Inyouchuu Etsu Chapter 2 Part 9

Hatsune’s body then warped like a spring. Her hips floated up with repeated blows that they were receiving, even more when it looked like Tatsuki was about to pull out his penis from her, but it would just barely even stay inside of her. Both of Tatsuki’s hands were pressing down on the plump waist of the married woman, keeping her firmly in place and preventing her from escaping his grasp.

The young man would then lightly push his hips up and lift her female body that had been skewered from directly below.

[Fukyaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!? Nnnhh!! If you push it up so much, my pussy is going to feel it way too much! My poor pussy! It’s going to break! It will break into pieces! Stop it, please! Don’t kiss my cervix with your dick any more than thiiiiiissssss~~~!!!!!!]

Like a little girl experiencing her very first orgasm, Hatsune cried with her hair ruffled and her entire body covered in beads of sweat.

Grabbing the hips of the mature woman who was writhing like a wild horse on top of him like that Tatsuki freely toyed with her body, as if they were participating in the revered rodeo. His movements were not all that big to begin with, but it was more than enough for his tip to be mercilessly rubbing itself against Hatsune’s cervix, pushing the fleshy walls of her pussy to the sides. Hatsune’s own weight load was also added to the push-up from directly below her, and the mysterious movements of the undulations and protrusions of Tatsuki’s demonic dick stimulated the inside of her cavity in all directions possible.

[N-Nooo! Please, don’t!!! I’m cumming! I’m cumming again! Cumming!! Cumming, cumming, I’m cumming!!! P-Please, forgive me… n-no more……! I beg, of…… Aaahhh! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!]

Although he was the head of the strongest and the most prominent youma-exorcizing family in the entire village, her opponent was still a young man way younger than Hatsune herself. Even so, Tatsuki’s small and clumsy movements were playing with the body of the bewitching married woman, manipulating and playing with her pleasure in a way that was slowly and steadily driving her crazy.

Hatsune then came to a sudden realization: her mature body was simply converting the excessive pain that she was feeling into pleasure, as a sort of defense mechanism.

[Oh geez…… M-More! Please, give it to me more…… Your dick juice! I need more of it! I want it so badly! Please, I beg of you, let my slutty pussy drink a whole lot of it!!!]

In Hatsune’s mind, the image of her daughters was no longer present. There was only a maddening lust, a desire to suck Tatsuki’s penis in her mouth and to press her pussy on top of it as strongly as she could. And there was this bitch-like instinct, one that would cause her womb to ache and burn with lust, to have a young boy’s seed other than her husband’s instilled in her womb.

Her mature woman’s pussy tightened around Tatsuki’s cock with a raw strength that made it hard to believe that she gave birth to two daughters in the past, and from the back of her cavity all all throughout her pussy, a thick lewd juice was secreted from the place where their genitals were connected to one another, spilling out of her in a messy way.

[Hmph, even though it’s still a little bit early, but if you really want it so badly, I think I might be generous and give it to you. Because right now, you see, my energy is virtually limitless. You should have a taste of it for yourself, off that thick and delicious Seizure of the Defiled’s semen……]

Despite being at the mercy of this slutty married woman with plenty of leeway, Tatsuki bit his lip to suppress what was welling up inside of him all this time. The suppleness of the meat pot of a married woman who has matured so much was truly an exquisite experience to savor.

[Haah haah, y-yes, please! Give it to me! Just give it to me! Tatsuki-sama’s thick and delicious spunk! I shall accept all of it! I am going to drink it until the very last drop! Until your balls will be completely emptied!]

Tatsuki’s hands grabbed Hatsune’s arms tightly, making sure she would not be able to escape from him or back away..

He twisted his lips menacingly, and used the springs on his knees to push his hips upwards even more. When his demonic cock expanded vertically from where it was swallowed to the very root of it, the sharp tip pierced Hatsune’s cervix with ease.

[Uuuuuugggggghhhhhhyyyyyyiiiiiihhhhhh!? Uuuaaahhh, aaahhh, ooohhh, nnnhhh……!!!]


Hatsune’s abdomen swelled unnaturally as her body rose up with so much force that the obi belt of her kimono was torn to pieces. Even when her face was distorted from the excruciating amount of pain and she tried to lift her hips up and escape from this torment, she could not escape because her arms were being held firmly in place. A ferocious smile appeared on Tatsuki’s face as he grabbed Hatsune’s arm and pulled them down, forcing her to sit on his dick even deeper.

[Oh, don’t be like that now! Come on! Don’t be shy! Just take it! Accept it all like a good bitch that you are!]


As if to add another blow to Hatsune, who was already maddened with lust and pain, Tatsuki shook his hips some more, and a series of cannonball-like lumps came alongside with his thrusting pelvis. All the desires that he had been suppressing to the limit until now were released all at once, and the cloudy lumps of his desire that were shot inside of Hatsune’s pussy invaded her uterus violently, and Hatsune’s abdomen expanded as if she had become pregnant with a child in the blink of an eye.

[So? How is it? What do you think? Just so you know, I can still squirt out a whole lot more! So don’t you think even for a moment that this is going to be the end of it!]

[Kuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Nguuhhh, cumming, I’m cumming! I’m cumming from being creampied by Tatsuki-sama’s thick and smelly dick juice! Uuuhhh!!!]

The pleasure that Tatsuki himself was feeling right now could not even compare to the one that he was feeling when Yuu was using her small mouth to please him. No, the way in which Hatsune’s genitals were milking his dick out of his sperm was simply way too good to be topped by anything else.

A fountain-like discharge that could not possibly be produced by any normal men’s physiology was now being endlessly poured into the mature woman’s uterus. Moreover, it was way stickier and way smellier than normal semen, resembling glue with its constitution. And even though Hatsune’s stomach was slowly being inflated like a fleshy balloon, Tatsuki’s ejaculation did not seem to lose its momentum as he continued to flood her pussy with more and more of his liquid lust.

Hatsune had the experience of being pregnant with twins before, but the shock of having her womb to become inflated so much in such a short period of time was fundamentally different from that of normal pregnancy with a human child. Not only Tatsuki’s demonic semen was way thicker from the usual human one, but the sheer heat of his semen was like boiling water, causing her lower abdomen to become numb with pain. But more than feeling the pain of becoming pseudo-pregnant like that, Hatsune’s entire body was writhing with unimaginable pleasure.

[Igiiihhh, hyyyiiihhhhhh……! It hurts! M-My stomach! It hurts! It feels like it’s about to explode! Aaahhh!?]

[Oh, I would not worry about that if I were you. After all, the thing that is filling your insides right now is the youma seed.]


At that moment, an eerie sound leaked from the depths of Hatsune’s throat.

The head of the married woman was thrown backwards as if it snapped just now, as her eyes rolled inside of her skull showing their whites. Then she started to make sounds as if she was climaxing over and over again in rapid succession, until her noises became a jumbled and incomprehensible mess. Even for a woman who has given birth to two children in the past, it would not be strange for her female part to be irretrievably broken at this point, including her pussy and womb, due to an experience that could not possibly be comprehended by common sense and any normal means alone.

(It hurts, it hurts so much, I can’t breathe… but wait, why? What the hell is this? My uterus, it’s…… It’s burning hot now…… So unbearably hot……!!!)

Both pain and pleasure swirled around Hatsune’s womb in equal measure, evaporating the last dregs of her sense of reason. Just when she thought she was about to lose consciousness from being overstimulated, the pressure in her lower abdomen suddenly receded all at once.

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