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Chapter 29- A Villager At The Magic Academy part 2

One week before.

I woke up with the chirping of sparrows at my home in the Dragon Village.

I got up from the bed and stared straight ahead with half-asleep eyes.

The mansion given to me by the Dragon King is uselessly spacious.

Even the bedroom is so large that it’s about 40 tatami mats in size.

The ceiling is about 7 meters high, and there is even a chandelier.

「I’ve lived here for three years… No, counting the total number of days I’ve actually stayed here… I don’t know if it’s even been a year…」

「Although,」I continued.

「…No matter how I look at it, this is seriously crazy.」

There are paintings and decorations that adorn the walls of the room.

Emeralds, amethysts, diamonds…

It’s rare to find a room where the word “jewel” is so light.

In the first place, the bed is also seriously crazy since it’s a 5mx5m king size bed and fully silk tailored.

No, that would probably

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