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Chapter 1 – Cheat Knowledge That Makes You Stronger! ~Magic Edition~ Part One




“EDITOR: GhostApe”

Good, I chuckled in my heart.

This is because my second life started in the same place with the same situation as last time.




With that said, a blonde blue-eyed woman raised her voice inside the dilapidated house.


First, I thought I was young……

Well, that’s right.

After all, with a simple calculation, my previous age was  just 13 years away from my mom who is raising me this time.


So I thought while looking at my mom.


In her late twenties, she is the owner of a really voluptuous chestーFrankly, a beauty.

I’m relieved it was a normal love marriage without her being forced to be aristocrat’s concubine or something.


「Happy 2nd Birthday!」


That’s right, today is my 2nd birthday.


The dilapidated house is lined up with the best of gorgeous dishes.


Well, I say that……but it’s just the usual black bread with bacon soup.


Anyway, we are poor, so it’s the best they could have done.


Neighbors are also invitedーAnd of course, the Cordelia family from next door are also present.


Looking at the red-haired woman that is holding Cordelia, 『Ahh, Auntie is really young too』 I thought.

And as well, she is also ridiculously beautiful.


The carried Cordelia has a really neat face that make people think 『Are you really a human being?』, so it is natural that the mom is also a beautiful woman……


Well, it’s good, I thought as I tried to reach the black bread on the table while still being held by my mom.


「Hey, hey, Lute-chan? Isn’t solid food too early for Lute-chan?」


Then, mom moved to the corner of the room while still holding me.


My home is the house of a poor farmer.

Naturally, the house is small with only one room.


And mom went to the place that is separated with a curtain.

……I guess the easy way to say it is that the room is forcibly divided into two?

Well, the point is that the place is used for multiple purposes, but this time it is used as a nursing room.


Then mom took out her breast.


「Here, Lute-chan! Say aa~nー」


「Ah, madam? Are you still breast feeding?」


I heard the surprised voice of Cordelia’s mom through the curtain.


The question is natural, as my mom is breastfeeding a two-year-old child.

Of course, this is an unnatural thing, normally you would only breastfeed a child until they are one year old. I was honestly surprised when it happened the first time.


Wait, isn’t it a problem in the first place?


After all, I got used to a situation where I suddenly started sucking the chest of a beautiful woman…… And that was only the beginning.


「Yes, I still let him suck it, but what about it? Is there……something strange?」


「………No, it’s not exactly strange, but it is not exactly normal either……」


As Auntie mumbled, the crying voice of the baby held by Cordelia’s father could be heard.

It was Cordelia’s younger brother, a few months old baby.


「Oh my. Looks like my child is hungry too.」


Then Auntie also entered the room partitioned by a curtain.

Then she started breastfeeding her son, which like my mother, exposed her breast.


So when I was looking at Auntie while sucking my mom’s milk, she smiled and jokingly said:


「Hm? Does Lute want my breast too?」


To Auntie who is smiling, my mom said:

「He doesn’t want it.」

With a powerful tone of voiceーshe denied it.




The silence flowed for a while.

And I am still looking at Auntie while sucking my mother’s milk.


Again, Auntie smiled and jokingly said:


「After all, Lute also wanted my『Doesn’t want it.』」


Before Auntie finished speaking, my mom asserted that I『Doesn’t want it.』.




「Lute is fine with only my breast.」


「For Lute……my……my breast is all he needs.」


「Lute likes mama very much. He loves mama! Would you like to try?」



「This child doesn’t like to hug people other than me. Would you like to hug him? Because this child will cry immediately when someone else holds him. Because Lute loves mama very much, he won’t cry in my arms!」


My mother offered me to Auntie who is pulling back a lot.

And Auntie reflexively spread her hands and hugged me.


「He will cry soon.」


Mother is full of confidence, but I won’t cry.

Before my memory of Earth was revived though, I was really a shy kid that loves mama very much……


「……He’s not crying you know?」


At the same time Auntie said that, my mother’s face turned pale.

「What…… Why!? Lute-chan!!! Lute-chan!? Mama is better than this woman…… Lute-chan likes mama right? Lute-chan wants to be hugged by mama right!!? If so…… why!? Why are you not crying!? Why are you not crying and asking mama for help!?」


「……Than this woman……?」


Auntie has a puzzled look on.


She is the same as the tutorial, anyone would notice my mother’s anomaly in her response.


 Even so, after all, I think the Cordelia family is good as they have a good relationship with the neighborhood.

ーAs you may have noticed, my mother loves her son on a morbid level.

As it was, Mom quickly held me and started running to the front door.


「Hey, you!? Where are you going!?」


Ignoring dad who tried to stop her, my mother ran like a rabbit.


「Lute-chan…… Lute-chan to the doctor……!」


Then she rushed straight to the house of the only pharmacist in the village.

ーWell…… I’m relieved that mom is acting just like usual.

Time passed, and it’s currently the middle of the night.

I don’t know exactly what time it is, but well…… It’s about 3 o’clock.


I, who was laid down to sleep in the baby bed, looked around. Good, both mom and dad are already asleep.

If I had a private room, I could take action a little more boldly though…… then, I thrust my palm toward the ceiling while lying down.


And with all my heartー

ーdid it.

What I’m doing right now is……magic.


It is commonly referred to as life magic, and it’s easy enough that a baby can use it if they understand the concept and get the hang of it.

Well, it’s difficult for a normal baby to understand the concept, and you also need a high level of magic control skill by nature, so except with geniuses who do everything with their senses, it will be impossible.


And there is me, an adult mind in a child’s body……What great detective work.

Then, as the result of my magical exercise, a slight breeze blew in the room.

Because it was a breeze caused by a baby, it was not as powerful as the normal breeze coming from the window. So now that my parents are sleeping, there won’t be any troublesome thing such as getting found out.

However, I bothered to stay awake until the middle of the night, just in order to use life magic to create a faint wind in the room.


What is the meaning to do something like that……well the wind itself has no meaning.

The reason I chose wind is that it was the most unnoticeable. I could have set up a match-like fire, or I could have created a glass of water.


My purpose isーbriefly, to use magic in order to consume my MP magic points.

Again, I thrusted my palm toward the ceiling. Then a gentle breeze was generated in the room again.

One time, two times, three times, four times……I notice it’s not firing.

My magic power ran out here apparently……and I’m exhausted.

So, the reason I repeatedly did this until my MP reached zero…… the reason for that has already been decided.

This is to become stronger.

ーNow, I guess it’s time to get to the main thing: what should be done to make a Villager stronger……the first part that is



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  1. Calvin Dunn

    “Of course, this is an unnatural thing, normally you would only breastfeed a child until they are one year old. I was honestly surprised when it happened the first time.”

    Maybe the author should study history a bit before writing something stupidly wrong. In the time period of fantasy settings it was actually common for a child to be breast fed until they were four or five, sometimes a little older. It wasn’t until the Victorian era that “Modern” society started shunning breast feeding past todler.

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