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Inyouchuu Etsu Chapter 5 Part 9

Mikoto continued to agonize, rejoice, and agonize once again in the endlessly intense orgasm that would not end anytime soon.

And then ———.

After pulling out its head through its cervix, a bluish-black lump of flesh started to crawl out of her.


The shower-like squirting of Mikoto’s internal juices intermittently continued, but she did not stop there. The white, muddy tide emitted a strong female odor that made you think it would actually be urine, and it was so thick and sticky, almost being mistaken for drool.

From the tips of her big breasts, two thick columns of milk, a large amount of milk shower erupted every time the tentacles would squeeze her there. The thick breast milk produced by her activated mammary glands was similar to how you would milk a dairy cow at the moment.

「Guuuhhyyyiihhh!!! Hyiiihhh!!! It feelsh good! Itfeelsh good when all of those juishessh are coming out of meee!!! The baby ish coming out of my pushshy! The baby coming out of my pushshy ish going to make me cuum shhooo mushshsh!!!!!!」


When even more of her huge belated flesh protruded, her pussy expanded all at once. An evil lump of meat that was too huge even for the birth canal of Mikoto, who has already transformed beyond the realm of a human being, started to squeeze its way through there towards the world awaiting it.

But even the pain of having her pussy widened so much by a hideous baby was now a maddening pleasure for Mikoto. Her eyes, once bright and jewel-like, were now completely empty, hollow cavities. Her gaze saw nothing, and from her slovenly opened lips there was nothing but a voice that showed her pleasure.

Her face, which had become a mess of tears, nasal discharge, and drool, was swung around, and the bodily fluids and mucus were dispersed in droplets all around her.

「Fugyyiihhh!! Guhihihihiiiihhh!!! It’s happening…… I’m going to give birth!!!」


Mikoto’s body jumped around many times with the force of tearing off her flesh tentacles, and the whites of both of her eyes peeled back repeatedly and she fainted in agony.

Violated by her own sister, forced to beat a youma child, and gave birth to it while being watched by other people so openly. Those who knew her. And Mikoto could not bear to look those people straight in the eyes, to witness just how pathetic she was right now. However, Mikoto herself was in a state of pure bliss at the current moment, and she was intoxicated with an out-of-this-world, insane pleasure.

And finally, from the inside of her crotch, who has exhausted all of her strength, a youma was born completely.

「Ihhhyyyiiihhh……!!! I’m cumming! Cumming! I’m cccccuuuuummmmmiinngg~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!」


「Ooohhh! This is……!」

「Tatsuki-sama, this is truly terrible!」

It wasn’t just a mass of raw flesh, it was a slime-like mass that looked like a mist of condensed spiritual power. It could not be said to match the power of the Oni Demon, but combined with the power sucked from Takeru and Mikoto, it would be more than enough to divide the soul of “Yamato” into equal parts..

Yuu let her tentacles absorb all the lewdness that was left in Mikoto’s womb and lifted her flesh in her arms.

「Alright…… Well done, you two. As for you, ready for the next step to take place.」

At the direction of Tatsuki, seven Exorcists surrounded Yamato who was still lying unconscious on the altar. But the girl holding the lump of meat in her hands just stared at the object in her arms and did not move even an inch.

「What’s wrong, Yuu? Let’s finish this horrifying ritual as soon as possible. You have fulfilled your duty splendidly. From now on, the Exorcists who have gained the power of “Yamato” will use that power in order to rule —— 」

「No, Brother. That is not how this is going to end. Or rather, I won’t let it end that way. At least not yet.」

“What?” Before Tatsuki could ask that, a gust of wind blew in and a tornado suddenly attacked the entire hall. It was not just a wind, it was a gale accompanied by spiritual power that tore the barrier created by the youma Exorcists into pieces in an instant, and the Exorcists were all repelled by the powerful recoil.


「F-For the barrier this powerful to be torn to pieces so easily……!?」

「N-No way…… the Oni Demon, it’s……!!!」

The light that illuminated the room all of a sudden had disappeared, and what stood quietly in the pale moonlight that was pouring into the hall was a woman with a terrifyingly cold beauty to her appearance. Her two horns protruding from her forehead indicated that she was indeed an Oni Demon.

「I am sorry for spoiling your little party, but I have come to pick up my dear nephew, Tachibana Yamato…… No, I should say “Yamato”……」

「You……! You are the Demon Princess of the Ikihime Mountain! Azami!!!」

「It’s been a long time, the head of the Shihouin household. And you…… you must be Shiratori…… Hatsune? Was it?」

It was indeed the Demon Princess that the Shiratori twins and Yamato met at the summit of the Ikihime Mountain when they went there for their final exam. Hatsune had heard the name from Mikoto and the others, but she was at a loss as to why this Azami demon appeared here now. On the contrary, she was frightened even more by Tatsuki, who gave her a piercing gaze, thinking that there might have been something more to that glare of his than mere hostility.

「Azami, you…… have you already forgotten about our agreement? Are you going to break that agreement now? Saying that you would not interfere with the way in which we decide to handle Tachibana Yamato?」

「No, the clan head. I have not forgotten about that agreement, so rest assured. However, I have signed a new agreement as well. One with someone who is of equal blood as yours. And the one that overwrites the agreement I had with you.」

Seeing Azami’s gaze catch the petite girl in the middle of the hall, Tatsuki’s eyes widened in surprise. However, the girl, Shihouin Yuu, called out to the boy at the altar in a commanding voice, almost the same in intensity as the one of the Demon Princess.

「The time has come…… Under a new contract, as the daughter of the Shihouin bloodline, I command you! Please wake up!」

The group of tentacles that were entwined around the girl’s arms slowly withdrew, united and settled into the boy’s lower body. Yamato, who had turned half of his body into that of a hideous monster, completely returned to his original form, and the boy’s eyes slowly opened to reflect the girl’s image in them.

「…… Hmph, I see. So you have already made your decision, Yuu.」

The boy gently stroked the head of the girl who said “Yes” and blushed her cheeks slightly. His current tone and gestures were clearly different from that of Tachibana Yamato. It was now another soul living in the same body, another “Yamato”.

When “Yamato” received a handful of flesh from Yuu’s hands, he uses his invisible power to turn it into a ball-shaped orb of light, and he swallows it in one gulp. Tatsuki could feel the mass of spiritual power permeating every corner of the demon’s body and making it become unbearable to withstand.

「“Yamato, you bastard……! How dare you lay your filthy hands on my dear sister……!」

「Oh, hey now, don’t you dare to pin this one on me, Big Brother. I am not the one at fault here. This is something that Yuu thought about and decided on her own. She visited me again on her own free will and chose me over you.」

Yamato…… No, “Yamato’s” words understandably came as a complete surprise to not only Tatsuki, but Hatsune as well. Certainly, after Yamato fainted, Yuu had a chance encounter with “Yamato” and was about to be violated by him. However, after Hatsune and the Shiratori sisters sealed “Yamato” away, Yamato’s body should have been strictly isolated and under observation at all times.

「I am also a daughter of a Shihouin family, please do not forget that. If I ever wanted to, this fact alone allows me to bypass at least several different layers of protection and safety mechanisms. However, I did not use that authority to be merely embraced by “Yamato”. I used that opportunity to clarify a whole lot of questions that I had in me, what I want to do what what it is that I should be doing.」

At his little sister’s unbelievable confession, Tatsuki stood still without saying anything. In front of him was a fully awakened “Yamato” and the Demon Princess Azami. At this point in time their ritual could not be continued, and dealing with two Oni demons with this number of people at his disposal would simply be an act of suicide.

「Why, Yuu, WHY!? —— Certainly, you have been worried about yourself and your aptitude to be a true Exorcist, but if you just carried on with the ritual as planned, you could have helped a lot of people! You could have saved a whole lot of people! Just because you feel inferior to everyone else around you, this does not give you the right to do something like this and ——」

It was “Yamato” who let out a sigh of exasperation at Tatsuki’s squeezing words. But it was the skinny, naked girl who gave “Yamato” back his powers, that opened her mouth to speak up.

「Brother…… Please. Those are going to be the first and the last words that Yuu is ever going to speak to you. So please, listen carefully to them, and try to understand. You don’t even need to answer me, just…… just listen, okay?」


Azami handed Yuu some spare clothes that she materialized and the girl wore them in a swift manner. Seeing her like that in front of his very eyes, Tatsuki suddenly thought that his slender, graceful little sister was like a celestial maiden.

「I… Shihouin Yuu, I love my brother. From the bottom of my heart, I loved Shihouin Tatsuki more than anyone else in this world. Not as a sister, but as a woman.」

Large drops of tears floated in her big eyes and rolled down her white cheeks.

The moment he saw this, a substance that was purer than any pearl, Tatsuki understood everything. What was the girl in front of him sorrowing about, what was she suffering from? Where did she find refuge when she knew she would never get what she really wanted?

「Yuu…… No, wait! Please, wait just a…… I…… I……!!!」

「Too late for that. She belongs to me now.」


Azami swung her arm a little bit and another huge gust of wind ran across the ceremonial hall.

Tatsuki, Hatsune, and, of course, the Exorcists were unable to stand and crouched on the floor so as to not lose their balance. When the wind died down and the moonlight and silence returned to the hall, the two Oni demons and the girl were nowhere to be seen.

「Yuu…… My dear, sweet Yuu…… I, what have I done?」

Tatsuki mustered all of his strength to look towards the moon that shone bright through the darkness of the still young night.

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