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Chapter 12 – Becoming Stronger at the Underground Labyrinth!! Part 2




“EDITOR: GhostApe”

The forest on the outskirts of the Dragon Villageーthat is where the underground altar is located.

And right now, we are in that very forest.

After pushing through the thicketsーwe found a cave that led further underground and entered it.

And after descending the gentle slope of the cave a bit, the first floor appeared, surrounded by rocks assembled as a wall.

As we proceeded through the dimly lit passage, we hit an iron door.

Opening the rusted knob, it was a room with a monster in it.

It’s a minotaur.

The head of a cow, the body of a bodybuilder, and an absurdly large axe.

The room is about 4 meters square. Very narrow.

Staring at the monster in front of me, I held my breath as I activated my skills.

ーSkill: Physical Strengthening, activate.

ーSkill: Body Strengthening, activate.

ーSkill: Oni Gate Method, activate.

With these skills, I have manifested a level of power that rivals the veteran adventurers of the Adventurer’s Guild.

A bit stronger than a 12 year old Hero, and with enough power to easily slaughter hundreds of goblins.

I am unusually strong for a 12 year old, but in the world of dragons… I am way too fragile.

*Buoon* a gust of wind blew up in the room.

That was the sound of the minotaur swinging its axe at an unfathomable speed.

The dungeon that I was trying to clear right now is also a labyrinth that is considered a rite of passage for one to become a dragon.

In fact, it is said that a percentage of young dragons have lost their lives in these labyrinths..

The number one cause of death for those young dragons is when they overestimated their scales, throwing away all their thoughts about defense and carelessly approaching the minotaur.

In short, they died because of the axe made of damascus steel that could easily cut through a dragon’s armor.

But in the nick of the time, I was able to reflexively dodge the minotaur’s blow.

ーFrankly, I evaded it thanks to intuition. Because I didn’t actually see the attack.

Continuing on, the minotaur’s ax quickly approached one meter before my eyes.


There is no way I can keep evading it!

Once, twice, three times, four times, five times, I evaded its attacks.

Six times, seven times, eight times… and then an upward swingーthat surpassed my reflex speed.

It’s a hit.

An unpleasant sound ran between my eyebrows.

The vision of my right eye instantly turns red, and I panicked, wondering if my head was cracked open.

But, my body still moves.

One side of my vision disappeared, but that is just the blood flowing from my forehead.

And the minotaur expression seems to have relaxed, thinking that it has killed me.

As if it had time to spare, the minotaur let out a snort from his nose and slowly raised its axe.

――It is looking down on me… It probably didn’t expect this to be the perfect opportunity to counterattack. Or rather, maybe it is looking down on me because I’m a human, moreover a human child.

 ――It’s probably thinking “I am an absolutely strong guy, aren’t you just a common man?”

Well, that is why… I also smiled.

I pulled out a knife from my waist and stabbed it into the minotaur’s nose.

At that moment, the minotaur’s eyes opened wide, as if it cannot believe my counter attack.

「Regret… That I stayed ahead! Don’t underestimate humans!」

ーAnd then, the knife bounced off, as if it was trying to hit a piece of rubber. It didn’t even scratch its nose.

「I see. So this is the test to become dragons.」

Saying that, I made a 180 degree turn, and dashed forward at the door that I came through at full speed.

「Imposible, impossible, impossible! Absolutely impossible!」

As expected of the underground labyrinth that is used as a ritual for young dragons to become a full grown one.

As it is normal for about ten percent of young dragons to die here, the 500 goblins before feel like it was for babies… It’s not exactly a place for a twelve-year-old level 1 villager to visit.

I kicked the steel door open and took a deep breath.

The minotaur is the gatekeeper of this labyrinth, as well as the mid boss.

That’s why it doesn’t come out from the boss room.

Therefore, you are safe once you leave the room.

I took another deep breath to catch my breath.

And while healing my wound on my forehead with basic recovery magic, I let out a 「Damn!」 in resentment.

I mean, even I actually planned to visit this place in a few months.

I was planning to fight goblins or orcs first, raise my level enough to gain a margin of safety, and then take on the challenge here.

However, that cannot be the case at this point.

「…What should we do? Turn back now? A level 1 villager, challenging this underground labyrinth is frankly… absurd.」

Said Lilith, looking at me worriedly, as she carried up our rucksack that was full of water and food.

「There is no way I can do that at this point.」

「You are the strongest level 1 villager, that is for certain. That alone is already a non standard thing. And, I know that you are trying to help me. That makes me very happy.」

「However,」Lilith bit her lip.

「There is no need to risk your life. Getting banished from the Dragon’s Village, returning to the human world and brought back to my owner to become a sex slave, I was already prepared for that.」

Looks like the recovery magic worked.

With the bleeding stopped, I applied some bandages before wiping my red vision with a gauze that was dampened with water.

「I’ll save you even if it costs me my life. Falling into slavery on your own accord… don’t make such decision.」

「That’s why I said you don’t need to risk your life. You are still level 1… After you gained some experiences with simpler monsters… you can just visit this place again.」

「If I do that, I won’t make it in time to save you.」

「…you really don’t need to risk your life.」

Then I laughed out loud.

「This is… my obstinacy, you know?」

Lilith tilted her head curiously.


「That’s right. If I abandon Lilith here… I feel like that person is going to laugh at me.」

「That person?」

「It’s my childhood friend. This is… just something I’ll do for my own self-satisfaction, it’s really not for your sake.」

And then, I drop my gaze toward the steel door of the room where that minotaur lies dormant.

「A frontal attack is unsuitable. If so…, hey Lilith?」


「I have a favor to ask of you. Can you go back to the forest… and cut down some trees and made it into firewood?」

The rucksack I carried is packed with survival supplies.

Lilith’s rucksack is for food and water, while my rucksack is for survival supplies like shovels and fire starters… Well, that’s the sense of it.

Then, I took out a small hatchet and handed it to Lilith.

「Firewood? For what?」

I took out a knife, before stabbing it into the mud wall near the door.

Then, albeit just a little bit, a part of the wall crumbled down.

After confirming that, I nodded greatly.

So it is possible to dig through the dirt of the walls.

And, the minotaur is something of a monster that is summoned by the Dragon Tribe with summoning magic.

It should be easier to understand if the term “Familiar” is used.

And due to various restrictions, that cow bastard will never be able to leave that room.

ーThen, as long as I have firewood… I should be able to do it as I expected.

「ーFor what? That is already decided of course. It is to kill that cow bastard.」

ー10 hours later.

In a 10 cm square hole, there were several pieces of already lit firewood.

「Are you insane? Doing this to the minotaur…」

「I’m sane, I’m sane. And I’m very serious.」

For 10 hours, the burning tip of firewoodーthat was put inside the roomー was constantly ignited with life magic.

The number of firewood logs that had already been burned could count towards several hundred, or even more than a thousand.

The inside…should be out of oxygen.

Well, it’s probably also full of smoke and soot.

Putting on top of that, even when there is no oxygen, with life magic and my inexhaustible supply of magic power, I continued to forcefully ignite the firewood.

And frankly, the inside of the room right now should be pretty awful.

However, Lilith doesn’t seem to understand the tragedy that is happening right now at all.

「I can’t believe you can exterminate the minotaur with something like this. All you did are just burning firewood after all.」

「Then, let’s take a look. If it didn’t die with this, even I will give up.」

Struggling with my shoulders, I opened the door.

And at the same time it opened, black smoke spewed out along with hot air.

「…this is?」

Looking inside the room, Lilith was at a loss of words.

Of course she would, because right now, the minotaur is convulsing on the spot, gasping for breath.

But geez, it is still alive huh… This altar’s labyrinth is really something else.

「Hey, Lilith. Do you know about the word, incomplete combustion?」

「…incomplete combustion? 」

「In other words, do you know what will happen if you keep burning things in a small room?」

「…don’t know.」

「To put it simply, poisonous substances will be created. Then, this is what will happen when your body is polluted by that poison. It’s what is called carbon monoxide poisoning you see.」

「Carbon monoxide…poisoning?」

Even if I tell Lilith about the charcoal-burning suicide, she probably won’t understand it.

Well, anyway.

Along with showing it a middle finger, I opened my mouth towards the minotaur that was still twitching and convulsing.

「Muscle-brained cow… for the likes of meat, you shouldn’t underestimate the humans who swept the earth, you know? 」

Name: Lute Mclane

Race: Human

Occupation: Villager

Age: 12 Years old

Condition: Normal

Level: 1→12

HP: 50→650/650

MP: 12050 → 13400/13400

Attack Power: 35 → 185

Defense Power: 35 → 170

Magic Power: 2154 → 2350

Evasion: 55 → 225

Strengthening Skill

【Physical Strengthening: Level 10(MAX)】

【Body Strengthening Skill: Level 10(MAX)】

【Oni Gate Method: Level 5】

Defensive Skill

【Stomach Strength: Level 2】

【Mental Tolerance: Level 2】

【Indomitable : Level 10(MAX)】

Common Skill

【Crop Cultivation: Level 15(Limit Break: The Goddess’s Gift】

【Swordsmanship: Level 4】

【Taijutsu: Level 6 → 7】

Magic Skill

【Magic Power Manipulation: Level 10(MAX)】

【Life Magic: Level 10(MAX)】

【Elementary Attack Magic: level 7(Growth Limit)】

【Elementary Recovery Magic: Level 7(Growth Limit)】


【The Strongest Infant on Land: Level 10(MAX)】

【Youngest Sage: Level 10(MAX)】

【Common People’s Healer: Level 10(MAX)】

【Saint: Level 3(Growth Limit)】

【Oni Child: Level 10(MAX)】

【Heretic Mage: Level 2 → 3】

【Cow Killer: Level 0 → 2】

・When using Body Strengthening Skill

Attack power・Defense power・Evasion + 150 Correction

・When using the Oni Gate Method

Attack power・Defense power・Evasion + 250 Correction

・When using Physical Strengthening 

Attack power・Defense power・Evasion x 2 Correction



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