085 – Peaceful Resolution



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I continued to walk with my head blank until I finally got back to the lodge. I placed my ear next to the door but couldn’t hear any voices arguing. It looks like the discussion really was over, just like the message stated. I entered the lodge.

“Welcome back, Master.”

“Y-Yeah…… Hm?”

When I saw the scene inside the lodge, I couldn’t help but gawk in bewilderment.

“Oh, you’re back.”

“Welcome back.”

“Welcome back, Hiro-sama. I’m really sorry for all the trouble.”

Mimi bowed her head in apology. But that’s not what got my attention. I was surprised about her sudden turn in attitude toward the custom maidroid. She was all ‘grrr’ like an angry puppy earlier, but now they’re both sitting right next to each other, and seemingly very close. Just what happened here?

“What’s going on…?”

“I sincerely and wholeheartedly explained my position to the ladies.”


I gave Elma a questioning gaze, and she shrugged her shoulders in response. Hey. I’m asking for an explanation here, lady. I turned to Chris, but she only sighed. This reaction…… It’s almost the same as when I asked them about what they thought about the situation of the AIs. In other words, it looks like Mimi was splendidly cajoled by this custom maidroid.

“Just what happened? Can somebody please explain?”

“We just cleared up the misunderstanding. Isn’t this fine?”

“Uh, well, I guess. But it’s still bugging me…”

“Oh, c’mon. Don’t sweat the small stuff and just roll with it.”

“Mm… Well, alright.”

I don’t know just what kind of discussion took place, but at least Mimi’s concerns have been resolved, and now she had no problems being all chummy with the maidroid. Guess I’ll leave it at that. But just how did this maidroid do it? Mimi’s all over her now… Are their social skills really that amazing?

“But I haven’t decided if I’ll buy this custom maidroid yet, just so you know.”

“You’re not buying her?”

“You’re not going to purchase her?”

“Even if I do buy her, there’s no more free rooms inside the ship… Krishna can only house a maximum of five passengers, with one single room for my use and two double rooms for Mimi and Elma.”

Chris was staying over at Mimi’s room, but she wasn’t a permanent crew member anyway. She’ll only be staying with us for a short while. If we add another crew member, there’ll be no more rooms to spare. But I guess we can make do if Mimi or Elma agrees to share a room with others.

“I do not feel any physical fatigue or mental stress, and I basically have no metabolism to speak of, so I would have no problems even if you just store me inside a maintenance pod and put me inside your ship’s cargo hold. You’ll only need to provide me with a container to store my maid clothes and other daily articles.”

“Uh, but that just doesn’t feel right, y’know…”

“I am a maidroid, Master. I am not a biological organism. I am truly happy that you seem to recognize me as an individual and are trying to give me the requisite treatment, but there is no need to base your treatment of me in accordance with how you would treat your fellow biological lifeforms.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, Master.”

The maidroid nodded at my question without any sign of hesitation. Well, if the person herself says so, then I guess I’ll just have to do as she sa– Now just wait a damn second!? I just said I’m still on the fence about buying you earlier, didn’t I? Why are you talking like it’s a done deal already dammit!?

“Let’s get over this trial period first. We’ll talk about this again after we’ve spent some more time together and have gotten to know each other better. Okay?”

“Wow. You’re actually acting hesitant this time around. It isn’t like you, you know?”

“Now look here, you! This isn’t the same as purchasing a convenient gadget like a gravity sphere, okay? This stuff needs more careful deliberation.”

“I do think it’s good to handle this with more care. At the very least, we’ll have to think about a name that suits her well!”

“Why are you the one who’s getting all excited, Mimi…?”

The drastic turnaround of Mimi’s attitude was amazing, in various meanings. Just how did this maidroid persuade her, I wonder. Well, we’re talking about our cute glutton Mimi here, so I wonder if it’s something along the lines of persuading her with promises of delicious food? Or maybe it involves raising her skills as a ship operator? No, well, the main reason why I designed the maidroid with really high specs was so she can serve as Mimi’s bodyguard, so maybe she deduced it and told Mimi about her real purpose.

Or maybe she promised not to interfere with our relationship? But aren’t I being too self-conscious by assuming that?

Well, anyway, the custom maidroid has succeeded in being accepted by Mimi and seems to be making steady progress regarding her intention to board Krishna. So she’s only left with the task of persuading me now.

But she’s dead wrong if she thinks it’s gonna be that easy.

“Well, in any case, there’s a lot I want to ask you about regarding this girl, Hiro. She has exceedingly high specs for a maidroid, doesn’t she? She’s on the level of a combat droid even. Just what were you thinking when you designed her?”

“I wanted her to have the ability to serve as an escort and bodyguard. We end up getting involved in quite a few dangerous stuff due to the nature of our work, right? I just thought it would be nice if there was somebody to guard Mimi so she can freely get off Krishna without any worries. And I’m not particularly well versed in hand to hand combat myself.”

The most adept among Krishna’s crewmembers when it comes to CQC is undoubtedly Elma. I have the confidence not to lose to her when it comes to a firefight, but I’d definitely get thrashed badly if I challenged her to a fistfight.

“I see. What about her appearance then?”

“It’s my hobbies and obsessions running at full throttle ma’am.”

I didn’t think I would be able to fool her considering how sharp she is, so I just honestly confessed my guilt. I can’t get away with claiming I designed a black-haired, cool beauty of a maid (equipped with red-framed glasses) completely on a whim after all. She can even change to a long ponytail mode. Isn’t she just the best?

“So you prefer these types huh? Hmm……”

Elma’s gaze went over to the custom maidroid.

“So, I take it that it would be better if I aim to be just like her, right?”

Chris quipped as she turned toward the maidroid as well. Hmm. Well, Chris is black-haired, and definitely a beauty, so I don’t think she’ll have any trouble styling herself in a similar manner. But Chris is Chris after all, so I’d prefer it if she stayed the way she is.

“The majority of the people back in my home town are black-haired just like Chris and me. A more colorful hairstyle would do as well, but black hair just feels right for me, I guess. The glasses are just my hobbies at work though.”

“Glasses on an android do seem pretty unnecessary… It doesn’t seem like it’s some sort of device as well.”


“There are wearable glasses-type devices with data analysis and image magnification functions out in the market. But since she’s a maidroid, she doesn’t really need one, doesn’t she?”

“Ah, mm, I guess.”

So there were such gadgets available. But a maidroid certainly wouldn’t need one. She has all the requisite sensors and functions built-in after all.

“If you’re buying her, then make sure to be a responsible owner and take care of her properly, okay? Well, I’m not sure who’ll be taking care of who in the end though.”

“Like I said, I haven’t really decided if I’m gonna buy her…”

I quietly murmured my objection and turned my gaze toward Mimi and the maidroid, who were now busy fussing over Mimi’s tablet terminal. Mm. She really is beautiful. Good job, me.

Well, since it turned out that Mimi already has no problems with the maidroid, I guess I’ll just bite the bullet and buy her after all. My only complaint is that my goal of saving enough money to buy a detached house with a garden is once again faced with a setback… Oh well. I guess this purchase does make sense if I take into account the safety of my crew.

It would prove to be a worthwhile purchase if she can serve to protect Mimi from danger.



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