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Inyouchuu Etsu Chapter 3 Part 9

Mikoto’s resistance would become even more futile when the glans of the man’s dick would finally screw themselves in. Rather than rejecting this sudden intruder, the feeling of oppression in the back of her intestines gave a weak resistance to the rugged weapon that was coming there and, on the contrary, it made Mikoto’s ass feel incredibly good.

「Ahyaah!? Fuwaah!? Ahh! N-Noo! Stop it! Don’t push it in any further!」

It was not out of displeasure or disgust that her confused voice leaked out. Mikoto’s butthole that swallowed the cock of the man was feeling all itchy and weird, and for some reason she was perceiving that unpleasant feeling as “pleasure”.

As if enjoying the girl’s innocent reaction, the man deliberately stopped going deeper into her ass, and instead he would gyrate his waist to the sides to give her an exquisite stimulation to her asshole. While blushing at the shame of feeling good from something like that, Mikoto bi her lips and forcibly tried to suppress her pleasure-filled voice.

Only by doing so could she show her resistance to her captors, even if it was going to be something that would amount to nothing in the end.

「Hmm… kufuh, kuh, tsuuh…………nnn……!!」

「Hmm, the way in which your ass tightens around my cock feels really good. As expected of the youma’s seedbed.」

With a sudden burst of thrusting motions, Mikoto made her big breasts shake and made her lean her back. Unlike hard and cold couscous, the meat stick of the man was burning hot and its elasticity would fit amazingly well into her butt. When the man began to shake his hips furiously, Mikoto almost swallowed her pleased voice with the sensation of flesh rubbing against her flesh.

(W-Why!? Why does this feel so good for me!? Aaah! T-This fucking asshole! For someone like him, to just stick that wimpy dick of his inside of my a-ass like that……!!)

Just as the man had said just now, due to the action of the youma’s bodily fluids that had burrowed themselves inside of Mikoto’s body, her senses had become strangely heightened and she was able to feel everything that was being done to her way stronger than she normally would. The shame of being fucked in a place that was so embarrassing even to be seen and should never be treated as a sex organ, it was something that was driving her senses even crazier. In response to the violence that was committed onto her, Mikoto remembered the feeling of something other than pain spreading throughout her body, which she regretted more than anything else in this world, as she was slowly succumbing to that feeling and was no longer able to fight against it.

With the rhythm of the man’s glans thrusting into the back of her stomach, she could clearly feel how his rampaging meat pole agitated the youmas inside of her stomach and intestines, causing them to writhe and rampage inside of her even more than before. But even that gross movement would only cause her body to melt away even further, filling Mikoto’s flesh and mind with unspeakable levels of sinful pleasure.


The rhythmic motion of pushing in and then pulling out of the hard, supple meat stick was starting to feel even better for Mikoto, amplified by the shame and embarrassment of knowing full well that this dick was going somewhere where it was not supposed to go to. She never knew that being fucked in her ass could make her feel like that. The man also seemed to notice this, and when he pushed his dick even deeper inside of her than before, his movements were slow and filled with intent, and when he would pull himself out, he would do so all at once and deftly poke all around the girl’s supple butt. Mikoto, who was unfamiliar with anal intercourse and how sensitive of an area it could be, was unable to believe the sensations that were rocking her back door all the time for a while now.

「Hyiiih! Fughyiiih! Uuughh…… Kuhh! S-Something like this…… This is too much……! Stop it! Stop it at once……!」

Moreover, the man’s penis was not the only thing that was stimulating Mikoto’s ass right now. In the depths of her rectum, a myriad of roaring small youmas would continuously move around the place, giving her a feeling of irritability that could never possibly be experienced through simple anal sex alone. In addition to the two different stimuli all at once, the youmas’ aphrodisiac-like bodily fluid aroused Mikoto even more, letting her experience in full the pleasure that doing it in the butt could bring. Mikoto was soon unable to raise her voice in opposition at all. The only thing that would continue to emerge from her mouth would be the hot and bothered moans as her pleasure and ecstasy would continue to rise up.

(I was in so much pain until just now, but now I can’t even remember what it feels to feel pain…… I can only remember just how good it feels to have a man thrust into my butt so furiously, and it feels just better and better with every moment……)

The way in which she was right now was so frustrating and pathetic, and she felt like she was going to burst into tears once more from all the aggregated emotions. Physically she still retained her precious virginity, but she could not stand the nasty feeling of having a dick stuck in her ass and that she was learning to love this feeling.

「Look at you. Even though you hated it so much not so long ago, now it starts to feel pretty good, right?」

「Nnnhhhh, muguuh, haah……!!」

At that moment a completely stiff an erect penis was screwed in between Mikoto’s lips, taking advantage of the gap where her consciousness was feeling as if it was about to fade away, which caused Mikoto to lower her guard. As the man straddled Mikoto’s face and sunk his hips down her throat, the sour and stinky smell of sweat approached her nostrils. The erect penis that was completely peeled off when you see it up close was not only grotesque but also gave off a strong and foul stench. The extremely filthy cock was so bad and foul that Mikoto was sure that its owner did not even put a minimum effort into keeping it clean, took advantage of the moment when she lost her voice unintentionally, and then a villainous meat pole was forcibly screwed down her throat even more.

Its eerie saltiness filled her mouth and the heat that seemed to indicate the man’s excitement made her look up, but the man plunged further and further down her mouth, as if trying to reach all the way down. In front of her eyes there were countless black and white stains from the strange feeling that a steel core covered in soft skin was filling her entire mouth, and she finally could feel that the man inserted himself into her throat as fast as the length of his dick would allow.

The moment when the man’s hard and disgusting pubic hair brushed against Mikoto’s soft skin and bulging throat, that was the moment when her breathing completely stopped for a moment, as if there was some shock that caused all of the air in her lungs to disappear from them all at once.

「Nguuh, mufuuh, nnnhh…… Ugupuuh… nnhh, nhaagh!!」

The man’s thing was absolutely huge, and it was not something that a mere clenching her teeth or biting would be able to stop. THe mucous membranes of her throat spread from the inside under its influence, and her white throat would rise and fall eerily with every breath she would take . The man grabbed her breasts with both of his hands and, using his entire body’s weight as a pushing force, violently raped the girl’s throat with his meat rod.

Mikoto’s maidenly limbs were violently shaken, and her lower abdomen, swollen by the youmas running amok there, swayed awkwardly.

(Kuh, it hurts so much! And it stinks so bad! My boobs hurt like they’re about to be torn apart…… But why…… the back of my stomach is itching so much……!!)

The salty taste and smell of the filthy man’s penis, she could feel his meat roar as it was crawling up and down her esophagus. Perhaps this was also the effect of the youmas’ bodily fluids, the suffocation feeling gradually faded away, and she was getting more and more accustomed to the movements of his meat stick rubbing her throat.

「Ooohh, for a mere seedbed, your throat is also really nice! I think I can feed you plenty of my precious seed that way!」

「I also can’t stand that ass of hers! It’s so tight and the youmas crawling about it are sticking to my dick! This is the best! I can’t!」


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