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Inyouchuu Etsu Epilogue


The following story is based on the testimony of Tachibana Yamato, who woke up at the top of Ikihime Mountain at a much later date.

When Yamato, who had been unconscious since the day of his final exam, woke up, he was stunned to see not only himself naked from the waist down, but also three people looking down on him for some reason.

One of those people was the Demon Princess Azami who appeared in front of him in his dream. She was an Oni demon who was the younger sister of Yamato’s late mother, and to Yamato, she was his aunt.

She has long had her eyes on the power of the Oni demon that was sleeping inside of Yamato, but due to her pact with Tatsuki, she has been unable to touch him and lay her hands on the power that was dwelling inside of him. However, she said that by making a new contract with someone from the same Shihouin family, she was responsible for separating Yamato and “Yamato”, and taking on the role of guiding “Yamato” after his awakening and separation.

[Yes, I understand that part, but… Y-Yuu-chan, this is, umm……?]

The young girl was wearing only a light robe, and as that robe fluttered gently on the wind, the young was at a loss as to where to turn his eyes and where to look. This was because the appearance of the boy who snuggled up to her as if they were two lovers was exactly the same as that of Yamato. He was wearing robes characteristic of an Oni Demon prepared for him by Azami, but his forehead had only a few horns that were barely even visible at this point.

[Well, it was to be expected. After all, I’m still just a baby born from this person’s belly.]

Then, he stroked the head of the girl beside him, making Yamato even more astounded. To Yamato who was taken aback by this scene, the girl blushed her face and explained in a flustered manner.

[…… And that is how I happened to collect a whole lot of erotic energy. I collected them from Mikoto-san and others and poured them into Yamato-san’s body, and had them poured into my womb to recreate the body of “Yamato”. That’s why this person is Yamato-san, not “Yamato”-san.]

[That’s right, Daddy.]

“Kukuku!”, “Yamato” grinned as he giggled in an annoying way, to which Yamato reacted with a slightly tired expression. Yuu was silent for now, but the fact that “Yamato’s” energy was poured into Yuu’s womb meant that part of his body was inserted into Yuu’s womb, or something like that… and it must have been spread quite violently.

(Oh, how come I don’t have any memories of that time…… I-Idiot! It’s not the time to be thinking about stuff like that!)

Even the Oni demon looked at the boy with a smirk. For someone who was this close to becoming a cripple for life, he seemed to be rather easygoing. TOO easygoing.

[Well then, we should head out soon, Yamato.]

[Yeah, I know. Ah! H-Hey! Y-Yuu-chan? Are you really going with those two!? For real!?]

He called out to the girl who had turned her back while “Yamato” was holding onto her shoulder.

He did not hear the details about why Yuu abandoned her hometown and her Brother, but he did know what it meant to go away from here with both Azami and “Yamato”. She would leave the world of humans and would never be able to walk with humans ever again.

(My mother used to be like that, too. Although she was a demon, she fell in love with my father, a demon Exorcist, and abandoned the world of demons to live with him. Can she really be happy that way? Was Mother happy that way?)

[Don’t worry.]

The girl who turned around had a carefree smile on her face that made Yamato feel as if his breath had been taken away from him in that single moment.

[Because from now on I am no longer Shihouin Yuu. I am no longer the person I used to be. Here I stand, the Oni demon’s wife, “Yamato-sama’s” wife—— Shihouin Yuu. That is my new name.]

In the next moment, the three figures disappeared from Yamato’s sight.


The trees of the mountains swayed, and the wind continued to the foot of the mountain and the ridge of the mountain beyond.

Yamato, who was left alone and descended down the mountain, went straight towards the Ayagami Village, which had been devastated in the short amount of time that he was gone. Not to mention the head of Shihouin clan, the other Exorcists, Hatsune and the Shiratori sisters, everything has disappeared and it has become an abandoned ghost village.

[What the hell is this…… Mikoto!! Takeru!! Hatsune-san!! Everyone…… Where have you all gone?!]

However, no one answered his call, and his final exam, fighting as a Demon Exorcist, and even his memories of his time spent at the Black Cat Extermination Brigade’s Branch Office began to seem like nothing more but an illusion to him.

[No —— That’s not it! It’s not an illusion. I know it! I WON’T let those memories be just an illusion!]

Yuu’s smile appeared in Yamato’s mind.

He had no idea why would Yuu choose Yamato, or in what way she was tied to him now. Much more what happened to her, Mikoto and Takeru. And where did they go?

But, if there was ever something that his work as an Exorcist has taught him, is to never give up. If Mikoto and the others are looking for salvation, he would definitely find them and save them. Even if he couldn’t save them, he will still do it! And that’s because Mikoto and Takeru should feel the very same way!

[Wait for me, Mikoto! Takeru!]

Right now, Yamato was about to embark on a completely new journey.

A journey to regain everything.

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