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Chapter 11 – Becoming Stronger at the Underground Labyrinth!! Part 1




“EDITOR: GhostApe”

A few days later.

「… Permission to go out?」

A girl with light blue hair, white robe, and short shoulder length hair.

She looks like a twelve year old librarianーIt was Lilith who asked me that with a dubious expression.

It seems that the receptionist takes care of all the miscellaneous affairs in the Dragon Village. Not only do they manage the residence, they seem to also manage emigration and immigration.

「Yeah, I want permission to go out. I’m going to hunt monsters for a while.」

After thinking for a while, Lilith laughed fleetingly.

「…I remember that you came here two days ago. And yet, you want to leave the village already? You are here to become stronger in the first place right… to get the Great Library’s wisdom of the dragon, and to acquire the dragon’s unique skill though?」

「It’s not like I’m contradicting myself. An unique skill to the dragon tribeーI already got the protection of the Dragon King already. That’s why I want to hunt, and hunt monsters now. I have to raise my level like an idiot.」

There, Lilith’s expression froze.

「Come to think of it, your level is 1… and you are a Villager. The Blessing of the Dragon King…you…You have lived for 12 years but… but you kept your level down to 1?」

「That’s how it is.」

As I winked at her, she made a dull face.

「…In order to quickly get stronger, the easiest way is to raise your level… and you usually can’t help but do it even if you know how bad your growth rate is.」

Lilith sighed as if she was fed up.

「A will for extraordinary power. An unwavering mind for optimum efficiencyー I understand now.」


「Yes.」Lilith nodded.

「People like you are called a genius… I swear you will be a hero in the future.」

「Huh?」I tilted my head.

「But I’m just a Villager, you know?」

*Furufuru* Lilith shook her head from left to right.

「Sure, you are a Villager. But you have the talent.」

「Talent? What kind of talent are you talking about?」

「… a heart that never breaks. Pursuing power… you have the talent for that. Or you can call it the genius of hard work.

Well, it’s probably because I have the skill: Indomitable.

That skill is either a hard worker skill or a masochistic skill.

Then, LIlith smiles vaguely.

「A genius of hard work… huh. But, it isn’t really much of a talent…isn’t it?」

「…fuh… If a person that is favored by Dragon King-sama says such a thing, it would only comes as a sarcasm.」

Then Lilith… laughed again.

「You are the one who’s being sarcastic…」

As I made an exasperated face, 

And her tears dripped down to her cheeks.

「That’s right. You are not an ordinary person like me. I… I…」

Then, Lilith wiped her tears with the sleeve of her white robe.

「Hey, wait a minute… You suddenly started crying, what’s wrong?」

「…won’t tell.」

「Won’t tell, you say… You, you’ve been crying a lot haven’t you?」

「…won’t tell.」

「It’s fine, so just say it.」

「…won’t tell. I registered you for an outing. It’s good for you to go anywhere even if it’s outside.」

Ahh… how troublesome. Come to think of it, Cordelia was also quite… stubborn isn’t she.

「There is no way I could just go in this kind of situation, you know…」

「…I’m not a dragon. And I’m not even a strong human being. I don’t deserve to live.」

「Haa…」I let out a sigh.

「If you say something like that, there is no way I can just leave you alone even more.」

「…I can’t bother a genius like you. After all… I don’t even have a guarantor.」

「No guarantor?」

As if she said something she shouldn’t… her face turned sullen.

She started thinking for a moment before she opened her mouth again.

「…I will soon…be banished from the Dragon Village.」

Then, Lilith stopped talking and turned her gaze at me.

「Keep going.」

「…Originally, I was brought here when I was five years old. Before I came here, I was already a slave as far as I can remember… and I was treated badly.」


「And then… one day… the slave traders’ caravan was attacked by bandits, and a large scale battle ensued… and, I think it was a situation where both sides where wiped out together… Both monsters and carnivorous animal appeared.」

A group of mercenaries led by a slave trader and a group of armed thieves fought each other.

And then, dangerous creatures who smelled the blood interrupted…

I see. I could understand how that situation happened.

「And then, what appeared next… was a dragon, right?」

*Kokuri* Lilith nodded.

「…The Earth Dragon who assured me of my identity was a very strong and kind person.」

As if she remembered something, Lilith looked up to the ceiling. And once again, tears burst out from the corner of her eyes.

「…The name that father gave to me… It was Lilith.」

I see. 

She seems to really admire the dragon that saved her.

So that’s why she told me to call her by her name when we first met… she was offended huh.

「So… you don’t have a guarantor?」

After a moment of silence, LIlith’s expression turned sorrowful.

「Even dragons have lifespan… he turned… senile.」

I shrugged my shoulders.

「Then Lilith-san… No, we are the same age so it’s should be okay for me to just call you by your last name, right?」

Or rather, if you combine both my first and second life, I would be pretty old though.

Well it’s fine.

「Lilith… Well… so that’s how you lost your guarantor, and how you lost your position in the Dragon Village. And… you are about to get kicked out… that’s the story until now, isn’t it?」

「…That’s right.」

「So…is the slave crest still alive?」

*Kokuri* Lilith nodded with a pale expression.

Then, she opened up her robe and showed me the magic circle engraved under her collarbone.

「That’s the worst. And it’s also a sex slave crest, huh?」

「…Before I was picked up by my father…I was a child, so I didn’t do anything like that. But if I was thrown outside in my current state…」

The slave crest.

The treatment of slaves without owners is no different from that of a criminal.

They will be chased by guards, they will be tattled on, and eventually caught before delivered to their owners.

Slave crest is similar in nature to mental brainwashing, and unless the spell is dispelled, it is impossible to defy the established rules.

The established rules are…

…for example, you can’t disobey your owner.

…for example, you can’t go against the guards.

…for example, you can go against the night services.

「Lilith’s guarantor… when did he die?」

「…a month ago.」

「So, when are you going to be kicked out of here?」

She stuck up her right hand and held up one of her fingers.


Ahh, of course she cried.

Isn’it at least good that there is a grace period and I met her at the last minute?

How troublesome… I thought while looking at Lilith.

「Please cancel your outing. Later…」

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a jute bag.

Then I put the bag that is full of contents on the receptionist table.

「…this is?」

Lilith showed a surprised expression as she untied the string of the bag and saw the contents.

「Five hundred gold coins. “I want to see how you spend this money. That’s why I don’t mind if you use it however you please…” says the Dragon King.」

「…I don’t understand the point of you giving me this money.」

「Get ready for your trip. You and I are going into the dungeon now.」

Lilith then asked me in a sharp voice.

「Dungeon? For what?」

「When you think of dungeons, you think of monsters. And when you think of monsters, it’s about the experience points…and if that is the case, it’s already decided why isn’t it? We are diving into a dungeon to get stronger.」

「That still doesn’t make any sense.」

And as if to convince myself, I replied with a strong tone.

「It’s fine so let’s just go. A man who can’t even save a single girl in trouble, how can he call himself a hero?」

Lilith spoke again while *Furufuru* shaking her head.

「…I don’t really understand the meaning. I’ll like a detailed explanation.」

「I am a human, but just like a dragon… I was welcomed like a young dragon. Did you know about that?」


「The condition for guaranteeing a person’s identity is to become a true dragon. Am I wrong?」

「You’re not wrong.」

「That’s why I am going to perform the rite of passage to become a dragon… The Trial Ceremony. In order to guarantee your identity.」

Hearing that, Lilith laughed in amazement.

「The cave of the altar is infested with vicious monsters… A dungeon where even actual dragons have been killed by accidents… a human… a level 1 Villager is saying that he is going to break through?」

I nodded before laughing.

「…I hate to say it, but I am the strongest Level 1 in this world, you know?」

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