038 – Losing Something Important




Translator: SFBaka

While Mimi and Elma went inside a different room in order to undergo the rest of the tests, Dr. Shouko and I went back to the main lobby. It seems she was looking to finish discussions regarding the research and use of my genetic data as soon as possible.

“The rest of the staff will handle the tests on those two, so don’t worry. Those people aren’t like me, who’s mainly a researcher, but are proper field personnel.”

“Okay…… So, you’ve already decided on a price for my data? Wasn’t I supposed to come back at a later date?”

“The remuneration amount for unknown genetic data can be roughly determined by using the number of unknown factors as basis. When I sent the data I scanned earlier to the higher-ups, I got approval straight away.”

“I see.”

She’s displaying an expression of relief for having done her job well, but this person did say she basically forced her way to attend to our check-ups today, you know. She’s obviously a researcher type, but maybe she’s also got a knack for politics as well.

“That’s the case. So let’s talk about the money, now.”

“Straight to the point, huh.”

“Hey, money’s pretty useful. It can even be used to build a sense of trust that would normally need some time to accumulate, you see.”

“Guess so. What’s the final price, then?”

“3,000,000 Enels.”

“That’s a great deal of money. Is my genetic data really worth that much?”

It’s approximately 300 million in Japanese Yen. I don’t think I have any special bloodline or anything, so I’m rather surprised at just how high they value my genetic data.

“As I said earlier, a previously undiscovered, completely unknown humanoid genetic make-up is comparable to a brand new frontier in the field of genetics. It may be the key to push the entire humanoid races to the next level of evolution. It’s that potential that we value so highly.”

“Evolving to the next level, you say……”

Just how exactly do you intend to use my data, Doc……? Well, I don’t really have any idea about this dimension’s stance on bioethics, so it’s not my place to say anything.

“Just please make sure to protect my personal info……”

“Of course. Here’s the contract, by the way.”

After saying that, Dr. Shouko handed me her tablet terminal. I checked the contents of the contract, and there doesn’t seem to be any problem from what I’ve read. So, basically, the particulars were ensuring the protection of my personal data and refraining from making clones without the concerned party’s permission. If Inagawa Technology violates said provisions, they would have to pay me 30 million Enels as compensation for damages, and completely halt the research and use of my genetic data. The contents seem to mostly favor me, at least. My proposal about Inagawa Technology handling all our medical needs was also included in the contract.

I read it several times more, trying to find any trace of loopholes, but it all seemed to check out okay in the end.

“You’re the careful sort, aren’t you?”

“Well, handing over one’s personal genetic information can be quite scary, y’see. And it seems there’s a lot of clauses here that are completely in my favor, huh.”

“Really? With this contract, even if Inagawa Technology manages to make a ton of profit from research on your genetic data, you won’t be able to get a single Enel, you know.”

“I see. But it doesn’t seem like you’ll be using it for something shady, anyway. I plan on earning my keep myself, so I don’t really mind.”

“Is that so? How mercenary-like of you.”

Dr. Shouko gave me a wry grin after hearing my response.

It’ll be better for me to treat the funds I’ll get from this transaction as easy money. I also had the option to refuse, but Inagawa Technology already ended up finding out the value of my genetic info, after all… It’ll be less troublesome this way.

As such, I feel it’s best to follow Inagawa Technology’s arrangements, even if they’re not too advantageous to me. It’s better to prioritize the safety of me and my crew, after all.

“So I take it that we’ve come to an agreement?”


I ran my finger on the tablet terminal’s screen and signed ‘Captain Hiro’ on the contract. With this, it’s a done deal.

“Well, I’m really happy you’ve agreed to the contract! Now then, shall we get to collecting your blood and semen samples?”

“Okay then…… And, uh, I get the blood part, but how are you gonna collect my semen…?”

“Fufu…… You can look forward to it, okay?”

Dr. Shouko gave me a shady look and licked her lips.

“Wait, wait, wait! What the heck!? I didn’t hear about this earlier! Please spare me, Doc! Don’t! Waaah—!”

“Uuuu… My chastity was…”

“There you go. Good job.”

The cover of the med pod opened up, and I walked out while shedding rivers of of tears as Dr. Shouko greeted me in a sing-song tone.

You want to know how exactly she collected my seed? Please stop. I don’t wanna remember…… It feels like getting into a med pod is gonna develop into a lifelong trauma for me.

“Some people get quite enamored with the process, though.”

“I respectfully decline with all my being!”

I put on my clothes after getting out of the med pod. Urgh. My behind still feels a bit strange… I’m never gonna sell my genetic data again. Ever. And I was even looking forward to an ero situation with Dr. Shouko too…… It looks like life isn’t that sweet. But it was a logical development, I guess. Hehe…

“Anyway, we’re done with collecting your genetic data now. Oh, I’m sooo looking forward to this… kufufu.”

Compared with me, whose mood hit rock-bottom, Dr. Shouko looked quite excited. Her white cheeks were dyed cherry pink as she gushed on cheerfully while displaying an adorable smile. I just can’t bring myself to get angry at her if she shows me such an expression.

“Oh, there you are. We’re back… Uh, what happened to you? Your eyes are kinda red.”


“Please heal my wounded heart.”

I tried to hug Elma, but was refused and pushed off. I bounced toward Mimi’s bountiful chest as a result. Waaah, it’s my lifeliiiine…… Ah, Mimi’s rubbing my head gently. So good.

“Hey, what’s the matter with you?”

“We settled for a contract regarding his genetic data, so we proceeded with collection right away, y’see. It looks like he didn’t quite enjoy the procedure.”


“In order to collect his semen, we went and poked like this y’see.”


And she blurted out my misfortune just like that. So cruel. It’s like getting salt slapped onto a freshly opened wound. I’ll have to get plenty of Mimi’s love, or I won’t be able to bounce back. Fueee.

“You really didn’t like it, did you Hiro-sama? ……There, there.”

“You’re not the kind of guy who’d fall just from that much, right? Get yourself together, already.”

“Don’t be like that, Elma-san. Hiro-sama’s eyes are really red, already. I think he really suffered.”

“I get that, sure, but ain’t that just miserable……?”

Mimi raised her voice in slight anger and hugged my head even tighter. So happy! The cruel Elma-san was muttering complaints though.

“Un, well, uh, sorry about that. I didn’t think you’d hate it that much. To be honest, I was pretty excited earlier and forgot to explain the entire process. I should have had you do it yourself. Or maybe you’d have preferred it if I helped out?”

So there was an option to have Dr. Shouko help in the semen collection? Seriously? Just why didn’t I manage to grab such an opportunity…? I utterly hate my own carelessness.

“Instead of doing it yourself, just call us…… You don’t really have to go that far, doctor.”

“Oh? It’s nothing, really. I would have been turned into space debris if Hiro-kun didn’t rescue me, after all. Compared to that, helping him out with something like this is no problem.”


I heard Dr. Shouko giggling mischievously and Elma’s slightly grumpy voice. What’s with this somewhat subtle atmosphere all of a sudden……? Mimi kept on hugging my head onto her chest and patting it gently. It feels like my brain would melt.

“Yosh, I’ve revived!”

“Are you okay now, Hiro-sama?”

“Yeah. I’m good already.”

I was saved by the overwhelming allure of Mimi’s bountiful chest and successfully recovered. I turned my head and saw Elma giving me an exasperated look.

“A grown man like you shouldn’t cry just from getting poked a little.”

“It wasn’t just a little. It went in all the way y’know. Well, since you’re saying it like that, I’ll make sure you experience something similar one of these days. Prepare yourself.”

“Eh!? N-No, that’s a bit…”

Elma’s face turned blue as she began to slightly panic. But I shall remember your offense, lady. You just wait.

“So the only thing left is getting vaccinated, right?”

“Yes. Your physiology seems similar to humans for the most part, so I don’t think there’ll be any problems. There should basically be no side effects, but it’s better if you get some rest for three days afterward, just in case.”

“I see. Understood. Let’s get it done.”

“Okay. Can you girls please wait in the lobby?”


“We understand.”

I nodded and parted from the two girls. I was led into another room to get my shots. The shots basically didn’t hurt, and the good lady doctor just pushed a gun-type syringe on my arms, neck, chest and other parts of my body. It was a bit of a let-down, strangely enough.

“Sure is simple. And it doesn’t hurt, too.”

“Doesn’t hurt? What do you mean by that?”

“Uh- Well…”

“You said you’re from the third planet of the Sol system earlier, didn’t you? In other words, back in your place, a procedure like this causes pain. And you’re reminded of that, aren’t you?”

“Please just ignore that.”

“To think a procedure like this would cause pain… Fumu, it looks like the development of medical technology where you’re from is quite behind the times, isn’t it?”

“Don’t people call you out on the fact that you don’t listen to what others are saying, Dr. Shouko?”

“Ahaha, they do; quite often, actually.”

Dr. Shouko laughed blandly. I guess most folks can’t bring themselves to get angry due to that carefree attitude and sweet smile of hers. But I’m thinking she also has plenty of people she can’t get along with because of her attitude.

“Anyway, please stop questioning me about my circumstances any further. You’re too direct, you know.”

“Can’t be helped, then. Well, I guess that’s just how you planet-born folks are.”

In this dimension, most people were born and raised on outer space colonies, and the only ones who live on terrestrial planets are just a select few – In other words, upper-class aristocrats and the like.

In my case, I came from an entirely different dimension, but I can’t exactly say that to Dr. Shouko and Inagawa Technology. There’s a chance I’d really be confined to a lab as a guinea pig once they found out after all. They’d just have to settle for my genetic data.

“Well, that’s how it is.”

“I understand. But can you find it in your heart to let me investigate more about you?”

“Please start with researching my genetic data first.”

I coldly cut down Dr. Shouko, who resorted to begging me cutely with upturned eyes as she clung to my arm. I was honestly a bit moved by those upturned eyes earlier, but this Captain Hiro won’t be toppled easily just by something like that.

“Ahaha. It seems someone like me just won’t do, huh. Elma-san and Mimi-chan are both beauties, after all.”

“Yeah. Both of them are also beautiful.”


Dr. Shouko seemed a bit taken aback by the way I phrased my prompt response, but I didn’t pay attention to her reaction and wore my jacket.

“We’re all done, right?”

“Yeah, all good. We’ll just need to wait for the overall results of your comprehensive check-ups, so let’s meet back up with those two.”

The both of us left the medical room and went back to the lobby area. There, we saw Elma and Mimi discussing something as they waited. Elma noticed us immediately and turned toward us. Mimi’s gaze followed suit.

“You sure noticed us quickly.”

“I can catch your footsteps from miles away.”

“Elves like Elma-san mostly have great hearing you know. I’ve heard the ones who live in traditional communities in forests can hear the footsteps of animals from over two kilometers away.”


“I can’t do anything that extreme, though.”

Elma shrugged her shoulders. So those long ears aren’t just for show huh.

“But it’s not like these ears only bring me benefits, you know. I also often hear things I don’t particularly wanna hear. And I also can’t wear most types of headgear and helmets designed for humans.”

“Things you don’t wanna hear?”

“Yup. The rumbling of your stomach, for example. It cried out miserably just now.”


I involuntarily grabbed my stomach. But, now that she mentioned it, it does seem like I’m a bit hungry.

“Come to think of it, it’s almost lunch. Do you guys want to grab a bite ahead of time?”

“What are we going to have?”

“I recommend sipping the paste inside food cartridges–”

““No thanks!””

Mimi’s gaze turned empty. Mine probably looked the same. Elma grinned bitterly while Dr. Shouko tilted her head in puzzlement. Are Dr. Shouko’s taste buds faulty or something? …Maybe it’s due to having those things on a daily basis. Her taste buds must have degenerated already. How pitiful.

“I see? Well, your check-up results should be coming in soon, so shall we talk in that private room over there?”

Dr. Shouko started walking ahead. The three of us followed after her.

Well then, I do hope nothing bad turns up.




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