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Prologue Part 2




“EDITOR: GhostApe”

Prologue – (part 2)


Black hair down to the shoulders, along with a pair of glasses.

A thin man that always reads a book by himself…… He’s my other childhood friend, Moses.

He is strangely polite for a fifteen-year old, and he always smiles when he talks.


Somehow, his smile is like an insurance lady’s smile, so to be honest, I’m not really good with him.


「Sorry about this, Ryuto-san…… For helping me.」


Like what he said, I’m currently helping Moses.

The current situation is that we are washing plates from the meal before, along with some underwear in the river.


「No, don’t worry about it. Actually, this job is not supposed to be done by a sage, but a villager anyway.」


「No doubt. Well, our princess is the one that decided that Lute-san should cook, and I should wash the dishes, so it can’t be helped.」


「That girl ordered us to do stuff but did nothing herself.」

「No doubt.」


Saying that, both of us looked at each other with bitter smiles on our faces.


「Good, it should be over with this……」


When I washed the last dishes, I stood up.


「I’m really sorry about this, Ryuto-san……」


「It’s okay. We…… the three people in the village with the same age…… are friends right?」


At that moment, my vision suddenly became dark.

It’s a rather intense version of lightheadedness of anemia.


I immediately dropped to my knees.


「Friends, is it? Who is friends with who? A Villager and a Sage are friends? Fufu, what a fun joke. 」


My head, along with my field of vision, spun around.

Moses spoke again to me who was still in a state of panic from above.


「―― seems like the drug finally worked.」


「Drug…? What…… why……?」


My tongue is tangled. I can’t speak well.

I can feel chills running down my spine and unpleasant sweat flowing through my back.


「Why? Isn’t the answer obvious? Me, Cordelia, and you…… All of us were born in the same year and grew up together as childhood friends. But, the person she likes is…… someone like  you.」


Moses took a light breath before continuing his words.


「My aptitude occupation is Sage. A talent chosen out of tens of thousands, no, hundreds of thousands of people ―― That is me.」


I know about that.


Three of us were born in the same village, and the two of you have a cheat-like aptitude occupation.


That is something that, whether I like it or not…… something that I am bitterly aware of.


「Then, I am also a reincarnated person. Ah, it’s not like you understand what reincarnated means…… Well, it’s fine. Anyway, I’m not just someone that is a Sage, but someone more special.」


……Huh? What did he say?


My vision is blurring, and my consciousness is becoming hazy.


Moses’s words didn’t reach my ears anymore. And even if it did, those words would just become unmeaningful images that don’t form inside my head.


「I’m really surprised you know. I could only think that she has been blessed by the gods, having the looks so much like an angel…… a few years more for sure…… I’m really looking forward to it.」


I wanted to call out to Cordelia for help, but it was too late.

I can’t make any voice come out.

In this situation where I’m on all fours, the muscles of my limbs feel like jelly.

The most I can do is balance my body so that I don’t fall down on the spot.


「I’m the one that deserved to be beside her. That’s my answer to your question.」


Moses turned behind me, and kicked me with all his might.


I’m pushed by the force of the kick as it was, and fell to the river.

In the rapids, It’s impossible for me to stand up due to the drugs.

But I somehow managed to change my posture to facing upward.

Then I left myself to the flow, as my consciousness melted into the darkness.


At the end, only Moses’s words echoed in my mind.


「A mere villager…… talking to the Hero on equal footing?…… know your place.」

How long has it been since I washed away?

Like before, my limbs are not listening to me.

However, starry night is spreading in the sky, as I am being swept on my back.


It’s……night, huh.

I don’t know how much time has passed, but it doesn’t look like a lot.

However, my physical strength is definitely gone.

Currently, I have no sensation in my limbs, But mysteriously, I don’t feel the cold, nor can I feel pain.


But, I’m sleepy.


Or rather, isn’t that a more dangerous situation……, I thought, like it’s someone else’s affair.

In a drowsy state that feels like a dream, a situation where I’m not sure if I was asleep or awake――I heard that voice.


「――Lute! Lute――! Where are you!? Respond to me…… Please respond to me!」


I don’t know how Cordelia found out about my situation.

After that, Moses should have skillfully explained to Cordelia what happened.

Or he might have honestly told the truth.

Or maybe he said I was attacked by a monster.


In any case, Moses probably has taken some care to prevent this kind of development happening between me and Cordelia.


I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence, or if it’s due to a Hero’s skill, or maybe it’s just her superhuman senses.


However, in any case, Cordelia managed to pinpoint me flowing down this river.


A shore full of gravel on the river banks.

I can see Cordelia coming to my position with a fast dash.


Seems like I’m saved…… And, I noticed something approaching in front of me, and I shook my head slightly from side to side.


「Finally…… I found you! Wait for me, Lute! I will quickly…… eh…?」


Life never goes well anyway.

I saw a huge waterfall flowing into the abyss in front of me that is flowing down from the river.

That is, a famous waterfall around here――it should be around 50 meters.

I don’t need to worry about Cordelia, who has reached the territory outside humans, but it is a little unreasonable for me, a villager, to survive the fall.


Cordelia noticed the situation, and without a second thought, decided to jump into the river.


However, no matter how unusual her physical ability is, at that distance, she is unlikely to be in time――.


「――Sorry. Cordelia…… see you.」


It’s a really quiet voice but, it’s a really faint voice but, I was able to squeeze those words out.

And whether or not my words reached her, her facial expression that crumpled in an instant is enough to tell.


Sorry…… I said that with two meanings.


In all likelihood, I will die. I’m sorry…… the first meaning is that.


And the other one is…… I’m sorry for not being able to accept your confession.


I was aware of Cordelia’s feelings toward me.

If we add in my memory before reincarnation, she is way too young for my taste.

However, after a few years…… She would grow to be an unrivaled beauty that would allow me to chase after her.


By that time, she would probably stop looking this way.


While thinking about these things, memories of Cordelia from since we were born in this world flashed before my eyes.

When we were six, she followed me from behind like it was a normal thing to do.

But by the time we were seven years old, the effect on her aptitude occupation started to take effect on her growth…… and I began to find myself hiding behind her back.


But, even if our positions changed, our relationship didn’t, and we were always on good terms.

Then my memories arrived at the place I had just been earlier.

That girl, she recognized me as her partner as if it was natural, and chose me.


But…… so I thought.


 ―― The man who is always being protected is me, just like what Moses has said…… In many ways, I am not qualified to stand next to her on equal footing.

――Ahh…… So uncool…… Stronger…… I want to become stronger……

Just as I heard the sound of Cordelia jumping to the river in the distance――

――I fell into the abyss.



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  1. Calvin Dunn

    Okay, take back what I said last chapter. MC apparently isn’t dense.

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