293 – Shopping and Countermeasures



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“Well then, shall we go ahead with these arrangements?”

“Yeah, please. We have enough funds, right?”

It was the morning after we spent a night in the Willrose estate. We decided to go shopping in the capital city of the territory held by the Rose Clan. Of course, our goal was to buy a frilly princess dress for Elma to wear. I employed the strength of Willrose House’s big sisters and young ladies in order to forcibly drag Elma away.

I decided to leave the ladies to their own devices so they can enjoy their time shopping around and went straight to the shop’s waiting area. I then got in contact with the Mercenary Guild.

“Yes, you have more than enough. But these arrangements will still cost a lot. Are you truly fine with it?”

“I don’t mind. I’d be letting down my Platinum rank if I don’t splurge at least this much.”

“True…… Understood. We will proceed to advertise according to the agreed-upon conditions then.”

“I’ll leave it to you.”

After hearing the confirmation from the other party, I cut the call. With this, the preparations are set.

“Hiro-sama, Hiro-sama! What do you think?”

“Oh, it looks really good on you. Very cute.”

It was a little different from what I had in mind, but regardless, I complimented Mimi who was now wearing a cute dress. What I imagined she’d wear was your regular frilly and cutesy princess dress, but what Mimi ended up getting looked more like a uniform. Yeah. It kinda looked like it was based on a military uniform design.

But it was a pretty tight fit, so it ended up emphasizing Mimi’s chest a lot. Big. It was going all boing boing man.

“Mou, just where are you looking at?”

“Well, y’know. I can’t help but look.”

“Mou〜 Hiro-sama you pervert.”

“I can’t help it, really. Men are creatures who can’t help but be fascinated by breasts you see.”

I raised my hands and let Mimi lightly punch my chest in admonishment. She was hitting me, but she didn’t seem like she was angry anyway.

“Why does Mimi get to wear something like that while I end up with this?”

“It’s alright, nee-san. It looks good on ya.”

“You really look like a princess.”

Elma moaned in complaint as she walked out of the fitting room together with the mechanic sisters.



“It really suits you. I can’t even find words to describe just how good it looks on you. You look gorgeous, Elma.”

“……It’s no use even if you compliment me like that.”

Elma’s face turned bright red as she replied in a soft voice while turning away from me.

Elma was wearing a verdant green dress. Her shoulders were exposed, and the plunging neckline was somewhat risqué, but a small semi-transparent cape served to offset that…… The dress somehow had a mystical feel to it.

“Hey, hey. What about us, Boss?”

“Big Sis……”

The dresses Tina and Whisker were wearing were of a similar feel to Elma’s. They were made of soft-looking and glossy fabric, and also had exposed shoulders covered by semi-transparent capes.

“You two look really cute as well. Well, rather than cute, I suppose pretty would be a better word huh?”

“I’m fine with bein’ called cute. C’mon Boss. Say ‘Tina-chan’s the absolute cutest’ won’t you?”

“Fine, fine. Tina-chan’s really cute. Yay.”

“That sounds really sloppy.”

“You’re cute too, Whisker. You look like a fairy.”

“Oh. This is so embarrassing.”

“Getting all lovey-dovey while leaving me out is no good, you two.”

I stroked the head of Tina who stepped between Whisker and me in protest. She was ruffling her dress by jumping around, but it looked like she didn’t mind at all.

As we played around like that, Mei also appeared from the back of the shop.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Master.”

“Oh…… You look amazing as well, Mei.”

Would it be fitting to describe the color as that of dusk? She wore a luxurious dress made of bluish-black fabric. Black dresses were often associated with death and mourning, but the one Mei was wearing was undoubtedly a proper one. The frills that were tastefully placed in several sections of the dress as well as the jewel ornaments that resembled stars in the night sky enhanced its beauty and elegance.

“I do think this is too luxurious for a maid though, Master.”

“No, it’s fine. It’s more than fine. We’re gonna buy it for sure.”

“Is that so……? If that is your wish, Master.”

Mei closed her eyes and placed her hand on her chest as she replied. It seemed like she was smiling as well since the corners of her mouth were slightly raised. It was difficult to notice the changes in Mei’s facial expressions if you didn’t pay enough attention.

After that, the big sisters and young ladies of the Willrose House also appeared one after another. The single ladies were fine, but I feel it’s gonna be troublesome if I praised the married ones too much, so please pardon me for exercising some restraint, everyone. I’m sure their husbands will shower them with more than enough compliments when they get back to their homes. But in any case, the elves were really a race composed of beautiful people huh.

“Hmph…… I’ll make sure to slim down a bit too.”

“That’s no good, Mimi. Don’t say something like that. You’ll hit a nerve you know?”


Mimi let out a strange-sounding frightened yelp. Ah, she got carried away by the other ladies as I thought…… Stay strong Mimi.

Actually, the elves don’t seem to develop much when it comes to a certain bodily area. I’m not telling which one though. Big ones were good, but it’s not like modest ones didn’t have their good points as well. I don’t discriminate when it comes to breasts.

Oops. I ended up saying it after all.

“Phew…… This is honestly a bit exhausting.”

“Something like this is good every once in a while. I’m sure this will serve as a nice memory down the line.”

“Why are you suddenly talking like an old uncle? You’re not really that old, right?”

“I guess. Don’t you want to join them as well, Elma?”

“I’ll pass. I’m bushed. More importantly, it seemed like you were being all sneaky earlier. What are you up to?”

“I wasn’t really acting all sneaky y’know. I just made some arrangements since I was free.”

“Hm? Did you come up with a good countermeasure against those guys?”

Elma leaned over toward me and asked in a whisper. I nodded to her question and elaborated further.

“If we don’t have enough strength to go up against them, then all we have to do is to recruit some, right?”

“Recruit some…… I see. Come to think of it, you’re right. We don’t really need to go up against them on our own.”

“That’s how it is. The blockade of the Refill system should be lifted soon, so those guys should be coming back in droves once the borders are opened up. Along with their escorts, that is.”

If our strength isn’t enough, then we’ll just make up for it using other means. I made sure to offer a pretty substantial reward too.



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