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Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 6 Part 3




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



She could hear the girls’ hot and bothered moans and sighs all over now, their hot breath brushing against her skin.

“Your scent is getting stronger, Shiratori-san. Getting excited, aren’t you?”

“I’m not! I’m not getting excited! …… Afuh!?”

One of the girls licked her earlobe and another wave of electric ecstasy ran through her spine. She was overly sensitive right now, most probably because of the shame of being groped like that all over and having her crotch exposed in front of such a large crowd. The softness of their breasts pressing against her back, the warmth of their bodies –– Mikoto felt as though her sanity was slowly eroding.

(N, not good…… This doesn’t… look good, at all……)

She tried to contract her abdominal muscles, bite on her lip, anything that would help her stop feeling so much pleasure. One of the girls crawling in front of Mikoto’s crotch looked at her struggling, and asked with a nasty smile:

“Aren’t you feeling good, Shiratori-sama? If that’s the case, how will you explain this slimy phenomenon?”

“Ah…… Ahhh!?”


One of the girls puts her fingers under her skirt and stirs Mikoto’s crotch with her fingers, making loud and obscene noises in the process. Then she back her hand away, showing Mikoto the love nectar-covered fingers.

“S, stop… that…… Uuuggghhh!”

A hot sensation swells inside of Mikoto. She can’t help herself but to react to being touched by another person, and the walls of her pussy violently contracts against the girl’s fingers. However that wouldn’t stop the girl, who would constantly try to push her fingers even further inside of her idol.


Another fingers pinch on her now painfully swollen clitoris, and that sends another electric shock deep inside of her. Mikoto could feel blood rushing into her head, as the swelling pleasure was beginning to make her feel sick.

“Fuh, uuuhhhnnn, guh……!!”

She couldn’t stop her embarrassing voice from leaking out. She even bit on her lips as strong as she could, but that was still not enough to stop her from moaning.

“Please, answer me. Shiratori-sama.”

Pleaded the girl while assaulting Mikoto’s crotch without mercy. She looked into Mikoto’s eyes, her own glowing with a strange kind of light. Suddenly, the movements of her fingers changed, as if she was playing around with the beautiful Exorcist.

“Do you want ot pee, by any chance? Are you afraid you might wet yourself?”

“No, that’s not…… Uuuh!”

“Then, how come you’ve become so wet?


The girl intensifies the movement of her fingers. She tried to change the angle at which she was stirring up Mikoto’s insides, rubbing the edges of her cavity. It was as though there was a vortex swirling up inside of Mikoto’s pussy.

“It kind of smells like jam, don’t you think? Mikoto-sama?”

“Uh, ugh, uuuhhh……!”

No, stop, don’t say that! But even if Mikoto wasn’t told that, she knew it was the truth. Her insides were reacting strongly to stimulation, causing them to secrete love nectar. And it just wouldn’t stop overflowing. The girl continued to scrape, swirl and stir her up without mercy.


In the distance, the huge youma shook its whole body. It cocks its barnacles-covered head at Mikoto, and in the next moment a dozen of thin, small orange tentacles shoot out from its body, spreading Mikoto’s nether lips like flower petals.

She tried to ignore the sensation of being touched down there by the youma, but it was all but a useless effort, and soon her sweet moans encourage the youma to ravage her even further.

“Huh? Her boobs……?”

“For real. They are really heavy. Looks like you’re really feeling it, Mikoto-sama.”

Realizing what was going on with Mikoto’s breasts, the girls began to smile in a mysterious way. Groping her two huge fruits through the blazer, they bounced them up and down, trying to feel their weight.

“Fuah!? Kuh, ugh, nnh!?”

When Mikoto’s breasts bounced, a hot sensation began to spread throughout them. They kept on changing their shape under pressure of many hands, as well las their own weight. Mikoto’s nipples were also getting painfully stiff from all of the stimulation. Beads of sweat were also dripping down them, right into the valley of her cleavage. Her skin was more sensitive from all the stimulation. Every time her erect nipples rubbed against the cups of her bra, it felt as though an electric current ran through her breasts, making even greater mess out of her.

“Rejoice, everyone. Mikoto-sama’s breasts are top quality, and are for everyone in here to enjoy.”

“Really? Ahh, they are like a dream come true. My fingers feel as though they are going to melt……”

“No, nooo…… Let go, let go of me!”

Mikoto shakes her whole body trying to break free, all the while screaming like a little child. However, the girls’ grip was like pure iron, and no matter how much she struggled, there was nothing she could do about that. Masumi laughed at her, coming closer to Mikoto’s exposed crotch.

“What a naughty-looking crotch you have here, Shiratori-san? Are you perhaps about to cum?”

“Uh, uuh, uuuhhh!!”

Masumi ran her fingers through Mikoto’s skin, sending waves of pleasure through Mikoto’s body. At the same time, Masumi smiled innocently, looking just like a small child that just came up with a new form of mischief.

“It’s such a shame for you to keep you all to yourself, Shiratori-san. Everyone, why don’t you try to touch her directly?”


Hearing Masumi say that, the group of excited girls swarming around Mikoto answered ‘Yes!’ enthusiastically. Their thing fingers began to creep closer to Mikoto’s vagina, spreading her flesh petals and inserting themselves inside of her.

“Kuh…… Aah, nfuuh!”

STROKE! STROKE! –––– Mikoto’s privates were being playe with by the girls’ hard fingernails. They also rubbed against her clitoris, now swollen and painfully erect. Overly stimulated, Mikoto’s pussy started getting hot and secreting lots of love juices. Under the touch of the girls’ fingers, currents of electric pleasure ran through Mikoto’s spine time after time.

(D, don’t…… such thing, if keep, doing that!)

Under the extreme stimulation, Mikoto’s back arched strongly as her hips shook violently. Her skirt was rolled up again, and her panties were totally drenched at that point, wet with Mikoto’s love nectar and sticking to her skin. Below that sight, dozens of slim fingers were crowded around her crotch like a swarm of worms, their movements accompanied by wet and sticky sounds.

“No, don’t, why am I getting so wet from this!? Why am I feeling it so much from your fingers!?”

“I’m honestly surprised that you got wet so much. Shiratori-san, I thought that because you acted so mature that you would be acing more timid.”

One of the girls pulled out her fingers from Mikoto’s pussy, and seeing just how coated they were with love nectar, she began to smear it all over Mikoto’s plump buttocks.

“Fukuah! Wh, what are you…… Ah!? No, stop it, it’s filthy!!”

The girl’s fingers were drawing circular motions across Mikoto’s skin, and her pussy responded by gaping slightly. The girl’s fingers wet with love honey were working just like a tongue wet with saliva would. It made Mikoto think as though there were several swirling tongues now crowded right at her crotch, making obscene noises.



Their fingers screwed their way inside of Mikoto, against her tightening insides. With the lubrication coming from Mikoto’s own body fluids, they were going in surprisingly easy.

“You mustn’t, Mikoto-sama. It won’t feel good for you if you keep tightening up like that.”

“It, it’s not like I want to feel good…… Aaahh!? N, no…… Ah, uuuhhh!!”

The inserted fingers began to move back and forth in a steady, sloppy motion. Their fingers were also starting to play around with her anus.

(No, it’s dirty there…… Aah!? What!? No, why, how is this happening!?)

Receiving a lewd massage like that, her asshole began to react. Despite Mikoto trying to clench it tightly, it was beginning to gape and getting warm, as if inviting the foreign objects inside of it. Although that place was dirty and it should feel disgusting, Mikoto couldn’t help it but to feel good from it. As their teasing picks up its pace, the ripples of pleasure spread throughout Mikoto’s back and goes straight to her belly, forcing her to moan in an uncontrollable manner.

“Ara? Are you perhaps feeling it from your asshole, Shiratori-san?”

“……!? No, you’re wrong! Uuuhhh!?”

Masumi laughed behind Mikoto’s back and she tried to frantically deny her words. However, because of her hot moans it turned out as though she only confirmed her words.


In response to the girls’ fingering, Mikoto’s asshole began to ooze a transparent liquid. It keeps on spilling out from inside of her, making the sloppy noises louder and louder.




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