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Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 3 Part 3




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko




A weak current swirls through her groin.

(Th, there’s no way that this can feel good…… Uuh!)

No matter how many times she told that to herself, that warm feeling raging in between her legs did not want to disappear. A whole lot of tentacles wrapped around her entrance, sending her fluids in ripples of joy, with splashing noises pouring more hot aphrodisiac into her body. Pleasure swirls at her entrance and goes all the way along her honey-stained trail, reaching the back of her urethra and causing her clit to fidget.

“Fuuh, uuh…… Aah, uuuhhh……!”

Her embarrassed voice cannot be stopped. Even gritting her teeth tightly does her no good. Behind the glasses, her pupils become blurred, moving back and forth as if losing their focus.

Her tentacle-tied breasts were also hot. Slippery meat string dig into them, squeezing them with so much force that they left red marks on her milky-white skin. Plump, swollen nipples rub against her shirt, further inflating them in a vivid sense, with a maddening aching.

(Such thing…… No matter how much, or how strong……)

Takeru, still scolding herself and resisting,


“Uuuh…… Ah!? Kuh, fuh, uuuh……!”

Her pubic area flickers with a sharp pain. Meat beads growing out of the tentacles stabbed themselves right into her breasts. That small pain causes her juices to leak, giving her clitoris a pulsing erection.

Twitch, twitch…… It urges the blood to flow into it, also coming in a small stream to one of the tentacles .

(Aah, no, don’t…… Don’t stir my, my body……!)

Thanks to the aphrodisiac it felt like a stung of a bee, her waist twisted violently. Intense current run up and down her spine many times. Letting out a voice as if she was in agony, her breast entangled in tentacles creaked loudly, her erect nipples almost broke out through the fabric of her shirt.

“Fuaah, uuh…… Kuh……! This, so much…… Uuuhhh!”

Somewhere at the bottom of her meat valley, there flashed a one-year-old sensation. Tired tentacles at her flesh petals noticed that her core started to spill more of it’s soggy honey, so they started to wiggle vigorously again.

Spreading her open, a current of joy is swirling out of her. Dazzling fluids and love juices covered her inner walls, reaching all the way down to her precious hole. They bubbled and boiled at her uterus. Her whole body is becoming hot, swelling in this tantalizing feeling.

(D, don’t…… I’m melting, I’m going to melt!)

Opposing her fleeting consciousness, her green pupils lost all of their light. Her skin under the glasses loosens, painted in lewd, cherry color. Her fine lips tremble, shining brightly, little by little spilling heavy sighs.

“Uh!? Aah, Nnh…… Kuuuuuuh!!”

Slop! Shlick!

Tentacles pry her open violently, sinking deep into her womb. Soon, her G spot is rubbed by a thin meat string, causing intense feeling to suddenly explode. There, a single tear of love juice drips, her privates trashing about.

“Fuaah, kuuh, aaahhh!”

Meat snakes wriggle violently inside of her, swimming through her canal filled to the brim with fluids and honey. One after another, they are mashing through her folds, intensely squeezing forward, spreading her.

Going crazy like that felt good, but at the same time it was a pure torment. At this rate it will be no good. Something thicker and harder, hotter, better and better ––.

(Th…… That wrong! Such thing, such, thing, thing……!)

She began to lose her reasoning to lurking lust. She tried to fight it but it became stronger, her womb over boiling.

“Kuh, uh…… Ah!? Wh, what!?”

Tentacles wrapped around her legs swelled, quickly lifting her hips. Bending the body, before her eyes there were demons raping her.

(Th, this thing, is……!)

Her crotch with torn clothes sticks out, so she can watch in embarrassment all those naughty tentacles. The girl is so scared of the tentacles thrusting into her that all of her willpower is gone. Not wanting to be defeated, Takeru was scolding her trembling heart, her green eyes shining with anger behind the glasses –– But.


From the centre of her swaying bulge near her secret spot, a bright-red cone-shaped thing is standing out. Wet and glimmering with fluids, it looks just like a dog’s penis.

Smack, smack, smack…… That hideous-looking object pushes aside the smaller tentacles, crawling forward to her entrance, approaching her scorching and wet cavity.

(No, don’t……! Something like that will not fit in there!)

In front of the trembling girl’s eyes is the premonition of incoming ecstasy, pointing it’s tip right at her hole –– Slide!

“Hyiii……! Aaah!? Ah, iyiii!”

Meat rod sears right through her delicate insides. A tremendous current runs through her naughty hole. Her vagina had been caressed and teased by those thin meat snakes, making her remember that fire-like burning joy.

Splash, splosh, smack, smack……

“Kuh, uuuhhh…… Aah! Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh!”

It slowly came in and out of her, slipping through her folds and sending a small droplets into the air wit an obscene sound. Hot. Thick. Hard. It was something else entirely from those thin tentacles.

“Fuaah, fuaah, fuuuaaahhh!”

Her crotch is swirling in a current of pleasure. She cannot stop her voice at all. Her body hugged tightly by demons, her raped nectar overflows, she swings back and forth obscenely.

Pump, pump, pump, pump!

There is an urge writhing inside the girls, as the red meat rod goes in and out, trembling little by little. Mashing her vagina’s walls, they turned inside out, making indecent sounds.

“Hyiii!? Hyiuunh!”

When it hits the back of her vagina with it’s tip, stabbing her uterus so that the carnal desire is spilling from it. From the top of her spine all the way to her backbone, the lightning shock is penetrating her.

Kakun! Kakun, kakun!

Her hips, filled with this intense feelings, began to move on their own. Aah, no, this is –– the swarming tentacles expelled from Takeru’s hole attacked her erect clitoris.
“Kuaah!? Hyii, kyiuh ––!”

Her meat bud twitched hard, reacting like that to only been nudged lightly. Her hips accelerate their embarrassing movements, sharp flashes running through her back.

Grope, grope!

Tentacles on her chest strengthen their grip, cutting even more deeply into her beautiful breasts. The bondage of meat strings around her little bud is growing, too. Her erect nipples are so hard that it hurts, sending sparks before her eyes when rubbing against the cracks in her clothes.

(Kuh, uuuhhh…… Don’t, losing…… I’m losing it!)

Joy burned into her secret place and breasts began entangle her whole body, becoming big and swelling, likely to wipe out what remained of her reason. Her hips won’t stop moving. She can’t stop her moans from overflowing.

“Hauuuh, haaaaaa! Hyi, hyaaa, hyaaaaaahhh!”

Her indecent voice echoes loudly, throwing the girl violently into deep and rough depths. Her disheveled hair are sticking to her skin, covered in beads of sweat. Behind the glasses, her green pupils are shining with enthusiasm, her face tightening and loosing in indecent spasms.

Thrust! Thrust! Thrust!

As the shining red meat rod violently picks up it’s pace, Takeru’s voice increases as well. Pounding her pussy inside out, droplets of liquid are silently send flying.

Mashed by that strong meat stick, she was afraid that at this rate it would likely break her honey pot apart. Hot, intense feelings assaulted her vagina one after another, which was brutally rubbing against the rod’s tip.

(Aah, don’t…… I’m losing it, I’m losing it, I’m losing it…… I’m going crazy, I’m going crazy!)

Tentacles entangled around her started to convulse, their crimson tips twisting and clinging to her. As if storing something in themselves, the tentacles twitched and swell ––

(Aah, aah, ah, naaahhh! I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m cccooommmiiinnnggg!)



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Her whole consciousness is blown away instantly, as if hit by lightning. She drifts away just like a stray arrow, reaching somewhere far away ––

(Ah…… Aaah, aaahhh……)

The inside of her head is going blank.

Her whole body is feeling strangely light.

Her green eyes sways back and forth behind her glasses, no longer reflecting anything.

Her secret area pushes upwards, and her erect nipples finally break through her shirt.

She bends and her slender limbs go limp in the grasp of tentacles.

(It, it felt…… so good……)

She lets out a long sigh of joy.

As she fell into a pitch-black abyss, sky and earth swirled before her eyes ––

* * *

–– Zapaan!!

Her consciousness melting suddenly, it felt like something plummeting into the water.


Taken by surprise, her mind quickly returns to Takeru,

“I threw it, Takeru! Are you alright!?”

Said Mikoto while desperately gasping for breath. As instructed, she drew the demons away from the school’s roof, towards the pool.

Hot flashes go through her whole body thanks to the cold water, her lingering climax disappearing like an illusion. Water beats Fire.

Broken magic barrier makes a sound similar to a shattering glass, the tentacles wrapped around her body get weaker in an instant.

On the other hand, Takeru has strong Wind power, and Water is weaker then Wind. Having her skin moistured with water, she started to regain her strength. Demons surrounding her all drop dead, making no real harm to her.

(Good job, Mikoto!)

Remaining grip loosening, some of them wiggle and run away from the side. Immediately looking back, the ones on her arms and breasts are still intact, even with droplets of water from her hair dripping on them.

“Oh thou, who travels between Heaven and Earth!”

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

The surrounding forest was astir. The wind gathered, shaking the trees, swirling around that beautiful girl that looked like a boy, holding many talismans emitting pale, blue light.

“I ask of you, lend me your strength, release!”

She chants the spell, and then throws the charms, finally managing to throw the demons off herself.


They raised a tremendous voice, violently falling on the ground, sliced. They wriggle there, causing water to splash, while Takeru points her finger at them.

“God of Wind –– with this talisman, crush my enemies.”

A clear, ruthless voice. Listening to their Lords command, the wind sets her free.

“Be gone, Demonic Flower……”


Suddenly, a whirling tornado occurs.

The demons raise their death cries as their sliced remains swirl in the gust, rolling the water off the pool and throwing it high into the black night sky ––.

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