… Err, no. I’m not supposed to be, but– I really can’t deny it huh. It ain’t like that though.”

“Ain’t like what?”

“I really can’t defend you this time around.”

“Um…… Hiro-sama is kind after all.”

“That’s not much of a defense though……”

“I think this much is expected for someone like you, My Lord.”

It might be just as everyone said, but I really can’t accept Kugi’s justification. What did she mean by that anyway? Well, it’s not like I’m complaining though.

“It looks like you’re the same as usual, Hiro-kun.”

“There’s a lot of unexpected stuff when doing mercenary work. I’m serious.”

I ain’t particularly aiming to increase the number of female crew members…… Err, okay, this time around, I actually am. But we just happened to come across each other by chance y’know. It’s that kind of thing. In that sense, I do welcome Dr. Shouko. Yeah. She’s very welcome. Ugh. I don’t care anymore.




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