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Inyouchuu Etsu Chapter 4 Part 8

The Japanese sword lying beside her was, without a doubt, Mikoto’s favorite sword. She was still dizzy and her mind was clouded by a thick fog, but when she reached out towards it, another hand grabbed it instead.

「T-Takeru!? Thank goodness, you have regained your consciousness! Come on now, we need to get the hell out of here and……!」


Something truly hideous was rising between the legs of the beautiful bespectacled girl who stood up with Mikoto’s sword in her hand. The base of it had turned dark and was twitching as if it was alive, but it was nothing like a typical human male’s genitalia.

「W-What the!? H-How!? How come that Takeru…… that you have a dick!? Huh!? What is going on!?」


A cloudy fountain erupted from the tip of her meat stick that bounced up and down like a spring in between Takeru’s legs.


Every time Takeru’s dick would ejaculate some more, her slender body would bend backwards, and the tip of her stretched fingers would tremble with pleasure.

「Kyaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!? T-Takeru……!?」

「Aaaaaahhhhhh!!! …… Fuwaaaaaahhhhhh!! M-My dick! It feels so good! I feel like my dick is about to pop!!! Uwaaahhh!!」

Mikoto, whose entire head and face was covered with Takeru’s stinky sap that seemed to overflow endlessly from her dick, choked with the smell of semen that assaulted her nostrils.

The tentacle youmas gleefully jumped around in the cloudy flood that poured down on Mikoto’s arms and ponytail as she continued to suffocate with the nasty smell. It was then that Mikoto fell to her knees and she heard a sobbing voice coming from right above of her as she was still bewildered..

「Haah, hikuuh, hiiih…… M-My dick juice, I let it all out! I have let it all out, leaving not even a single drop inside of me! And letting it all out felt so incredibly good……!! But it’s not enough. I haven’t cum enough! I can’t wait to let out more and more of it! S-Sis, whatever am I supposed to fo here…… My poor dick…… Even though I let out so much of my spunk, my dick is still so hard and sturdy! My erection still won’t subside!! Ooohhh!」

「Takeru, just what are you even…… Huh? Kyah!?」

Mikoto was suddenly pushed by her shoulders, and she fell on her back. Unlike the absurdly strong Mikoto, it was strange for usually timid and powerless Takeru to act with so much force behind her, so that was why this action of hers was even more surprising. That was why Mikoto let out such a startled voice.

「You can easily tell by being able to look at it, Sis…… My dick! It’s not enough! Even something like this is no longer enough for it to settle down! My dick, my pussy and my ass are all burning, it’s like they are on fire! What am I…… Ahh, I don’t know…… what should I do for this feeling to finally go away……!?」

Takeru, whose face was all messed up and even had tears in the corners of her eyes, was acting like a spoiled little child again. Her erection and ejaculation did not fit in her delicate crotch at all, and she was squeezing it violently as if she was in a whole lot of pain. The juices left in her stem were also squeezed out by her fingers and stained them over and over again.

(No way, is this…… The Seizure of the Defiled!?)

Mikoto had heard that Takeru had become afflicted with this particular curse during one of their previous encounters with the youmas. Her sexual desire was ever since then uncontrollable when a seizure would occur, and she could only think of wanting more and more pleasure to quell it for the time being.

(I had heard about it, but for that calm and composed Takeru to become like this because of that……)

Takeru was now so absorbed in stroking her penis that Mikoto was honestly at a loss for words.

The phallus that grew between the slender girl’s crotch was more than a man’s vicious genitalia, no matter how one would try to look at it. Its reddish-black color was like that of burnt iron, it was thick enough that making a circle with your thumb and index fingers would not be enough to encircle it completely, and long enough to stick out from the top and bottom of her palms when she was gripping it.

When she squeezed it up and down with tremendous momentum, the cloudiness that spouted out of it would become like a sort of lubricating oil. Slowly and slowly, the skin and flesh rubbed against each other, and as the heated liquid started to emit a foul odor, Takeru’s face melted away in pleasure, and her gaze wandered in amazement all over the place. Her sister’s face, drowning in her pleasure, was so full of a really dangerous sex appeal that Mikoto became mortified in an instant.

「Stop it…… Please, Takeru, let’s just…… Just stop it, alright?」

Takeru surely was ashamed of her own immaturity herself at this point, maybe even more than the fact that she had been repeatedly defiled by youmas and turned into a horny excuse of a human being like that. That’s why whenever one of her attacks was about to occur, she would lock herself in her room and would see to it that the seizure would calm down all by herself. It was truly unimaginable to see that normally intelligent and composed girl with bloodshot eyes, stroking her cock like a monkey in heat.

Perhaps the stimulation of her penis in this way was no longer enough for her, and when she thrusted her hand into her crotch while holding her dick with her other hand, she rubbed her pussy with her free hand, occasionally stroking the base of her dick as well. The look in her bloodshot eyes was completely deranged and insane.

「Aaahhh!! Thirsty! So thirsty! My throat feels so thirsty! Help me! Help me, please…… Sissssss~~!!!!!!」

(W-What should I do here!? I don’t know how I am even supposed to stop the seizure once it has already started! And if we don’t get the hell out of here soon, the other Exorcists are going to come and catch us……)

Mikoto herself did not remember it quite clearly, but Tatsuki cast a spell on her that was similar to a Puppeteer Technique, using the occasion that Mikoto was still dazed and exhausted from giving birth to those youmas. Mikoto had no recollection of her having a seizure as she manipulated her tentacles in order to torment her younger sister and cause her to break into seizure just like that.

Unfortunately, since Mikoto was so preoccupied with being wary of her surroundings, looking for the signs that the other Exorcist might have been onto them already, she completely disregarded Takeru and what she was doing in the meantime.

「Hey, Sis…… It should be alright, right? Surely you don’t mind? Right, Sis? Haah, haah……」

「Huh!? T-Takeru!? H-Hey, wait a minute!?」

When she finally noticed what it was that Takeru was up to, Takeru’s face was approaching her own face right up front in a quick manner, and Mikkoto, who knew that her sister was aiming for their lips to overlap with one another, shook her body in surprise of that sudden kiss. Her sister’s body, which she would usually be able to easily push away or to the side, was extremely heavy right now for some reason, and she managed to lock her lips with Mikoto’s for more than ten seconds.

「Nhaah!? W-What the!? S-Stop it! What are you… Take…… Noo!」

When Takeru finally let go of Mikoto’s lips and allowed her to take a deep breath, the string of her saliva ran down her chin and dripped onto the floor. Takeshi looked down at her older sister with her dazed-like eyes that still managed to look like that of a vicious predator, and then she gently reached her hand and scooped up some of the semen that was still stuck to Mikoto’s cheek. As for Mikoto, she had seen those eyes before. She knew exactly what the meaning behind that gaze was. The feeling of her skin tingling all over just because someone looked at her, that was the same type of a stare that Shihouin Tatsuki gave her.

「As I thought, your naked body is something truly wonderful, Sis. So feminine and full of charm, a sight for sore eyes! Your breasts are so big and your waist is so slim! To think that you are still a virgin with your hymen well intact it’s…… unbelievable!」


At that moment Takeru gently stroked Mikoto’s lower abdomen with her slim and smooth fingers, and Mikoto froze up in response to that sudden stimulation. Takeru’s eyes were strangely sharp and focused right about now, and Mikoto was at a loss for words due to the unfamiliar sensation that was beaming from her right about now.

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