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Immoral Sisters Chapter 1 Part 10



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


Taketo’s fingers were getting wet with the melting honey overflowing from Tomoko’s private parts in no time.


For a moment, Tomoko glanced at her own figure and the fingertips of Taketo who was touching her. Her body was flushed, but Tomoko’s body felt indescribable anxiety and she began to tremble before long.


「Hey,hey…… I just played around with it for a bit, but a great flood really started to happen!」


Taketo’s fingertips gently manipulated Tomoko’s pussy, enjoying the feeling it was giving him. Somewhere along the line, he could hear the lewd sounds of water splash about, that he could not hide no matter how hard she tried.


「Hey, are you perhaps used to this?」


「N-Noo…… There’s no way that I…… would be used to…… something like that……!!」


Tomoko shook her head in denial, but there was no way that Taketo could actually buy that excuse.


Tomoko gave the impression of being a late bloomer or timid. That pussy of hers was so soft that just by loosening it a little bit, it was about ready to accept Taketo’s dick inside of it. But contrary to what Tomoko would have expected, it would seem that it was not something that Taketo expected.


Taketo felt as if his expectations had been betrayed just now. He could not get along with it, especially if it would turn out that Tomoko actually had experience with other men before.


However, Tomoko did not understand why Taketo would say such a thing, and shook her slender neck weakly with anxiety.


「Nnnhh…… Aaahh…… Ahh.」


Tomoko let out a voice that was spoiled by Taketo’s finger movements. The strength of her resistance soon weared off, and Tomoko opened her closed eyes and looked at the ceiling of Taketo’s room, covered in white wallpaper. But for some reason it looked gray to her.


「N-Noo…… No……!!」


For Tomoko, it felt like she was about to let go of something she was desperately trying to cling to with just her words. At that moment, Tomoko suddenly gripped the sheet next to her face, feeling the pressure that suddenly assaulted her all over her body.


「No… No, please……」


While still clinging to her sheets with her hands, Tomoko pulls her body up and tries to separate her waist from Taketo. However, it was the first time for her that a lump of her heightened heat burst into her like that.


At first, she thought it would be just a little bit, but Tomoko’s body showed no resistance beyond her expectations. She rather felt like she was used to accepting such a thing as it was.


「Ahhh, nooo……!!」


With a child-like cry, Tomoko moved her hips. She seemed to refuse to act, and on the contrary, it seems to be a movement that seemed to be inviting Taketo to go even deeper inside of her.


「Well, well. Not bad. Not bad at all. How many people have you been screwed before, huh?」


「T-That’s…… I…… Taketo-san is actually my first……」


「Come on now, don’t be shy about it. Then why are you so used to it, huh?」


「Ah, I don’t…… know…… Ah!!」


As she spoke, Taketo brought his face closer to Tomoko’s breasts and clenched his teeth at her nipples really hard. Tomoko’s body bent in a bow as a reaction to that.


「Nnnhhh… aaahh, haah……!!」


Tomoko shook her head strongly, but what jumped out of her mouth was a voice with sounded terribly spoiled and sweet. That reaction deepened Taketo’s conviction that Tomoko had a lot of sexual experience with men. He took advantage of that and took a deep seat.


As another sweet current rushed through Tomoko’s body, who warmly accepted Taketo without much resistance at all, something suddenly touched her. However, before she was able to realize its true identity, Taketo was quick to move into action.


「Noo, aaauuh…… No, it hurts…… Aaahh!?」


It was only when she found the red stain on her bed that she understood the meaning of that scream she did just now. Tomoko shed tears and stiffened her body, her face slightly reddened and trembling with all sorts of emotions right about now.


「Uuuhh…… Higuh……」 


It was Taketo who entered her forcibly just now. For a moment out there Tomoko thought that she was extremely happy with that, but soon she still could not bear the pain of having her insides being torn apart like that. Every time she would take a heavy breath, her chest, which was by no means large, moves up and down.


Taketo was her first sexual partner. It was something special for Tomoko, or at least that’s what she honestly thought. It was something that she was always dreaming of, and she was sure that she would always treasure that memory dearly.


(But this…… Something like this…… This is terrible……)


Tears started to drip down Tomoko’s face. Her body complained about the dull pain she was feeling, and the arm with which she was holding her sheets seemed to cramp up as well.


「…… What’s this? No way, were you honestly a virgin?」


To the unexpected situation, Taketo said in a voice that was exactly how he felt. The blood that was oozing out from Tomoko’s pussy was very warm and very slimy.


「Uuuhh…… Nnnhhh, kuuuh……」


Tomoko shed tears from her pain and shock, and hid her face with her hands. Her body was trembling, but still she was feeling hot around the place where her insides were entangling themselves around Taket’s dick.


Taketo made a clicking sound with his tongue after a moment of silence.


He really did not think she was a virgin. Yes, while it was true that Tomoko used to masturbate pretty intensely at times, it was still not enough to have her hymen torn, and it was still intact until today.


「Then, does that mean that you were playing with yourself so much until you got it this loose?」


In order to erase the faintest regret that had welled up inside him, Taketo spoke with a stronger tone than ever before. Tomoko’s body reacts with a startle. And this time her face was visibly flushed as she muttered.


「Nnnhh!? Ahh, umm…… T-That… that is……」


The pain and embarrassment gradually started to go away, and Tomoko tried to say something while worrying about the penis that was penetrating her stomach. But her stuttering tongue could not come up with any possible excuse.


「Wait, don’t tell me…… You were actually trying to insert something in there by yourself when you were alone in your room, right?」


「Ahh, umm, I…… I……」


Tomoko tried to cover up Taketo’s words, but what Taketo said was basically the truth. Tomoko could not help it but to make her voice tremble at this point in time.


On the usual night when she was alone in her room, she was doing just what Taketo described a moment ago, and he managed to uncover it so easily, even though no one really was supposed to know about it. Tomoko burst into tears at that very moment.


「That is what happened, right?」


「Hyaah…… Ahhh, I……」


Worrying about the movement of the mass buried in her body, Tomoko looked at Taketo’s complexion. The look on his face was the same one that someone strong would show to someone weak. A look of total contempt.


Taketo smiled inwardly at that expression, and this time he threw out his words with a tone that completely cornered Tomoko.


「Answer me.」


A strong voice filled with scorn. Tomoko lowered her eyes and nodded her head slightly. Her voice trembles uncontrollably.


「Y-Yes…… I was doing it……」


「Say it louder.」


Taketo looked down at Tomoko and spoke in an extremely high-handed way. At the same time, he would not forget to move slowly inside of Tomoko, who was no longer feeling any pain.


Tomoko managed to move her mouth while reacting to each movement of Taketo’s cock.


「I… I was doing it to myself…… Umm, naughty things… in my room……」


She was so embarrassed right now and her face felt awfully hot. She also felt as though steam would start gushing out of her ears any moment now.




At Tomoko’s reply, Taketo let out an amused voice and stared at Tomoko, who was blushing all over her face.


「Then, what kind of things were you imagining while you were masturbating? Come on now, tell me.」


Tomoko unintentionally averted her eyes from Taketo’s who asked her question with a nasty tone. She could also feel that the corners of his lips were all upwards, smiling in a nasty way.


(I can’t tell him something like that…… I can’t say that I was masturbating while imagining Taketo-san doing nasty things to me.)


「Could it be that you were imagining something like this?」


Taketo sharply thrusted his cock into Tomoko’s pussy, which was still bleeding quite profusely.




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