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Chapter 14 – Becoming Stronger at the Underground Labyrinth!! Part 4




“EDITOR: GhostApe”

「Well, it’s fine already so just help me out here.」

My body is getting tired, so I handed the shovel to Lilith.

Even though she still had a dubious expression on her face, Lilith reluctantly agreed.

「…a hole?」

「Yeah, with a radius of about 1 meter… and a depth of about 3 meters is fine. For now, let’s take turns digging.」

Lilith shook her head.

「…I have already used up most of my time fighting the minotaur. And even if you told me to dig a 3 meter deep hole…I won’t make it through the time limit.」

「Ah, come to think of it, Lilith are only allowed to stay in the village until noon tomorrow, right?」

「…This labyrinth is vast. Even if I go through right now… there is no way we will be able to reach the bottom layer in half a day or so.」

「…no, why do we have to reach the bottom layer in half a day?」


Both of them tilted their heads.

Their conversation just didn’t mesh.

「But, I’m only allowed to stay here until noon tomorrow.」

「Yeah, I know about that, you know?」

Is there by any chance…or so I thought.

「You… When I reached the bottom floor, only I will be the one to see it right?」


「Well, it would be a different story if we are in the village, but do you think there existed  someone that is going to rush into this labyrinth… and tell you to get out?」

「…I don’t think there is such a person.」

「Then… is there any need for us to fuss over about tomorrow noon?」

「Nevertheless, I promised to Dragon King-sama that I am going to pack my bags and leave the village by noon tomorrow.」

Just how serious of a person are you!

I inadvertently gave a wry smile.

「At least don’t worry about the time over when you are diving into this labyrinth. Or rather don’t worry about it at all.」

「…no, but」

「Fuu…」I let out a big sigh.

I seriously cannot let this girl go to the outside world alone. Not to mention the treatment of a sex slave.

I understand that her upbringing by her parents was good, but with that personality, she won’t be able to survive alone.

Fish cannot live in a river that is too clean.

Being so serious is both a virtue and a vice… a little lie and cunning are absolutely necessary for survival.

If she just goes out alone like thisーI can only see that her bones are going to be sucked dry and she will go straight to a trash can.

「…however, what is the reason for the hole?」

「It’s a pitfall.」

「…a pitfall?」

「Yes, it’s a pitfall.」

「…I’m amazed. Are you intending to break through the armed golem with such a classic method?」

「Yeah, I’ll break through with this. First, I’ll be the decoy and draw the golem’s attention. Then, I’ll guide it to this place. This position should be a blind spot for it.」

Then, I took out an iron wire from my rucksack.


「Yeah. It’s like… a double trap, you know? At the same time it turns, it will stumble and fall headfirst into the hole. And since his body is made out of metal… it will be hard for it to get out of the trap. I’m also going to cover the surface of the hole with some oil.」

「…but, this won’t defeat it. It will buy you time at most… and even if it did buy you some time, unless the fundamental problem of damaging its steel body is solved, you can’t defeat it. Won’t get any experience points. You won’t achieve your goal of becoming stronger.」

「Haha.」I laughed like that.

「Yes, I won’t be able to defeat it. But, that is fine. I even decided from the beginning that I would do it this way.」


And then, I whispered to Lilith and told her my whole plan for the future.

After listening to everything, her eyes opened wide and 「I see」she said while nodding.

ー15 hours later.

After finishing the work in about 5 hours, we took turns taking a nap after eating.

I still feel a little bit tired, but I can really feel the effect of sleeping.

「Then, let’s go.」

Check the wire traps.

Ok, it’s good.

Check the pitfall.

Ok, it’s good.

Lilith and I looked at each other before nodding.

I take a crouching stance,


I accelerated to my top speed at once, just like what we planned.

I turned around the corner at breakneck speed.


Then, with a scream, I ran toward the armed golem at full speed.

There is a 「Vuiin~」sound effect.

A vermillion light lit up in the armed golem’s eyes.

The distance between us is around 10 meters… seems like the energy saving mode will switch to interception mode once we enter this radius.

The golem also started running towards me.

As we faced each other, I immediately made an 180 degree turn.

Accelerate for the second time. Accelerate in one breath.

Went back the way I came and turned around the corner.

Then, at the same time, make a big leap.

Beyond the corner is a wire trap and a hole with a radius of about 1 meter.

As soon as I jumped over the hole, I heard a sound of falling from behind.

「Bingo! Well, its an iron doll without any wisdom after all, so it’s natural.」

Glancing at the golem flailing its limbs inside the hole, Lilith and I scuttled away from the spot.

The destination is the door to the next floor that was guarded by the golem just now.

「Is it really okay to just pass through? Isn’t your objective the experience points… which if that’s the case, now should be the perfect chance… as there are many ways to drive in attacks.」

「But, I explained it earlier didn’t it?」

「…Skill: Wisdom. It’s really hard to believe but… it’s an ability to read most of all the world’s books inside your head.」

「So… as far as I know, the next floor is a bonus stage.」

The expression of Lilith who was following me was half with doubt.

「…Really… It’s hard to believe. To think that the underground labyrinth is structured like that…」

We soon reached the door to the next floor.

Without worrying about Lilith, I opened the door.

And there was a spectacle that I had planned.

It was a goblin village the size of the Tokyo dome.


Starting with the cry of one goblin, the single commotion soon turned into a beehive like commotion.

That’s right, the sight we are witnessing right now is goblins as far as the eye can see.

「The labyrinth continues from here. And this place is… a goblin farm. Goblins are kept inside this labyrinth as the lowest of the food chain. Goblins are small fish among small fishes as even a wild dog can kill one if it’s one vs one, that kind of small fish.」


「And this place is also a forest. That is why they placed two mid-bosses in the beginning. It’s so that the monster in the forest; the bears, the wolves, etc; won’t eat all the goblins.」


「So, if you are a normal young dragon, you will pass by without sparing a glance at the goblins. As the level difference between you and the goblins is too wide, you won’t get many experience points.」

「…but, your case is different.」

「Yeah, my current level is that of an adventurer that hasn’t even started yet… And the scene I am currently in is the beginner adventurer’s most favorite customerーー Goblins as far as the eye can see… Does their numbers exceed one thousand?」

ーSkill: Physical Strengthening, activate.

ーSkill: Body Strengthening, activate.

ーSkill: Oni Gate Method, activate.

「Now, the bonus stage is about to begin.」

Name: Lute Mclane

Race: Human

Occupation: Villager

Age: 12 Years old

Condition: Normal

Level: 12→38

HP: 650/650→1820/1820

MP: 13400/13400 → 14512/14512

Attack Power: 185 → 390

Defense Power: 170 → 385

Magic Power: 2350 → 2625

Evasion: 225 → 480

Strengthening Skill

【Physical Strengthening: Level 10(MAX)】

【Body Strengthening Skill: Level 10(MAX)】

【Oni Gate Method: Level 5 → 6】

Defensive Skill

【Stomach Strength: Level 2】

【Mental Tolerance: Level 2】

【Indomitable : Level 10(MAX)】

Common Skill

【Crop Cultivation: Level 15(Limit Break: The Goddess’s Gift】

【Swordsmanship: Level 4】

【Taijutsu: Level 7 → 8】

Magic Skill

【Magic Power Manipulation: Level 10(MAX)】

【Life Magic: Level 10(MAX)】

【Elementary Attack Magic: level 7(Growth Limit)】

【Elementary Recovery Magic: Level 7(Growth Limit)】


【The Strongest Infant on Land: Level 10(MAX)】

【Youngest Sage: Level 10(MAX)】

【Common People’s Healer: Level 10(MAX)】

【Saint: Level 3(Growth Limit)】

【Oni Child: Level 10(MAX)】

【Goblin Slayer: Level 10(MAX)】

【Heretic Mage: Level 3】

【Cow Killer: Level 2】

・When using Body Strengthening Skill

Attack power・Defense power・Evasion + 150 Correction

・When using the Oni Gate Method

Attack power・Defense power・Evasion + 250 Correction

・When using Physical Strengthening 

Attack Power・Defense Power・Evasion x 2 Correction



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