275 – Getting Provoked




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Afterward, we had a nice and peaceful meal and then returned to our ship – specifically, Black Lotus. It would take some more time for the Imperial Military to reorganize the forces after all.

“So, what have you been checking out the moment we came back?”

“I’m reading the report for today’s pirate base raid. I also asked Mei to compile reports of past pirate base raids conducted by the Imperial Military.”

“Why are you looking those up……?”

Elma gave me a funny look when she found me inside the dining hall reading the reports. What’s that look for? How rude.

“I have to always brush up my knowledge after all. I also have some tactical manuals of the Imperial Navy to read up on.”

“What’s gotten into you?”

“It’s because of my earlier discussion with Commander Serena. I can’t put you guys in danger again due to my lack of knowledge, right?”

“You’re sometimes so earnest when it comes to the strangest things……”

While saying so, Elma sat opposite me and started sipping some liquor bit by bit. Before long, the mechanic sisters also entered the dining hall. They weren’t invited by Commander Serena, so they stayed behind on the Lotus while we were having dinner.

“Hiya, Boss. We’re gonna borrow the shower for a bit…… Ah, you’re drinking some good stuff, neesan!”

“How nice……”

“You’re gonna be quick, right? I’ll treat you guys.”

Elma brought the liquor bottle up and showed it to them, making the sisters’ faces light up in glee.

“As expected of neesan! You sure know how to make a dwarf happy!”

“We’ll be borrowing the shower then.”

The two sisters headed for the shower room with really cheerful expressions. They’re gonna enter together? Well, they were pretty small, so I guess they’ll have no trouble fitting inside. I mean, I also have relatively no trouble going inside together with Mimi or Elma.

As soon as the sisters exited the dining hall, Mimi, who just finished taking a shower, came inside to replace the sisters. She took a bath earlier than the sisters, so she looked pretty refreshed.

“Hiro-sama, what are you reading there?”

“I’m reading today’s combat report among other stuff. Well, I just figured I should read up on the Imperial Military’s standard starship combat tactics.”

“Huh? Are you planning on joining the Military?”

“No, no. It’s just that we’re gonna be working with them a lot more in the future, so I thought I should study and prepare.”

“I see. Can I join you?”

“Sure. I’m just in the middle of reading reports right now though.”

Mimi sat next to me, leaned over, and looked at the screen of the tablet terminal I was using. Maybe it’s because she just finished showering, but she smells really, really nice. I felt her body temperature through her thin sleepwear and it’s awesome.


And after a little bit, Elma silently sat next to me as well. I’m not sure why, but it seems she was burning with fighting spirit and wanted to go head to head against Mimi. Was she actually drunk? Yeah, I bet she was. She was drinking after all.

“Are you really interested in this?”

“It’s better than drinking on the side and feeling left out, at least.”

“I didn’t mean to do that, okay.”

“Ahaha, you’re so cute, Elma-san.”

“Be quiet, you.”

And so, we flirted around while reading today’s battle report until the mechanic sisters finally came out of the shower room.

“Ah, Boss is flirting around again.”

“Great, huh? Hey, aren’t you guys wearing my shirts?”

“When we got out of the shower, I remembered that we threw our jumpsuit inside the washing machine before going in. Your shirts were handy, so we borrowed ’em to wear instead.”

“S-Sorry…… We’ll properly wash them and give them back later.”

“Nah, I don’t really mind.”

I shook my head in response to the red-faced Whisker.

Both sisters were wearing my t-shirts…… They were too big for them, so it looked like they were wearing one-piece dresses instead. Well, they do look good in them. It’s just that their current appearance somewhat reeks of a crime in the making…… Hm? Wait, washing machine?

“What are you guys wearing underneath?”

“Uh, nothin’? We threw everythin’ inside the washing machine.”


No wonder Whisker was so red in the face. When I turned my gaze toward her, Whisker shyly pushed the hem of my t-shirt down in embarrassment. Uh, if you’re that embarrassed, then maybe you shouldn’t have gone with your sister’s idea in the first place? Or rather, if you pushed down that much, my t-shirt will get all stretched out, so please stop.

“Hey, hey, we’re both naked underneath, y’know? Don’t tell me you still don’t feel anythin’ after this, Boss?”

Tina flirtatiously pulled off a sexy pose.

“Haha, that’s funny.”

“You wanna get socked in the face?”

“Please don’t. I’d die y’know.”

I held up my hands in surrender and she gave me an eye-roll. As expected, even I won’t be immune to some temptation when seeing girls wearing nothing but thin t-shirts.

“Hey, neesan, how come Boss hasn’t laid his hands on us yet?”

“Even if you ask me, I wouldn’t really know. Anyway, here.”

“Mmph, I’m not convinced. Hey, Boss?”

As she caught the bottle of liquor thrown by Elma, Tina proceeded to sit opposite me and looked straight at my face. She looked like a little kid, but the way she carried herself wasn’t particularly childish at all.

“Even if you say that……”

Whenever she comes at me straight like this, I just couldn’t help but scratch the back of my head. I’m not sure what to tell them, but it’s just that their outward appearance was…… No, uh, I do find them cute y’know.

“I’ve already said this a couple of times before, but it feels like a forbidden door will open the moment I lay my hands on you guys.”

“We’re both honest-to-goodness adults, okay.”

“……We’re older than Mimi-san too.”

“Or rather, we’re the same age as Boss. Well, it’s not like we can do anythin’ if you don’t like petite women like us though.”

“No, that’s not it y’know? Uh, it’s just that I’m still lacking in resolve or something like that.”

Even though I said so, I also don’t know the exact reason why. It’s not like I don’t find the two of them attractive. Maybe I’m just that much of a hopeless good-for-nothing……

“We’ve already entrusted our lives to you entirely though, Boss?”

“No, that’s…… Uh, aren’t you guys being a bit too straightforward?”

“You’re sayin’ that at this point?”

“That’s true.”

Mimi smiled bitterly after hearing Tina replying with a straight face. Elma also shrugged her shoulders, and it looks like she already talked it over with the two of them. They probably discussed things with Mei as well.

“Come to think of it, it actually is a bit strange. You already have no problems doing it with Mimi, Mei, and me, but you just can’t make your move when it comes to these two. It’s not like they’re Nobles like Commander Serena or Chris. Even though you did misread things a bit when it comes to me, that’s fine. You didn’t lay your hands on me without proper resolve after all.”

Elma began poking my cheek with her shot glass as she grilled me. Now that she mentioned it, she’s right. It’s certainly like that huh.

“Okay, let’s just drop this topic! I’m pretty tired today, so I’m going to sleep!”

The smartest thing to do in this situation is a strategic retreat. Feeling cornered by the girls, I stood up from my seat and prepared to leave, but Tina immediately provoked me.

“What, you’re gonna run away?”

“……Uh, yeah?”

I got a bit hot and bothered for a moment, but I controlled myself. Calm down. Don’t get provoked– Nah, maybe it’s fine to just go with the flow here? Now that it’s come to this, I really can’t back down anymore huh?

“……Are you really going to run away?”

Whisker looked up at me with teary eyes. She was acting a bit, wasn’t she? I see. So that’s how you guys wanna tease me huh? Okay, I gotcha.

“Fine then. I’m gonna take you guys back to my room just like you want. Don’t regret this. I’m gonna make you guys understand thoroughly later.”

I walked up to them and carried Tina and Whisker up with each arm. Maybe it’s because their bone and muscle density was different from humans, but it felt like they were heavier than they looked. I can’t say something like that out loud though.

“Eh, wai– Boss?”

“B-B-Big Brother?”

They began to act all flustered after all that bravado, but it’s already too late guys. Yeah! Let’s do this dammit! I ain’t afraid of dwarves!

“That’s how it is.”

“Fine, fine. Just do it in moderation, okay.”

“Do your best guys!”

Elma waved her hand in dismissal while Mimi excitedly cheered for Tina and Whisker for some reason. The sisters completely froze up in my arms as I walked out of the dining hall. Maybe they got nervous despite the fact that it was them who provoked me first.

I feel like I heard someone say ‘How gullible.’ behind me, but I’m sure it was just my imagination. Yeah, that’s it.

Alright! Let’s do this!




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  1. UnwantedFoe

    Last chapter was still bleh, and in this one it’s really weird how everyone is forcing MC to lay hands on what looks like 2 middle school girls.

    1. UnwantedFoe

      Seriously though, is a man not allowed to not to want to have sex with women that look exactly like children? This whole vibe is weird af

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    I really disliked how this turned out to be. With the three other girls, there were circumstances that led to the relationship forming. With this, it feels like MC had no attraction to the girls as well as no feelings and just decided to sleep with them because they really wanted it and he couldn’t find his spine to just say no. Disappointing.

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    “You’re sometimes so earnest when it comes to the strangest things”
    Yeah, I agree – caring about matters of your and your loved ones love and death is pretty strange. It’s not like they are mercenaries and are working on the battlefield, silly Hiro studying tactics, ahahaha

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