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Chapter 6 – Cheat Knowledge That Makes You Stronger! ~VS Goblin Edition~ Part Two




“EDITOR: GhostApe”

As a substitute for a greeting, I slashed the goblins nearby.

Its abdomen tears like a knife cutting a cheesecake, and its guts spilled out.

ー Oni Gate Method, increased output……!

A vermillion fighting spirit overflowed onto the surface of my body.

And, accelerate.

The scenery moved like it was in slow motion.

I swing the sword.

The guts of a goblin spilled out.

Further accelerationーI swing the sword.

The goblins’ body turned like a worn out rag.

A slash.

Evade an attack. And tear the meat of a goblin.

Slash. Evade. Tear.

Slash. Evade. Tear.

ーContinue to make the best moves from the myriad of offensive and defensive options.

If I make a mistake with just one move, I will be pushed back by their numbers.

Then, I saw a goblin trying to attack Cordelia.

I ran towards her in a hurry.

Thoughts and impatience will mislead the best moves.

An arrow hit my shoulder. At the same time, a goblin spear is pointed towards the back of my head.

I avoided the spear by tilting my neck without looking back.

A line of blood formed across my cheek from the grazeーand, I slash my sword to my back.

I clicked my tongue as I pulled out the arrow.

It’s really difficult to fight while protecting someone. No…… Cordelia also protected me……

Accelerate. Accelerate. Further accelerationーーFull throttle output.

Slash. Evade. Tear.

Slash. Evade. Tear.

ーAt one point, I stopped thinking.

The total number of goblins still exceeds 400.

They still have a great numerical superiority.

If I were to think about my move, I won’t make it in time.

That’s right.

Instead of moving after thinking about itーI have to move by reflex.

For the past few years, I have been begging to study under Bernard-san…… I will have to move reflexively according to the basics of swordsmanship that I have repeated tens of thousands of times.

I’m covered in blood all over my body, and my eyes refuse to open…… I can’t even attempt to wipe it off.

On top of countless blade chips, the now tattered Cordelia’s sword is also covered with blood and fat.

Judging that the sword is now useless, he picks up a spear that is held by a goblin corpse.

Accelerate. Accelerate. AccelerateーBeyond the limit.

The thoughts…… the body…… accelerate everything.

The lactic acid in my body is building up.

My arms gradually became heavier and heavier and my legs couldn’t move as I wished.

My knees started trembling, and I let out a sigh when my legs came to a complete halt.

This is not due to mana depletion from the physical strengthening related techniques.

ーIt was purely out of stamina.

So this is a real battle…… I swallowed my breath. Now I can’t laugh at Cordelia who ran out of MP.

My worn out body is screaming, and my heart is beating fast.

Big, big, breath.

The adrenaline rush like you are in a fire kicked in…… and somehow, my body still moves.

My legs……are moving.

However, if you were to compare the situation to a car, the red lamp on the gasoline meter would be flashing.

ーof course, it won’t last for long.

Slash. Evade. Tear.

Slash. Evade. Tear.

Slash. Evade. Tear.

Slash. Evade. Tear.

Before I knew it, I couldn’t see the surrounding scenery at all.

Slash. Evade. Tear.

Slash. Evade. Tear.

Slash. Evade. Tear.

Slash. Evade. Tear.

And when I noticed it, all presence of evil magical types was gone.

Supporting my body with the spear that I stole from a goblin, I looked up to the sky while breathing heavily.

Then, I heard  a voice from behind.

「Lute……? You…… are you really Lute?」

Asked Cordelia with a quivering voice.

「… Who else is here beside me.」

「But, you are a villager……」

Innumerable amounts of dead corpses piled up on the end of her line of sight.

Half was made by Cordelia, and the other half was made by me.

「i have told you already…… Among the villagers…… I am close to being the strongest.」

While laughing bitterly at my own words, Cordelia pouted as if she wasn’t convinced.

「……You maybe, only hunted the last one hundred goblins, right?」

Thinking for a moment, I agreed.

My whole body was full of wounds and my body was screaming at me, but…… I could still move.

I haven’t even consumed one tenth of my magic power.

「A villager that is stronger than a hero…… you…… just what kind of a trick……」

A trick huh…… I shrugged my shoulders.

「It is certainly a trick. In fact, there are tricks and gimmicks.」


When Cordelia turned her head to the side, I felt a heavy pressure behind me.

Cordelia’s face turned blue the moment she noticed it.

「Seems like my pick up has arrived.」


The end of her gaze made her speechless.

I turned to my back.

「Hee…… Aren’t you a bit late? I got rid of them…… all by myself, you know?」

There was a simply huge red dragon.

About 15 meters tall eh? Last time, I was utterly speechless in front of the overwhelming giant.

「I received an errand…… the young one of The Oracle was faced with a crisisーThus, I have come to see the situation…… just what happened here?」

The dragon looked at me with curiosity.

「Just read my thoughts. That will be faster.」

The dragon’s eyes squint, and seemingly look surprised.

「I gave a troublesome word…… so this is the reason why I have to take you to the Dragon Residence, huh?」

I spontaneously burst into laughter.

「Word for word?」

The dragon also laughed, and said.

「Dragons…… Can’t lie.」

「Then, you will take me there?」

The dragon and I nodded at each other, and I started to walk toward the dragon.

And, I heard Cordelia’s voice from behind.

「……Lute? Where are……you…… Where are you going?」

「It’s the Dragon Residence. I won’t come back for a few years.」

「…………The Dragon’s……Residence?」

I shrugged my shoulders, and said.

「There is a secret to my strength. In used tricks and gimmicks…… and as the result of that effort… this is what happened.」

「……Why……going to the Dragon Residence……?」

「You are a Hero. I may be stronger right now, but at this rate, you will catch up in a year or two…… that’s why.」

There, Cordelia looked down.

「…… I don’t know why you became something out of the ordinary…… but I can see it from this many goblin corpses…… you have been working hard without me knowing…… becoming strong like a monster…… saving the Hero even though you are just a villager…… and then, you want to selfishly leave the village for several years?」

「It’s something necessary, you know. For someone normal like me to stand side by side with you…… this is necessary.」

「Of course it’s not! Making use of unusual methods with extraordinary effort, all so that you can be stronger than the Hero! Without my knowledge…… on your own accord…… you have an absurd secret without  me knowing! I don’t like it…… I don’t like you doing it while keeping me in the dark!」

「Well…… Even if you tell me that you don’t like it……」

「In the first place, standing side by side with me…… you don’t have to do that, right? You are a villager, and I am a Hero? Isn’t it fine that I will be protecting you? You don’t have to go and do unreasonable things, right? 」

「Well, but you……」

Then, she stomped the ground on the spot.

「…… I don’t want it…… do you want me to say everything?」

「Don’t want it? What do you mean?」

「Absolutely…… don’t want it……」

「Don’t want it? Just what do you mean?」

With teary eyes, she shouted.

「That I can’t see Lute for years…… I’m saying that I absolutely don’t want that! I don’t want this to happen! I’ll be in trouble if you decided everything on your own!」

Ahh…… She is annoying after all, this girl…… For a long time…… she is really annoying.

I mean, whether I’ll follow the dragon or not is my own decision, I don’t really need your permission to do it.

Haa……. I sighed.

「……I won’t say goodbye.」

I started walking towards Cordelia.

「ーbecause I’ll definitely return.」

Then, I hugged her and kissed her on the forehead.


Her eyes flung wide open, and her face became more relaxed.

Then, her hips gave up and she fell down on the spot.

Good, I immediately activated my Physical Strengthening and rushed towards the dragon.

I jumped, and got on to the dragon’s back.

「That farewell…… Is that okay?」

To the dragon who asked that with a half laughing voice, I replied as if I had done something bad.

「I said that I would definitely come back. So it’s fine.」

「In actuality, you won’t be able to go back in a few years, you know?」

「I’ll be back someday…… I’ll definitely come back. That’s why this is fine.」

The crimson dragon spread out its wings and jumped.


As it flapped its wings, the altitude rose.

And I heard Cordelia’s voice from below.

「Idiot! Lute is an Idiot! Deciding everything by yourself…… this…… idiot!!! Even if you came back, I’m not speaking to you anymore!」

She really hasn’t changed since she was a kid.

A single tear flowed down on my cheek.

The dragon didn’t point that out.



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