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Chapter 13 – Becoming Stronger at the Underground Labyrinth!! Part 3




“EDITOR: GhostApe”


My level has increased considerably.

A 150 point increase in attack power, huh… In the first place, the skill I used increased my attack power to around 400 points already, so it’s not like it’s a dramatic improvement.

Or rather, the stat increase from using both Body Strengthening Technique and Oni Gate Method is the one that feels magical.

A skill that a level 1 villager can use to win against small fish like goblins huh… If I think about it again, it’s an outrageous skill.

Well, in order to actually feel the increase in strength, I would need to level up more, yes.

Anyway, I’m honestly happy that my HP increased.

The chances that I would be killed in one hit should be greatly reduced now.

At this time, Bernard-san, who is my teacher and the former Knight Commander (villager), is about level 50.

By the way, level 50 is a number that is typical for a veteran adventurer.

It might seem a little strange that he, who went all the way to become the Knight Commander, only has such numbers. Well, the actuality is a bit different.

In the first place, if you keep defeating weak enemies, if the level difference is too wide, you won’t be able to get experience points, and your level will reach its limit at some point.

And, he keeps hunting orcs with tenacity for revenge.

And by that, he only hunts orcs.

He puts too much effort on orc hunting, so he doesn’t really hunt other stronger monsters.

Or rather, no matter how hard he tries to raise his level, he has the growth rate of a villager… so I guess he gave up on levelling up at a certain point.

Then, rather than chasing around high-ranked monsters that are difficult to find, he tried to learn forbidden skills such as Body Strengthening Technique and Oni Gate Method instead.

And I think that choice is generally correct.

In the first place, you don’t really need that much personal power to hunt orcs. They are just pig monsters with cockroach level fertility. All you need to eradicate them is the number of hunters.

In his case, once he reached a position where he could lead the orc hunting, he no longer needed to hone his own personal power.

So because of this and that, his level is only around 50.

But… My situation is different.

There are various ways to become stronger, but I want to raise my level as much as possible.

And this place is the great Underground Labyrinth of the Dragon Village, where non-humans live.

The lower you dive into the labyrinth, the stronger the monsters become, making it the perfect place to earn experience points.

To be frank, I believe this is the main reason why people who grew up in the Dragon Village become heroes when they go out into the world.

Being allowed to go out outside alone, means being allowed to leave the nest.

In other words, they have completed the ritual to become adults.

Even then, the floor Lilith and I are on is a long, long corridor.

The floor and the ceiling are made of clay, the walls too.

And after walking through the long passage, we finally reached a corner.

Sticking my head out, I confirmed a bronze statue emplaced in front of the door leading to the next floor.

ーArmed Golem.

A little over 2 metres tall, armed with armour and a sword, and its entire body being made of metal.

I literally won’t be able to stand that blade with my physical strength.

So, it is almost impossible to break through from the front.

In the first place, my weapon is just a single Namakura knife.

Although I left with Red Dragon-Otchan with almost nothing but the clothes I wore… maybe it would have been better if I just stole the sword that I borrowed from Cordelia?

No, that one was also chipped and tattered. Well it’s fine.

So, this person here is a gatekeeper and a mid boss, just like the minotaur.

That’s right, a gatekeeper after a gatekeeper… The mid boss after a mid boss.

There is actually a reason for that… well I’ll explain it to Lilith once we cleared this floor.

She will soon find out that I was strangely knowledgeable with this labyrinth.

The reason for that is, well, let just say that I am benefiting greatly from the Wisdom skill.

In terms of games, it’s like I have already read the guide of this dungeon.

And, taking a position where I am just before the turn of the corner, I dropped my rucksack on the ground.

Taking out a shovel, I began to dig single mindedly.

「…what are you doing?」

「I’m digging a hole.」

「…I can tell that just by looking. But what are you really doing?」

「Like I said, I’m digging a hole.」


「I said that I decided to become stronger didn’t I?」

Hearing that, Lilith laughed in amazement.

「In Japanese ok.」

That is the first time I heard that line in my life.

It’s not that unreasonable isn’t it. Well I’m not really being descriptive.

What to say… Right now, this labyrinth capture situation is not exactly in my plans.

What’s more, the minotaur smashed my forehead in the beginning, so I guess I was impatient as well.

To put it bluntly, I can’t afford to worry about Lilith.

I’ll have to reflect on this later.

I called Lilith over with my hand.

Strongly urging her to only show her face, I told her to check the corner ahead.

「The golem is there, so we can’t move forward.」

「…I see. It certainly looks strong. I don’t think it’s possible for you to defeat it.」

「Oh, that’s right. Then, this is a corner, right?」


「You can’t see the other side of the corner from the opposite side, right?」


With a solemn expression, Lilith nodded.

Then, with a smile, I nodded and said.

「Then, you also get the hole in this position, right?」

Lilith also made a big smile, before saying,

「…In Japanese please.」



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