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Chapter 4 – Cheat Knowledge That Makes You Stronger! ~Apprentice Edition~




“EDITOR: GhostApe”

Hey, It’s me.

I have gained a title skill called Saint or something.

Frankly…… I have grown much more than I expected.

……my cheat-like magic power is quite dangerous.

That said, my occupation is still a Villager.

No matter how high my magic power or MP is, I can’t handle high-level magic.

As evidence, no matter how much I use magic, the growth of my Elementary Magic is stuck at Level 7.

Well, the surplus magic power and MP problem will be solved once I’m accepted into the Dragon Residence.

I mean, I can start hunting monsters at this stage but……I don’t want to level up yet.

There is a reason for that.

The place I’m heading to right now is……the valley area beyond the mountain behind my house.

Then, there will be a big waterfall, and a dirty old man who has built a hut on the bank and settled down.

In the village where I live, he is branded as a weird traveler.

In fact, when he came down to the village, the shops would give him a higher price than normal, and other villagers would also avoid and spread gossip about him.

And looking at it in a chronological order, Cordelia will receive her oracle in a few months.

A great man from the capital will rush to our village and search around…… and it turns out the old man is an incredible person.

-Bernard Alabaster.

A swordsman who was once called the strongest in the royal capital’s Knight Order.

Because he lived nearby, the village chief bowed his head and requested for him to guide Cordelia to be a swordswoman, but he refused.

Of course he would refuse.

If you are treated as a weirdo all the time and people suddenly start sucking up to you when your true identity is exposed, you’ll surely feel sick.

And…… Even if he was called the strongest of the Knight Order in the capital before, if he stayed in the outskirts of the country, well, honestly, I don’t really care.

What’s important are his experiences.

He was born as a villager, grew up as a villager, and got married as a villager.

He was blessed with three daughters that he treasured while farming, and he built a poor but happy family.

Until an incident happened, three years after his youngest child was born.

ーHis village was attacked by a group of orcs.

The difference of strength was obvious, and the men also gave up resisting, the village was overrun without being able to do anything.

The women were r*ped and kidnapped for a monster nursery, all the wheat storage was also plundered.

Naturally, his wife and daughters were also taken away by the orcs.

ーAnd he, who lost everything, disappeared from the village.

And after that……

10 years had passed, and he suddenly appeared at a swordsmanship tournament in the Royal Capital.

Then, overcoming the powerhouses that were expected to win the competition, he spectacularly won the competition and became one of the knights in the Knight Order.

After a few years, he became the Order’s commander, and he poured all his blood and sweat into destroying the orcs.

In fact, his nickname Orc-Killer is far more famous than his real name.

Then, with all the orcs driven out of the country, he left the Knight Order and lived alone in this country.

Well, to him, his remaining lifespan is like an extra.

And he is important to me for just one reason.

He is a villagerーbut…even though it’s only on a country-level, it’s no joke that he won the swordsmanship tournament as a villager.

That’s why, I’m going to his place right now…….that is the reason I’m walking here today.

「Go home.」

That is the first thing Bernard-san said while drinking a bottle of distilled liquor.

He is a man with full white hair even when he is not even 50 years old.

This muscular and stubborn man lives in a house that is about 10 tatami mats in size.

Looking around his house, I can see that it’s filled with liquor bottles and garbage.

It was very unsanitary and smelled of alcohol.

「I can’t just go home, you know.」

I pick up one of the bottles that still has the contents inside.

I poured the distilled liquor into one of the cups that was just rolling around, and downed it in one go.

It’s bad sake.

Even the 700 yen a bottle whiskey sold in Japan is tastier than these.

「Kid…… you drink?」

「Is there a higher quality liquor? This is just bad.」

There, Bernard-san seems to have smiled a little.

「What a strange kid. So…… a disciple is it?」

「Yes, it’s that.」

Bernard-san began thinking for a while, before shaking his head side to side.

「I meant what I said when I told you to go home. I can’t teach anyone right now. And besides……」

I stopped Bernard-san’s words with my hand.

「Is it because……of sickness?」

There, Bernard-san’s complexion changed blatantly.

「I didn’t……told anyone about it though?」

「Sooooooooo It is because of that huh.」

I replied with a fearless smile.

One year from now, Bernard-san is destined to die by breaking his liver.

I know that it will be a foul if I dare say that though……I thought as I took out a vial from my pocket.

「Oi…… kid…… is that……?」

「It’s an elixir.」

Liver cirrhosis……and this is a magical drug effective for treating visceral disorders.

If there is such a thing in modern Japan, and there is only a limited amount of this, it will be a medicine that is worth more than a hundred million for one of these.

This medicine uses rare materials like tap water, so the production is low.

Inevitably, it’s being traded at ridiculous prices in this world.

Bernard-san looked at the vial filled with blue liquid stunned, before starting to laugh.

「Fuhaha……! Fuhahaha……! ……Kid…… how did you make the money?」

「……I earned some with Recovery Magic.」

「So you can use Recovery Magic……but even then, to think you made enough money to buy an elixir……」

I kept silent.

I’ve been worrying about it for a while, but now I decided to speak honestly.

「My MP is over ten thousand.」

Saying that, I present my status card.

Hiding everything except MP and magic power with my fingers, I opened my mouth.

「Status open. Permit others to view.」

Bernard-san’s eyes went wide open.

Then, there was a long long silence.

A mysterious boy guessed his illness that he never told anyone and even brought an elixir.

Moreover, he has extraordinary MP and magic power.

ーIf I was in his shoes, I would feel creeped out.

「……are you a youkai…… or some kind of heavenly demon? More than ten thousand MP…… In what world is a kid an A-class level magician……」

「No, I’m just a normal human, you know.」

My reply seemed to be strangely funny to him, as Bernard-san laughed.

「So, why does a monster with over ten thousand MP want to be my disciple? If you want to learn magic, you should go to the royal capital…… No, you should go to the Empire and enter the Magic Academy.」

「I’m a villager, so no matter how hard I try, I can only use Elementary Magic.」

After thinking for a moment, Bernard-san nodded.

「Seems like you have a lot of…… special circumstances. Then…… I see, so that why you came to my place?」

「Yes. That is the reason why I saved up the money I earned. I didn’t want you to die.」

「Haha…… Aren’t you a real creepy kid? Can you tell me more about your situation?」

「I need to get stronger. Anymore than that…… I’m sorry.」

「Well, that’s given…… then…… is your purpose here is for Body Strengthening Technique?」

I nodded.

Body Strengthening TechniqueーIt’s a skill that strengthens the body.

It’s very different from the Physical Strengthening that I have.

Physical Strengthening is a skill that raises power according to the base potential. The base potential ability of a villager doesn’t amount much.

And that is where Body Strengthening Technique comes into play.

It is a skill that raises the base potential of the body itself.

[1. TL Note: Physical Strengthening multiplies. i.e : n x 2. But Body Strengthening adds on it. i.e: n + 250. ]

However, this skill uses a lot of MP, so usually there are not many people who want to use it.

Bernard-san too, in order to defeat the orcs…… he recklessly increased his MP in his early life.

Furthermore, he is just a villager.

ーDrinking is not the cause of his liver disease.

I know because I’m savvy in the doping method.

Making full use of heretical doctrineーIn order for revenge, he recklessly uses his body despite being a villager.

In fact,  even if he drinks the elixir to cure his liver, there is severe backlash on various parts of his body that cannot be cured.

Therefore, even if he drank the elixir, there is a strong implication that he won’t live long enough to complete his natural life.

「But…… Body Strengthening Technique is a skill that requires Physical Strengthening you know? First of all, you will have to learn that.」

「Yes.」or so I said while nodding.

「I can use it already.」

Then, I grabbed both sides of Bernard-san’s body and lifted him lightly.

「…… I see. It does seems like you can use it.」

「Just you know, the skill level is MAX.」

With a deep sigh, Bernard-san said.

「Just what…… kind of kid are you? However…… that MP is really not normal. I just want to know one thing…… how did you manage to get this status?」

「If you can tolerate the pain, you can get it. And…… the Oni Gate Method is also the same. Is that wrong?」

There, Bernard-san’s expression stiffened.

「Until Body Strengthening Technique…… I still understand. Where…… did you know…… that Forbidden Technique?」

I was stuck on words for a while, but I decided to honestly answer.

「I know…… most of the things.」.

That reply doesn’t really answer anything.

However, Bernard-san looks like he is strangely convinced.

「Are you some kind of mononoke or something…… but still, I do owe you for saving my life. So…… Forbidden Technique…… what do you know about the Oni Gate Method?」

「For a man to become a demigodーexplosively raising your base stats…… a method to turn man to an oni.」

「Precisely, it’s a method to open the gate to become an oni…… Do you know why it’s forbidden?」

「The amount of MP consumed is nothing but odd…… exhausting magic power without the practitioner noticing, the technique will continue to strengthen by consuming the soul. There were a lot of accidental deaths right?」

「In the case of Body Strengthening Technique and Physical Strengthening, the technique will forcibly cancel due to exhaustion of magic power. However, the Oni Gate Method will start eating up the soul if the practitioner didn’t cancel it.」

With a silent pressure, Bernard-san asked me a question.

「Depleting one’s magic power is fatal…… It’s a forbidden technique that is basically next door to death you know? Do you still want to learn it?」

There, I laughed mischievously.

「Who do you think you are talking to.」

Then, I continued my words with a smile.

「My MP over ten thousand, you know?」

Bernard-san laughed as if he just remembered it.

「Ahh…… you’re right. You were too out of the ordinary…… That I accidentally explained it like I’m talking to a normal person…… That’s right…… If it’s you…… then you can handle the Oni Gate Method completely……」

He then put his hand on my head, and patted it roughly.

「ーYou…… can be stronger, you know.」

「That’s what I said.」

I presented Bernard-san with my right hand.

And Bernard-san squeezed it.

「ーI have to get stronger.」

Six years have passed since that.

Tomorrow is the day where a flock of goblins will attack my village.

ーAt the same time, it’s also the day when a dragon will come to save Cordelia.

Name: Lute Mclane

Race: Human

Occupation: Villager

Age: 12 Years old

Condition: Normal

Level: 1

HP: 12→ 50/50

MP: 10420 → 12050/12050

Attack Power: 15 → 35

Defense Power: 15 → 35

Magic Power: 1923 → 2154

Evasion: 55 → 225

Strengthening Skill

【Physical Strengthening: Level 10(MAX)】

【Body Strengthening Skill: Level 10(MAX)】

【Oni Gate Method: Level 5】

Defensive Skill

【Stomach Strength: Level 2】

【Mental Tolerance: Level 2】

【Indomitable : Level 10(MAX)】

Common Skill

【Crop Cultivation: Level 15(Limit Break: The Goddess’s Gift】

【Swordsmanship: Level 4】

【Taijutsu: Level 6 → 7】

Magic Skill

【Magic Power Manipulation: Level 10(MAX)】

【Life Magic: Level 10(MAX)】

【Elementary Attack Magic: level 7(Growth Limit)】

【Elementary Recovery Magic: Level 7(Growth Limit)】


【The Strongest Infant on Land: Level 10(MAX)】

【Youngest Sage: Level 10(MAX)】

【Common People’s Healer: Level 10(MAX)】

【Saint: Level 3(Growth Limit)】

【Oni Child: Level 10(MAX)】

【Heretic Mage: Level 2 → 3】

【Cow Killer: 0 → 2】

・When using Body Strengthening Technique

Attack power・Defense power・Evasion + 150 Correction

・When using the Oni Gate Method

Attack power・Defense power・Evasion + 250 Correction

・When using Physical Strengthening 

Attack power・Defense power・Evasion x 2 Correction



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