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Chapter 26 – I Have Finally Become Really Strong! Evil Dragon Subjugation! Epilogue

「…What do you mean? Hey, Onii-chan… what do you mean?」

Amanta glared at me, trembling with anger.

「It’s the law of the jungle. That’s all.」

Amanta tilts her head as if she didn’t understand.

「I’m strong and you are weak. That’s all there’s to it.」

「Weak…? I’m weak? Evil Dragon Amanta, who ascended to godhood while living in this world?」

「Ascended…huh. As a result of throwing away the pride of the dragon race, and seeking only power… You became a servant of a high-ranking Evil God, and became a low ranking Evil God in exchange. You, you have a bad reputation among the dragons, huh?」

Amanta nodded lightly, as if she had given up.

And then she painted her face with an innocent smile, and with a high tension, said,

「I’ll take it as a compliment! A compliment! Kyahaha☆」

She took out something spherical from her bosom.

And she hoisted that over her headー

「With that said…Bye-bye♪」

She winks at me.

Immediately, she

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