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Prologue Part 3




“EDITOR: Ghost Ape”

It’s a dim cave.

An innumerable amount of stalactites are extending from the ceiling, and droplets of water are falling from the tips.

The cold splash of the water droplets woke me up, and I became speechless.


「This is a cave under the forest…… The road to the Dragon’s Residence.」


What spoke to me, who is lying flat on my back――is just a big red dragon.


It’s body length should be about fifteen meters long I think, and I can’t utter a single word in front of the overwhelming giant.


「The creatures that fall down the waterfall usually……floundered at the bottom of the water until they died, before flowing to where they are destined in time…… Whether it is good luck or not…… well done arriving to this place through the connected waterways.」


Seems like I have flowed to a rocky place.

But……maybe because the effect of the medicine is still remaining, or maybe due to the bruises that I got from the fall, I can’t move my body at all.


With my mouth that is still moveable, I pleaded.


「…………I have a request.」


「…this is also fate. If it is something that is possible for me to accomplish, I will listen to it.」


While thinking that he is a strangely understandable person, I continued my words.


「……I ……have heard that. Humans who lived in the Dragon’s Residence can become stronger……」


「It’s true that a number of people……those who were people that have built a friendly relationship with us, and spend their time with us. And when they go out to the outside world…… Well, they became famous heroes it seems.」


They became famous heroes.

The details were different depending on the folklore and the tales, but in general, they are ordinary humans who had a connection with the dragons.

They would live together with the dragons, obtain mysterious power, and when they return, they would use that power to become heroes……those kinds of stories.


「Take me with you…… I want to be……stronger……」


「……unfortunately, I cannot grant you that wish.」


「Just now, you said you will listen to my request.」


Ahh, the dragon nodded.


「I will listen to your wishes as much as possible. There is no lie in those words. Dragons are a noble clan…… as long as it’s nothing big, we will not lie…… Well, to be precise, in order for individual dragons to retain their powers, they cannot lie. Even if I say that it’s the power of language…… It’s not like you will understand it.」


「…the reason is?」


「There are two reasons. The first is the age limit. Taking someone to the Dragon’s Residence means accepting them as a kin. If you have the customs and common sense of the human race, you will be a foreign body in the Dragon’s Residence. So…… the only humans that are welcomed as dragons were abandoned children or slaves under the age of twelve…… Those that are picked by the whim of young dragons.」


「……the other one is?」


「……you are already dead. It’s not like I can bring the dead with me.」


The dragon looked at my stomach.

Then the dragon used its claws to lift my head and turned it slightly downwards.


ーーAhh, that is not good.


My internal organs popped out and blood is blowing out with tremendous momentum.

Moreover, the fact that I did not feel the pain proved that it was fatal.

Hypothermia…… and it seemed like my nervous system is paralyzed.

Then that means, it is already too late for me.


Then, I noticed.


That’s why the dragon is strangely kind to me. Perhaps, it wants to respect the dead…… or something like that.

My time limit is short. It is necessary to finish the negotiations with the dragon briefly.


「Then, If I…… clear those conditions?」


「Ahh, if you do, there is no lie when I say I will fulfill as much of your wishes as I can. But, you will die soon, and your age cannot be reverted. That is something that will never happen.」


I asked the dragon again while laughing fearlessly.


「I will take……your word for it.」


「You’ll take my word for it?」


「……what I want is……the blessing of the dragons and……the Great Library of The Dragon King.」


There, the dragon’s voice has a color of surprise in them.


「You……how did you know that? No…… rather than asking a dying man…… My direct, mind and memory reading would be faster……」


The dragon closed his eyes.

And after a few moments, he began to laugh like a breaking dam.

「So it was like that. You are…… a reincarnated person, huh…… and…… Fufu. Fuhahahaha! I see, I see…… It seems that you are thinking of something interesting…… And thenーthis is not the first time you have met me. You were…… at that place that time…… were you? When the village of the Hero from the Oracle was attacked…… I helped a child of man on a whim.」


The dragon narrowed its eyes as it laughed, looking really happy.


It’s getting harder to let out a voice.


My body is getting sluggish.


「…… At that time, you……saved the twelve-year-old me from the goblins, and returned me to my mother. At that time, you read my mind……and said “You are following a weird fate”.」


「Fufu, if things go as you wish…… then the words “at that time” would have been different.」


It’s about time……for my limit.

My vision is blurring.

At that time, I heard the joyful voice of the dragon.


「”I promised a very troublesome request…… With this, I’ll need to bring you back to the Dragon’s Residence……or something like that’’.」

「…………those words………… Can I take it as……accepting my request? From now on……the future……is a bet……though…………」


The dragon then opened its big mouth.

Its gigantic fangs; as big as a grown man’s arm; could be seen lined up in his vicious mouth.


「ーThen, die…… Lute Marklen.」


The dragon grabbed me and threw me in his mouth.

A crunch could be heard as the dragon chewed on my skull.


Then ーI…… Lute Marklen died in my second life.

「…….seems like I won the bet.」


When I noticed it, I was standing in a mysterious white space.

And there is a blond goddess in front of me.

Yes, this place is the place where I arrived first after I died in Japan.

And at this moment, less than five minutes had passed since I was hit by a truck in Japan.

ーSkill: Return by Death.

It’s the skill the goddess gave me when I was reincarnated…… No, it’s the skill that I have chosen.

The scariest thing was whether this skill would work or not.

Well, as a result, I succeeded in the first stage of the bet for the time being.


「Seems like……a lot has happened.」


The goddess has a full smile on her face.


「Yeah, a lot of things have happened. So……can I choose Return by Death again?」


「I’m afraid you can’t. I can’t really give such a cheat-like skill over and over again…… You can choose two skill other than that one.」


「That’s a shame. And……as I expected.」


The success of the second stage of the bet was also confirmed here.

The goddess then said with a smile, perhaps because she read my mind.


「The real intention for that skill…… There were many people who realized it functions like a tutorial.」


「But, there were only few people who chose it right?」


「First of all, people usually doubt if they can really return by dying. A skill that prerequisites death…… it won’t really have a meaning by that time.」


「In fact, I wasn’t sure if I could come back here either.」


「In addition, one can only choose one skill at a time, one cannot choose two…… And I also won’t explain anymore than that. Therefore, even if you returned by dying, there is no guarantee you can re-choose two skills.」


The goddess shrugged her shoulders and said while amazed.


「To return by death, one would have lost one of the two skill slots in exchange for the tutorial experience. Only you. Only you have chosen that skill without hesitation……」


「Well, if the reincarnated destination is to become a villager, other people would have gambled too.」


「Then, what do you want for your skill?」


「In the end, my occupation will stay as a villager, right?」


「Yes. It will be. The place you are born in and the surrounding environment…… It will be a repeat of the previous tutorial.」


「Skills…… Please give me “Indomitable” . Because I am a villager…… I want to have a higher level of mental capacity than what an ordinary Japanese person can endure…… I can’t be strong with half-baked things.」


「What about the other one? Like last time, a skill to read books in your head from libraries around the world…… do you want Wisdom?」


「No, the most effective plan for my second lap will only be completed when I reach 10 years old…… From there, I’m planning to train in the Dragon Residence’s Great Dragon King’s Library.」


「What do you want then?」


Right…… I thought for a while before smiling bitterly.


「Gardening……is there a skill for that?」


The goddess answered with a dubious face.


「Crop cultivation skill can be a substitute for it…… But, are you sane?」


「Crop cultivation……there is no other skill that suits a villager better than this…… It will be good enough.」


I said it myself and I’ll accept it myself.

I can’t stop laughing for a short while.

The goddess asked me with curiosity.


「Really, why……gardening? In the end…… isn’t it the same as losing a skill limit……」


While nodding, I said.


「That person……likes flowers. Her murderous daily life……at the very least, I want to grow flowers to keep her smile.」


She spent a second thinking before nodding while smiling gently.


「I understand. Then…… Skill: Indomitable and Skill: Crop Cultivation will be granted to you.」


Everything was wrapped in white.

In the middle of the torrents of light that filled the space, I heard the goddess’s joyful voice.


「Then, have a good trip……」


Just like this, after a while, I will be born to my mother in that wooden house.

Yes, as a villager with neither power nor wealth. 

But now, I am on the path to the promised victory.


ーMy name is Iijima Ryuuto.


There is no other name than mine that is more suitable to be one of the people who will be accepted into the Dragon’s Residence and to be grown as one.

Furthermore, with preparations, I could do stuff that normal people could not do when they are young.

This somewhat unreasonable Skill: Indomitable should be useful somewhere in the future.

「I had no cheat the first time, but……still though, if you are reincarnated, it would be a cheat, right?」


In the light, my consciousness once again began fading.


「Come……I will be the upstart from now on.」


Immediately after those words, I was given a third life.




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