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Chapter 27- Fragment of A Jewel

This was about 10 years ago, when I was earning coins with recovery magic.

It’s a cheerful early spring.

The endless blue sky is dotted with fluffy clouds.

Cordelia and I were walking along a footpath between fields that smelled of greenery.

「Nee, nee, Lute? Are you looking forward to it?」

Cordelia is 5 years old, just before receiving the Hero’s Oracle.

She has long, silky, crimson hair and clear white skin.

Her face is perfect and looks like a humanized western doll.

But, she is still five years old. She looks innocent no matter what… especially since one of her baby front teeth is missing, so that kind of aura is coming out.

「Nee, nee? Are you looking forward to it, are you listening?」

「Yeah, I am. I’m looking forward to it.」

Today is the day when a peddler will come.

In the village square, peddlers will sell rare products from various countries at a high price… that is probably

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