Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 5 Part 3




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



But the very moment Mikoto looked around, that newfound confidence of hers was no more.

There were girls here everywhere, stuck to the reddish floor or walls, being constantly raped by the youmas and letting their cries out.

Some of them were naked, while some of them were still fully clothed, with youma’s tentacles finding their way through the layers of clothing to their ample breasts or under their skirts.

Some of the girls were on all fours, with the tentacles shredding their skirts and panties away, leaving them completely exposed and devoid of any kind of privacy.

One of the girls was suspended in the air with her legs spread wide open, with a thin, eel-like object playing with her pussy, trying to push its way inside of her. Some girls were left all on their own, inserting their own fingers inside of them or playing with their breasts. Some other girls were kissing each other, greedily devouring each other’s lips. Some of the girls were moaning without stopping, while others were unable to thanks to the tentacles clogging up their mouths.

(What the fuck…… is this……!?)

Aaauuuhhhnnn, fuaaaaaahh ––––––––– The lust-filled moans sound from all directions, overlapping and mixing, filling Mikoto’s heart with a feeling of both dread and terror. The air was stiff with a mixture of sweet and sour fragrance, and combined with miasma it stuck to the skin like glue.

(Youmas are……!)

She glanced over the youmas here, but none of them looked like the ones they fought with before. Instead, her gaze found a huge and oddly-looking statue right in the middle of this strange space.

(I feel like I have seen it somewhere before. Let’s see……)

Mikoto managed to focus on the statue and was now thinking intensely.

There were two large horns protruding from the statue’s head, curving gently. The statue’s face looked kind of like a goat. Its neck was unusually long, its chest was thick, and its arms were so long that they could easily reach its knees. Its legs were bending like a wild beast’s and its toes were seeping into the pedestal on which it was situated.

There was no doubt about it.

It was a statue of the Western demon.

Mikoto wasn’t sure of its name, but it was probably something like an Incubus.

A group of half-naked girls were flocking around the statue, rubbing themselves against it. That was enough of an evidence to support that theory. One girl was using the statue’s first to masturbate furiously. She was shaking her hips like mad, screaming in ecstasy. Other girls were even kneeling in front of the statue, licking and sucking on its stone penis.

(This is, horrible……)

The girls’ cheeks were all flushed deep crimson. Their eyes were wet with tears, hot moans were escaping their lips, and trails of saliva were overflowing from the corners of their mouth. Everything as a result of their ‘service’.

Mikoto felt that her chest was in pain. Because they took their sweet time with the investigation, so many girls were put under the evil demon’s spell. Driven mad with lust, they would be forever lost to society –– This was, this was so…… There was no time to lose! She had to act now!

“There’s no time to lose! I must hurry and save them!”

Mikoto lifted her head, and then she pulled out a talisman from her pocket and threw it. She put her hand to her forehead, traced a certain seal with her fingers and then threw her hand forward.

“Split both Heavens and Earth: Thunderbolt!”


There was a flash of blinding white light, and then a thunder roared throughout the cave. It was technique used for distracting rather than fighting, utilizing both sound and light in a similar way to a flashbang grenade. The affected girls stopped moaning and shaking their hips, falling to the ground one after another. Even the affected youmas stopped moving and slipped onto the floor like wet rags.

Upon seeing all that, Mikoto starts to act. She jump over the fainted girls and goes straight for the Demon’s statue.

“Cut my enemies with the radiance of the sun!”

She says the incantation while swinging down her sword, bringing down a flash of thunder with it.


Both the blade and the thunder hit the statue of the evil demon with all of their might. The statue was unable to withstand such overwhelming force, and shatters into tiny pieces!


Countless tentacles raise out of the fallen statue, catching Mikoto in a firm grasp. Mikoto tries to cut them all down, waving her sword back and forth. However, everytime she cuts them down, another keep on emerging.

(N, no way…… I broke that thing!?)

Then, behind the shocked Mikoto ––

“Ahaha~!! Now you’ve done it, Shiratori-san! Thanks to you, our Lord can now be revived!”

She heard Masumi’s frantic laughter.




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