Chapter 34 – Entrance Examination – part 2

The examiner nodded.

People are taking a fixed position 20 meters away from the target before trying to destroy the target with their strongest attack magic.

「Destroying the target with attack magic from a fixed position in a distance… that’s the only and absolute condition to pass the first test.」

I nodded in satisfaction as the examiner’s promises were obtained.
Then, the magic swordsman intervened from the side.

「However, a Village can never destroy it.」

Ignore the magic swordsman’s words…

Just then, I saw it.
Someone threw a stone about the size of a fist from a fixed position, and boosted it with wind magic… the guy passed the test by destroying the target by hitting it with a stone at high speed.

「So, if that’s allowed…」I raised my right hand on the spot.

ーHow about something like this?

I activate a technique that’s related to strengthening physical ability.
With a whistling noise, I swung a hand chop at the speed exceeding the speed of sound.
And then, as an excuse to mix it with magic, I activate life magic at the same time to create some wind.

「You’re not complaining about this, are you?」

The target 50 meters away split in half and fell to the ground.

At the same time, a roar ran through the surroundings.

ーVacuum slash.

A medium range martial art attack technique that is similar to a long-range technique.
And almost the same phenomenon can be manifested with magic.

No, in this case, I imitated the wind magic’s medium-range attack magic with my body language as if I activated it… in other words, that’s what it was.

The magic swordsman has a dumbfounded expression and froze for a while before opening his mouth.

「That smooth cross section and power from that distanceーThe Intermediate Magic: Gale Blade!? Someone that is not even a scholarship student… That is a magic that is impossible for a common student… furthermore, a Villager handling that is…」

The examiner, who is also frozen, seems to be speechless as his mouth opens and closes.

I knew it, it seems that both of them had completely underestimated me.
I mean, it’s a long shot. I don’t know anything about magic like Gale Blade.

「So, how about it? Examiner-san?」

Then… with a strained voice, the examiner said,

「…All conditions are cleared. Without any complaints… you passed the first exam.」

The contents of the second exam is the measurement of MP and magic power.
I thought that the first test would be more like that, but even if someone have a decent amount of MP and magic power… there are people who can’t use magic effectively.
That’s because MP is essential for strengthening physical abilities, even for close combat-type jobs.

And, in order for people to not pass the first exam by mistake, it is the magic aptitude or the sense of skill that is tested in the first exam.

So, the content of the second exam is quite simple.
For the second test, we will touch the crystal balls lined up to perform a simple status measurement.

By the way, there are many ways for graduates of the Magic Academy to find employment in the Adventurer’s Guild, the military, or a research institute. Anyway, there are many ways to get a job.

And, in this bloody world, information of one’s status is critical information that can lead directly to death.
Inevitably, in this world, the status of an individual is treated as highly confidential, and status measurement tests… are supposed to be done in a fairly roundabout way.

「Hey… girl… no, Lilith-chan? Look at these flames.」

The smug-faced magic swordsman touches a crystal ball.

The diameter of the crystal ball is about 10cm.
Even so, inside the ball… a small flame about 2 cm in length and 1 cm in width is swaying, just like candles.

「Lilith-chan? This crystal ball responds to the power of magic… by the flame inside the crystal. And if it’s a normal human amount of weak magic power or MP… a flame won’t even appear. These flames… are pretty splendid, you know?」

Just as the magic swordsman said, judging from the other students, if they can confirm that the crystal ball has a fire in them, they will pass the exam immediately.

「It’s true that I became a scholarship student because I belong to a large noble family. But, good lineage means that there is a high possibility that one will have magical talent… And I am definitely qualified to be a scholarship student.」

「…And… what are you doing here really?」

This guy has been chasing me… no, Lilith’s butt since a while ago.
I can’t say it’s not unpleasant, but it’s annoying.

「I am in love with the girl-with Lilith-chan okay? What’s wrong with wooing her?」

「…Hey Lute? Is it okay if I kill him?」

Lilith has a smile on her face, but her eyes are definitely not smiling.
I mean, will this girl really kill him if I give her the go-ahead?

「As I said, it’s not good…」

The magic swordsman glared at me as I responded with a sigh.

「Besides, I don’t approve of your intermediate magic. There’s no way a villager like you can use magic that I can barely use. I am sure you are using dirty means. Or perhaps, some trick to do it! That’s right! I figured it out! 」

That is not magic or anything in the first place, this villager doesn’t even know that it closely resembles a combat skill.

Then, Lilith, who has been ignoring the magic swordsman, asked me.

「…Lute? May I take the test?」

「Ahh, I don’t mind?」

Lilith then glares at the magic swordsman before saying,

「…you’re in the way. Get your hand off the crystal ball…」

Hearing those words, the magic swordsman grinned.

「The success rate of the second exam is 4 percent. Well… even if the crystal doesn’t light up. I’ll use the power of money to make you pass the exam. However, you have to be my woman at that time, okay?」

Glancing at the magic swordsman with cold eyes, Lilith touched the crystal ball.
At the same time, the great noblemanーthe magic swordsman let out a loud voice.

「Ha-Ha-Hah!? What is this? Th-that’s impossible!?」

Hearing those words, the examiner of the second exam ran up to us to see what’s going on.
He peered into the crystal ball Lilith was touchingーand he was at a loss for words.

「This is…!? The entire interior of the crystal ball… is covered in flames? It’s flames that seem like it will overflow outside at any moment. Impossible… To make such a flame appear inside the crystal… You must be this year’s valedictorian: to have enough magic power and MP to match Cordelia Allston…」

In a dazed star, the examiner gave Lilith her pass.

「You passed… no, if it’s you… depending on the results of the third exam… you might be able to enter the scholarship course…」



「…This crystal ball has too small a unit of measure. Flames of this scale seem to be the limit of the status measurement. I am a magician. And aside from close-range fistfights, to have the same level of MP and magic power… with Cordelia Allston is impossible.」

「Well, that’s right, huh. A scale that can only measure 100 kg of weight will show only 100 kg for both 110 kg and 300 kg.」

「… It’s the first time. To be seen cheaply… It’s pretty unpleasant.」

I shrugged my shoulders there.

「It’s meant as a compliment… I think the examiner is thinking that, right?」


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