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Prologue Part 1




“EDITOR: GhostApe”

Prologue – (part 1)

If you were reincarnated, you will get some cheats right?

There was a time where I thought that way.

With that feeling, I was involved in a truck accident as the cliche goes, and was reincarnated with the Occupation: Villager. 

And so, the house I was born in is neither aristocratic nor rich, but a poor commoner house.

In terms of livelihood level, it was not too bad, but sometimes we struggle with food even though no bad harvest took place.

So, although I was born poor, I grew up quickly and became fifteen years old with extremely mediocre stats and skills.

I’ll say this again.

If you were reincarnated, you will get some cheats right?

Even if you were born as a villager, there was actually a growth cheat, or a skill cheat, and so on… it’s supposed to be like that, right?

I was thinking that way… but it didn’t actually happen.

I was really just a normal villager.

So, as if as a substitute, a real cheat girl was born just three days after me from the house next door.

Cordelia Allston.

At fifteen years old, she was an Ikkitousen(Matchless Warrior)――Occupation: Hero.

She is literally in the cheat class of cheats.

Though she was born next to my house, in the same year, and raised just like me ― Hero-sama’s status seriously lived up to the title of Ikkitousen.

That match for a thousand warrior.

From the perspective of a villager, she is a monster of a completely different level.

The sight of a fifteen-year-old girl cutting through rock like butter with a blunt sword was overwhelming, yup.

She could also run a hundred meters in a second or two, which makes me think that she had almost quit being a human.

When we were four or five years old, I managed to win a fight against her because I’m a boy, but…

Her growth after that was just amazing.

Currently she seems to be struggling to adjust her strength so she won’t hurt me when we come into contact in our everyday life.

Once, my shoulder was dislocated when she jokingly hit me… And she nursed me for three days and three nights even though she didn’t really need to.

She was terribly worried about what she had done… I felt sorry for her even though I’m the victim.

Changing the subject, me and Cordelia are currently fifteen years old.

And we are currently camping in the Manakiss Great Forest.

Whether it’s a lie or the truth, there is a legend that a dragon lives in this forest…

And then again, is it currently around 7pm?  Because it’s winter, it’s cold and the sun sets quickly.

Although it is warm because of the firewood, the moonlight doesn’t really reach the deep forest and the surroundings are in complete darkness.

Then, the howl of a wolf can be heard in the distance.

There, I nervously asked Cordelia.

「Hey, Cordelia? Is it really okay? Aren’t there monsters here?」

Her waist long burning red hair was illuminated by the bonfire.

Her well shaped face without a single flaw has both cuteness and dignity, I don’t think it belongs to this world.

And yet, Ikkitousen. Match for a thousand warriors.

If she were to hold a sword and stand on a battlefield, most warriors would be cut down in a single stroke.

Just where does that power come from… or so people will think, looking at a girl clad in azure armor but with such thin arms. She tilted her head to my question and responded.

「Hee? Even though there is me who holds the title Dragon Killer here……you are still worried about the monsters? In this case, you should worry more about the monsters, you know. The monsters around here are weak anyway… Ah, but, this is the first time we’ve come to a place where monsters appear, right?」

「Because unlike you, my aptitude occupation is: Villager. At best, I only go a little out of the village to set up some traps to get rid of vermin.」

「Ahh, there was one time… I saw you when I was on my way back after a Knights Order expedition. You, aren’t you a bit too scared to leave the village? You were trembling while looking at your surroundings.」

「I’m a villager, so it can’t be helped you know…… I mean, taking me who is like that out to a place like this…… eh, uoo!?」

It was a huge wild boar.

A wild boar jumped out from the shadows of trees and shrubs toward us.

It probably weighs over a ton. Along with purple eyes indicating that it’s a magical being.

A lot of saliva dripped from its mouth.

「Lute! Don’t move!」

With that said, Cordelia rushed towards the wild boar like a gale.

Then, with a sliding tackle, Cordelia sneaks under the belly of the charging boar.

While sliding on the ground, she brandished her sword just below the belly.

A large amount of boar contents spilled into the ground, and at the same time, Cordelia jumped up as she passed under the belly.

The wild boar collapsed to its side because of the torn belly.

Going up to its side, she brandished her longsword again on its neck.

With its head separated from its torso, a splash of blood painted Cordelia’s cheek like makeup.

「Now one problem is solved. Let’s have boar hotpot for breakfast tomorrow.」

Said Cordellia with an innocent smile.

Hey, hey, are you serious… And, that vivid memory of blood spurting makes my face twitch.

Then, I immediately noticed my blunder and forcibly changed my expression to a smile.

「Isn’t having meat in the morning a bit too heavy? I mean…… in many ways, it’s really…… impressive, you……」

Seems like Cordelia noticed my change of expression at that moment.

She then sat down on a rock before letting out a deep sigh.

「A bit ago, why did I take you to a place like this…… You asked that, right?」

As she said that, she took out a cloth and gently wiped the blood splatter off.

「Yeah, I did ask, why?」

「I’ll tell the truth, okay? I……wanted Lute to know.」

Said Cordelia while looking up in the sky with a distant look.

「Want me to know? What is it?」

「I can’t really show what I’m really like in the village……see. Since I’ve been ten years old, I’ve been mixing it up and doing things like this with knights and adventurers…… and I became like this all the time.」


My response to the blood splatter earlier…… clearly left a bad taste.

Cordelia continued, whether she knew my feelings or what I’m thinking or not.

「From now on, I will officially belong to the Knights Order and will go through a one-year training period. When I’m sixteen…… I will enroll in the Royal Academy of Magic as a scholarship student. All to prepare for the coming catastrophe…… as stated in the oracle…… following my strengthening program.」

「……I suppose so.」

「That’s why I want you to see what I really like…… only you……see.」

「Hm? Didn’t Moses always see what you’re really like?」


Like Cordelia, he is my childhood friend with the aptitude occupation: Sage, he is also a cheat.

Why are there two people born in the same year, in such a small village, with such a ridiculous level of aptitude occupation I wonder.

Honestly speaking, with heroes, they are an existence that can be a decisive weapon for a country.

And a Sage is also an existence that can be a local tactical weapon.

Both of them are at a non-standard level, whether there are several people like them in the nation or not……

Thanks to that, my shoulders are getting narrower and narrower.

Aside from that, Cordelia, who heard my words from earlier, shrugged her shoulders.

「Moses is on the curriculum, so he knew about it since forever, but I…… I want you to know! I’m telling you that I absolutely want you to know!」

There’s silence for a while.

The silence along with the surrounding forest, an indescribable atmosphere envelops the area.

「We…… can’t easily meet like this anymore, you know?」

「If you belong to the Knights Order…… yeah you’re right.」

「Are you thinking about anything? About what I said so far…… is there anything you want to say to me?」

「……my bad, I don’t…… really know what you’re trying to say, you know.」

There, Cordelia took a deep breath as if she decided her thoughts.

Then she stood up, and walked towards me, who was sitting on another rock.

She crouched down just like that, and with her azure eyes――she looked straight into mine.

「I have…… always, always…… about you……」

Then, I heard Moses’s voice who was washing the dishes from a distance.

「Lute-san!? Could you come over here? Washing in this cold…… is a bit hard……」

Cordelia blatantly clicked her tongue, and I dubiously tilted my head.

「I will be going for a moment. Look after the fire, Cordelia.」


「What’s wrong? What’s with those bulging cheeks?」

With her eyebrows bent like a”へ”, she turned her flushed face away.

「……I don’t know! Just go over there you idiot!」

Then, after thinking for a bit she called out for me.

「…… Because you’re a villager, so if a monster comes out, yell out and call me right away! Well, there are only weak monsters here anyway, so most of them should be scared enough to run away just because I’m near. 」

「I know…… I mean, it’s should be okay since Moses is there.」

I muttered with a sigh, while waving back to Cordelia.

「……『Because you’re a villager』huh, in the end, even Cordelia…… well, I…… am a villager after all, so it can’t be helped.」



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  1. Calvin Dunn

    Great, another dense MC that’s puts Neutronium to shame with his density. How have the worlds these MC’s end up on not completely imploded from the black-hole gravity these MC’s produce.

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