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Inyouchuu Etsu Prologue Part 1

The clear sky, which had been without even a single trace of a cloud just a little while ago, suddenly turned cloudy and from the inside of the dark clouds low growls could be heard in the distance.

Before long, the water droplets that began to fall from the sky suddenly increased in size and turned into a heavy rain that was so intense that you could not see in front of you for more than a few centimeters. Even though it was early autumn, the two people had no choice but to stop their advances as they climbed up the mountain path, which was covered with lush greenery.

[Damn it, now I’m soaking wet from head to toe!]

[They say the weather in the mountains can change in a flash, as we can clearly see.]

A girl wearing a long ponytail answered the boy who wiped his wet bangs from his eyes.

She had a slightly angling eyes, but her gaze was still cool, framed by her long eyelashes, which were giving them a lively glow. Her crossed nose and her fleshy lips were on the petite side and were well-proportioned. When she would walk around town, she would have ten out of then people stealing glances at her in admiration, and she was overall what you would call a smoking-hot beauty.

Her porcelain-white skin was pale, but not morbidly white, but rather vibrant and healthy. Her limbs were long, slender and supple, like the limbs of a swift horse. Her entire physique was making you feel that she was overflowing with positive energy, and was giving off a refreshing sex appeal that seemed ready to burst out of her. It was not a mere empty beauty with no substance behind it, but rather a dynamic sexiness so characteristic of youth.

Her boasted silky long hair was now a whole lot wetter, but on the contrary, it only added a mysterious color to her girlish beauty.

But the thing that would make her catch the most glances in particular was the area around her chest –––––– upon which there was sitting a pair splendidly volume breasts, who were happily perking up without sagging even a bit. Moreover, the wetness of her clothes would only accentuate her feminine curves even more.

Her name was Shiratori Mikoto. She was an apprentice exorcist affiliated with the Branch Office of the “Black Cat Exorcism Agency’”, a person who makes a living by hunting monsters called “youmas’ who skulk in shadows and cause harm to innocent people.

With her innate high spiritual powers and her inherent enhanced motor nerves, she was always the one to spearhead any fight against the youmas. Although she excelled when it comes to her finely honed instincts and practical aspects of fighting, she was really weak when it comes to theory behind her profession. Due to her innate dislike of studying, she had a weak point in that she could hardly master anything other than simple exorcist techniques.

[Brrr, let’s get this final exam over with, and fast. Otherwise we are bound to catch a cold in this rain. Let’s hurry it up and go to the shrine at the top of that mountain already…… Hm? What’s wrong, Takeru?]

When Mikoto turned back and looked behind there, there was a girl with short hair and wearing a pair of glasses on top of her nose standing there, making a somewhat difficult face.

In her hand was a plastic bottle filled with water, with Mahonia japonica leaves floating inside of it. Now, the girl was just holding the bottle in her hand, without actually moving it even an inch, but the leaves inside of it were spinning around, as if they were reacting to something outside of their container.

[……Huh! Is this the barrier that’s been interfering with us over and over again? So, does that mean that this rain is a form of a barrier as well?]

Saying that, the short-haired girl nodded her head and then pushed the metal frame of her glasses up slightly with her finger, her intelligent eyes shining with a brilliant light. At first glance, she looked like a handsome boy with and wore a boy’s uniform and there was an aura of quietness and tranquility about her. However, her dainty and soft body lines, her modest yet gentle curves flowing from her chest all the way to her waist, they were all unmistakably that of a beautiful girl.

This girl was Shiratori Takeru, and she was Mikoto’s twin sister.

Her short hair were adding her that grown-up appeal, but even so, her features were as beautiful as that of her sister’s, and it was not all that uncommon for her to be an object of affection from the members of both genders, especially since she had that whole “beautiful girl dressing up as a male” spiel going on about her. Her occasional melancholic profile also had a mysterious charm to it that would make her even more beautiful, but also difficult to approach.

Although she was Mikoto’s twin, it can be said that her appearance and personality were a complete opposite of that of Mikoto’s.

Her older sister, Mikoto, was cheerful and gifted with natural talent for combat, while Takeru was a woman of hard work and theory. Now, both her stamina and physical combat prowess were not at all that remarkable, but her other talents were more than enough to make up for that fact. In turn, she was always calm and composed, and above all else, her strength was that she was well aware of her own shortcomings. Therefore, she would always calculate her movements cautiously and carefully, not a single movement could go to waste with her. Like her older sister, she was still but an apprentice, but her peers trusted her deeply.

Just like right now: she took a step back from their current situation, assessed it properly and gave precise instructions as to what the three of them should do. Her knowledge of exorcising magic was comparable to that of an active exorcist, and above all, her curiosity and willingness to learn new things were all astounding. In that respect, she was also a polar opposite of Mikoto, who hated classroom lectures and detested any form on theoretical studying with a burning passion.

It was thanks to her knowledge of mystic arts that the three of them were able to climb up while releasing various barriers that were set up here and there on this “Imihimeyama”, otherwise known as “Purification Mountain”.

[I don’t think we can get past this barrier even if we keep on moving forward like this without stopping. It looks like a barrier that took a lot of time to properly set up, and it looks like it will take time to analyze it and remove it properly, as well.]

[So? What do we do now, Yamato?]

Mikoto asked, first looking at the face of her younger sister, and then shifting her gaze onto the young boy who was with them all this time. The boy’s name was Tachibana Yamato. Just like the Shiratori twins, he was an apprentice exorcist and a member of the Branch Office of the “Black Cat Agency”. However, unlike the sisters, Yamato did not have the outstanding spiritual powers and swordsmanship skills of Mikoto, or the knowledge of exorcism arts like Takeru did.

But despite that fact, Yamato had a different kind of power about him, something that was useful to the entire team and would oftentimes save them in a pinch.

It was the kind of power that was related to the boy’s origin itself. The special ability hidden in his very bloodline that could be a powerful advantage depending on how you use it. However, it was hard to say that Yamato had fully mastered that power and was able to control it, and using it in actual combat situation was actually bringing an entirely different kind of danger onto the table.

While the rain was getting heavier and heavier by the minute, the effective visibility of the three apprentices was already less than that of one meter. If they were to push themselves too hard here, they were running the risk of losing their sense of direction, and could end up slipping down up the mountain. Yamato looked as though he was deep in thought for a moment out there, but then a smile appeared on his face without hesitation.

[There is no need to hesitate in here, is there? This is our final exam, and it is clearly in a condition where the three of us need to work together in order to break through it, isn’t it?]

Yamato’s powerful words made Mikoto’s face light up in relief. Seeing that her sister’s tension had eased, her bespectacled twin also softens her expression and her mood lightened.

[Yes, that’s right. It’s best for us to do things the way we always used to: all three of us working together.]

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