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Chapter 21 – Becoming Stronger at the Underground Labyrinth!! Epilogue

It’s a direct hit to the dragon.

My fist pierced through the dragon’s scales, ripped through his flesh, and reached the bones.

Then, pulverize.

I could feel the bones of the dragon shattering in my hands along with the banging sound.

Continuing on, the mass of magical power turns into a wave of impact that runs through the dragon’s body.

An unpleasant sound reverberates.

ーーPerhaps the Guardian’s internal organs have already turned into a pulp.

The fact that it didn’t explode and scatter its organs, blood and chunk of meat at the same time as the crater-shaped hole was opened;just like the giant catfish monster; is probably because of the dragon’s scale.

*Zushi*… the dragon fell on the spot with a deep bass.

Then, he began to convulse while vomiting blood.

At the same time, I felt lightheaded as if I had severe anemia.

With a severe headache, I got down on one knee and sweat began to appear all over my body.

ーーI somehow managed to end it… If I can’t kill him in one shot… I’m done.

I took a deep breath as my shoulder heaved.

Whipping my body, I stood up, and looked towards the dragon lying on the ground.

I took a deep breath over and over again.

The pain lessened each time, and I was able to move after a few minutes.

Then, I picked up the ax that was lying around.

Moving it to the dragon’s neck, I raised the axe up.

I looked at Lilith.

It will be easy for me to finish him off just like this.


「Liltih? Is it really fine?」

「…It’s fine. This is what my father wanted.」

「Then…」I said with an indescribable expression.

「Why are you crying?」

Lilith’s eyes have been filled with tears since a while ago.

Large pearls are dropping one by one to the ground, making many stains.

「…Don’t know.」

「You don’t know…」

「… The reason I am crying… I really don’t know. Father is already dead… If that’s the case, being killed by a young one; Lute; making you into a grown dragon… That’s a happy thing for a dragon…」

After thinking for a while, I shook the axe down at the fallen dragon.

The location is around where the skull and the spine met.

*Bikun* The dragon convulsed greatly, but it hasn’t reached its limit yet due to it being an undead.

「The reason you are crying… was it? This ritual is sacred to the dragons, no one questioned it, and everybody have already accepted it as a matter of course, right?」

「…that’s right. And it is considered a joy to become a soul-like existence and ascends to the gods.」

「And if you are still crying… isn’t that because you are still a human?」

Humans are known to attack each other without trying to understand each other due to differences in skin color or religion.

Even though they are both intelligent life forms, both dragons and humans… It’s natural that there are differences in thinking and feeling as a matter of pre-education.

「…Is it because I am a human?」

If that is the case, the most appropriate thing for Lilith…is to have a human ceremony to end the funeral.

「Then… you will be the one to finish him off.」

Closing the lid of the coffin is usually decided with the relatives.

As Lilith’s father, he was able to fight me with all his might in the end… in that sense, it could be considered a dragon funeral as well.

「… me? If that’s the case… The Dragon God’s Blessing skill will probably go to me, not you…」

「Don’t worry about that.」

「… But… the reason you are standing here like this is a result of your extraordinary determination and resolution. And, you wanted to be strong no matter what. I can’t receive that skill.」

I opened my mouth and sighed deeply.

「There are many other ways to become stronger. But… this funeral is a one time thing. And lastly… do you really do not want to see off your father?」

After thinking for a bit, Lilith nodded while wiping her tears on her sleeve.

「… I don’t know why I am crying. But… seeing off my father… I understand the meaning of those words… I understand it with my heart.」

Lilith stuck out her palm.

Her aim is the axe I swung earlier.

The magic she used is a lightning spell.

A direct attack to the spine through metalーeven a dragon would be helpless if its nervous system is burned.

「Father. Thank you for picking me up.」

She continued as she made up her mind.

「…Lilith was raised kindly by Father… I was happy.」

An electric shock ran, and the dragon ceased its activity.

I firmly hugged Lilith’s shoulder as she was about to burst into tears on the spot.

「…now, I am truly alone in this world… it’s a little… lonely.」

With a voiceless sob, Lilith buried her head in my chest.

I then slowly stroked her head.

「Crying is not a bad thing… Just cry for a while because it will make you feel better. Just cry for now… go cry.」

「…yeah. Stay like this for a while… please.」

ーI wonder how much she has been like this.

I feel like it was a few minutes, or maybe it has been tens of minutes.

What is certain is that Lilith has calmed down a bit.

And she cried so much that her eyes were puffy.

「Well… let’s go now.」

With a nod, Lilith opened her mouth.


I took out my status plate.

This is to confirm the experience points and level ups from the previous battle.

And I was at a loss for words.

「What’s going on… is this?」

I blinked and checked it over and over again, but the skill is still written there.

「Why do I have this skill?」

・Skill: Dragon God’s Blessing

A valuable skill that raises one’s status is certainly listed there.

When I showed the plate to Lilith, she opened her eyes wide in surprise.

「… The one who struck the last blow… is supposed to be me… why?」

Then, taking a deep breath, she pulled out her own status plate.


She shook her head left and right as if she didn’t understand what was going on and handed me her status plate.

「What is… this?」

・Skill: Dragon God’s Guardian Spirit

Gives tremendous resistance towards negative status effects. Large positive correction to growth rate. +500 correction to Attack Power, Defense Power, Magic Power, and Evasion.

Lilith and I stared at each other for a while.

And then I started laughing on the spot as if a dam had been broken.

「I see, I see… so that’s how it is.」

「…What do you mean?」

I smiled and said to Lilith who asked with a dubious expression.

「Your father is quite an idiotic parent… If I had to guess. Leaving a cheat skill to his daughter is the evidence.」

「So, what do you mean?」

「Lilith… just now, you… you said that you will be lonely for the rest of your life didn’t you?」


I clenched my hand.

And at the center of Lilith’s thin chestーI tapped her heart, and said,

「ーYour father is right here… with you.」

When she understood the meaning of those words, she started crying again.

「Hey you… you are quite prone to tears, aren’t you?」


Pulling Lilith’s hand, I said,

「Come on… Let’s go home.」

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