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“I sincerely wish for your happiness, both of you–!”

The receptionist gynoid waved goodbye at us while displaying a first-class business smile. Please be happy? Why does it sound like she’s congratulating us on our marriage? On second thought, for AI like them, maybe getting an owner really does equate to marriage in a sense. So, when you customize a gynoid and buy it, it’s like getting a made to order wife……? Ugh. I better not think about this stuff anymore. It’s giving me a headache.


I turned to the side and found May tilting her head cutely as she gave me a questioning look. Our degree of closeness was leagues apart from before we arrived at the workshop. We were walking so close to each other that I didn’t even have to stretch out my arm to grab her soft waist.

“Is something bothering you?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

After seeing May display a faint smile, my cheeks couldn’t help but flush red.

That’s cause it was freaking amazing. How can I even begin to describe it…? Anyway, it was freaking amazing. It was so amazing that I’m completely at a loss for words. If you really pressed me to describe the experience, then I can only say it ‘felt right’. Yep, that’s it. You want me to give you guys the nitty gritty? Just don’t ask. It’s embarrassing.

It went beyond winning or losing. It was a sublime experience for sure.

I walked back to the Krishna with an extra spring in my step, but what greeted me when we arrived was the sight of macho onii-sans wielding laser rifles, who were standing guard outside the ship for some reason. Judging from their equipment, they don’t seem like soldiers from the imperial military, but seeing as they wore matching uniforms and armor, they should be part of some sort of organization.

“They should be part of Earl Daleinwald’s private troops. They likely serve as his personal bodyguards.”

“Really? So that means Chris’s grandfather has arrived, right?”

“Yes. They arrived while we were going through the ‘fitting’ process. As we were indisposed at the time and couldn’t return back to Krishna right away, I contacted the ship and informed them that we were busy procuring additional weapons to enhance security.”


A ‘fitting’ process huh. Hahaha, that’s one way to call it. And, well, it’s true that we did purchase additional weapons. Yep. It wasn’t a lie folks.

“But how and when did you contact the ship anyway…?”

“I accessed Master’s portable data terminal earlier and replied to Mimi and Elma’s message using the app.”

“Oh, okay.”

I guess it’s pointless to ask just how she got access to my terminal huh. May right now is equipped with an ultra-compact high-performance positron brain capable of complex calculation functions, and has transformed into a true super AI robo-maid. And her combat capabilities are nothing to sneeze at as well. Actually, it was possible to rely on May for a large number of stuff, but I felt it would cause me to become a useless sleazebag, so I put a stop to that train of thought. Even if I have a super AI maid, I won’t lose to laziness!

I renewed that vow inside my heart and started walking toward the macho onii-sans. They became visibly alert when they saw me. One of them also used a portable comm device attached to his ear to contact someone. Were they asking for reinforcements or something? That’s my ship though, guys.

“Halt. Stop right there.”

“Ok, I’ll stop, see. I don’t want to be on the receiving end of that nasty-looking laser rifle after all.”

I obeyed their command and stopped in my tracks. They should be able to confirm that I’m the owner of the ship soon, so there’s no need to make a scene here. They’re probably Chris’s grandfather’s men after all. May is also acting calm, so I guess there’s no problem. If these guys weren’t really Chris’s grandfather’s men, the May would have subdued them already.

“We’ve confirmed your identity. You’re Captain Hiro, correct?”

“Yep. You’re Earl Daleinwald’s men, right?”

“Yes, that’s correct. We’ve been dispatched to serve as Christina-sama’s guards.”

“I see. Can I enter my ship now?”

“Of course.”

The two men made way for us, and we finally climbed up the ramp and entered Krishna. I was a bit worried that they’d suddenly fire at me from behind, but thankfully, that didn’t happen. But it wouldn’t hurt to stay alert.

We found the others gathered inside the dining room. And the atmosphere was kinda heavy.

Mimi didn’t meet my eyes and kept hugging Chris tight. Elma was the same and kept fiddling with her data terminal. Chris also didn’t turn my way.

Did they perhaps find all about my ‘fitting’ session with May while we were at Orient Corporation’s workshop? Or maybe they were angry because there was some sort of trouble with the earl, and I was out having the time of my life while undergoing the ‘fitting’ process with May. Or maybe it’s both. Yeah. That’s probably it.

But I won’t apologize!

“We’re back, guys!”


“I’m very sorry! Please forgive me!”

I immediately went down and performed a dogeza in front of Elma. I don’t care if you guys say I’m weak willed! It was completely my fault that I failed to notice the message. I can’t just make excuses by telling them May basically forced me into the act. And I won’t.

“Please forgive us. I was presumptuous even though I only just joined.”

May also knelt in seiza beside me and bowed in apology. Elma made an awkward-looking face after seeing May and me act this way.

“Sorry. I didn’t think you’d react that badly. I was only thinking of troubling you a bit.”

Elma got up from her seat in a fluster and offered her hands to both of us.

“……You’re really not angry with me?”

“I’m not. Anyway, I only wanted to frighten you a little. I didn’t plan on troubling May. I don’t have anything against her after all.”

“Thank you.”

May took Elma’s hand and stood up. Seeing what happened, I also tried to get up from my kneeling position. When I made my attempt, I felt a small fist hit the top of my head.

“Try to reflect a little more about what you did, you idiot. You just made a high-ranking noble wait for you.”

“Yeah. Sorry.”

I honestly nodded my head.

“So what’s wrong with Mimi?”

“I wrote in the message I sent you that Chris’s grandfather arrived, right? So Chris would be heading to her grandfather’s ship after this. Since Mimi and Chris have spent a lot of time together as roommates, they’re both really down about it.”

I glanced at Chris and saw the rims of her eyes were swollen red. Mimi, who was hugging her tightly and patting her head seemed like a gentle mother coaxing her child. So this was the so-called motherly quality. I see. I’ve witnessed something special, it seems.

“Uh, so, what happened with the meeting anyway?”

“……You didn’t read the message I sent after all huh?”

“I’m really sorry about that.”

I bowed my head in apology towards Elma, who gave me an irritated side-eye. Sorry. I’m still feeling a bit lightheaded after that ‘fitting’ session, so forgive me for acting dull like this. I’m truly sorry.

“We managed to get in contact with them via the Mercenary Guild. Her grandfather wanted to meet her immediately, but since you weren’t here, we didn’t feel comfortable with setting out on our own even with some private guards tagging along, so we told them to wait until you came back. In any case, Chris already spoke to her grandfather via the comms, so we only need to hand her over afterward. We really couldn’t make any decisions without you, the captain, present.”

“I see. Okay.”

I’m this ship’s owner as well as its captain. Even if the other party is a noble, it wouldn’t be good if Elma made a decision on her own without the captain’s knowledge.

“So you arranged to contact them once I came back?”

“Yep. That’s how it is. We’re gonna get in contact with the earl directly. Will you be alright?”

“What do you mean?”

“I meant your language, mister. The other party’s a high ranking noble you know. You can’t talk with him using the same tone you use with that bumbling Lieutenant Commander.”


“Yes, really.”

That’s kinda troublesome. While I was feeling troubled, May raised her hand up and called our attention.

“If you would like, I could change the holo-display and present a perfectly worded response.”

“Nah. I don’t want to rely on others about this stuff all the time. Anyway, I’ll just try my best to sound formal. If it really is no use, you two can help me out.”

“Okay, I understand.”


After I finished consulting with Elma and May, I turned my attention toward Mimi and Chris.

“Well, there you have it. I feel sad about it too, but shall we head over to the cockpit now? The holo-display in the cockpit is the best one in the ship after all.”



The teary-eyed Mimi finally let go of the similarly teary-eyed Chris. Mm. At least there wasn’t any snot coming out of their noses. Even if that were the case, I would have pretended not to see it though.

“Go wash your faces a bit and then come to the cockpit, you two. Let’s head over first, Elma, May. Please stand behind me later, you two, and if I mess up somehow, please help me out.”


“Yes. I’ll help as best I can.”

After nodding to each other, the three of us finally headed for the cockpit.




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