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Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 6 Part 5




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



The juices that leaked out of Mikoto’s pussy were thick and their droplets were the size of the tip of the little finger. The girls keep observing their way down Mikoto’s thighs and how they dripped onto the floor.

At the same time, an intense fragrance filled the room. It was sweet but also sour, making its way inside of Mikoto’s nostrils and making her head feel dizzy. Looking at Mikoto’s dripping pussy, the girls all laugh.

“Shiratori-san is such a lewd girl. You keep saying ‘No!’ or ‘Stop it!’ but the truth is, you really like it, don’t you?”

“She looks so pitiful right now, let’s hurry up and make her cum!”

Some of their finger slipped inside of Mikoto’s pussy, while other kept on rubbing her clitoris and abdomen.

“W, what are you…… Ahh!? Kuuuhh!”

Their fingers bend inside of Mikoto’s pussy, and in response it contracts around them. Mikoto’s love juices oozed out again, soiling the girls’ fingers. The cloth of her panties digs into her skin.


Her butt cheeks spread wide open, exposing her pussy. Her reddish meat overflows with thick juices, looking like some kind of an exotic fruit.

Cold air feels good against Mikoto’s burning flesh. No, it’s not that. Her mind was playing trick on her. In truth, the girls’ gazes were so hot that they were actually burning her.

“Fuah, uuuh…… Ahiii!!”

Mikoto felt a sharp sensation at the edge of her pussy. Her clitoris, now swollen and pulsating, was caught in between the wet cloth, rubbing intensly against it.

“That was some lovely cry right there, Shiratori-san.”

“W, what are you…… Ahh, nnh!? Kuh, uuugh!!”

The girls gathered behind Mikoto put their hands on her panties and tried to pull them off of Mikoto completely. This led to even more droplets of thick nectar to secrete from Mikoto’s pussy, serving as lubricant so the fingers rampaging around her crack didn’t hurt her in the slightest. Quite the opposite, actually –– it sent a wave of intense pleasure through her genitals.

“Fuaah, aah! Fuh, uuhhh! Kuh, uuuaaaggghhh!!”

Mikoto let out a loud and melodic voice, just like that of a stringed instrument. Every time her genitals were stirred and her clitoris was rubbed, a shock similar to electric current was running throughout her body. Shook with waves of pleasure, Mikoto’s body bends in indecent ways, and once she started, she couldn’t hold back her hot moans anymore.

“What a lovely voice. But, I don’t see much of a change.”

One of the girls smiles indecently while groping Mikoto’s breasts, and then pinches on her nipples as hard as she could ––––––!!


A sharp sensation ran to Mikoto’s very core. She lets out a scream and her whole body bounces wildly. Violently stirred, her insides contracts around the fingers which were entering her, sending splashes of thick love nectar high in the air, shooting through the wet cloth.

“Ahaha! So interesting! More, please show us some more, Shiratori-san!”

Urged by the voices of her friends, the girl pinches Mikoto’s nipples again, additionally twisting them.

“Fuguh!? Aah, nnhuughn!”

Stimulated, Mikoto’s nipples stiffened like crazy. Waves of pleasure surges inside of her one after another. Mikoto thrashed about, her breast feeling hot and numb from all of the sensations. Her right breast, still covered in the bra’s cup, rubs against its fabric, intensifying the pleasure. –– RUB! RUB!

Such amount of pleasure was proving too much for Mikoto to bear.

“Kuuuh, ahh, uuuhhh……!! Uuugh, uuuhhh!!”

Mikoto’s insides secreted so much juices that her whole lower body was now drenched. Her breasts felt like they were on fire, assaulted by the girls’ slender fingers. The pleasure keeps on travelling throughout her body, from one erogenous zone to another. Her whole body started to quiver uncontrollably as her skin was becoming more and more flushed.

(F, for me to be this…… No! Stop it! This is wrong! It’s not right!)

The only reason she was feeling this good was because of Masumi who wanted to revive the heretic demon god –––– And that fact was hurting Mikoto’s Exorcist pride. All of a sudden, Takeru’s suffering image flashed right in front of her eyes.

She can’t lose, she absolutely can’t lose here…… However, she was powerless against the current of wild pleasure which were slowly raising inside of her crotch and spreading throughout her breasts. She felt as though a burning fever was beginning to consume her.

Her chest burning with desire, her crotch overflowed with love juices. Her asshole, gaping wide and pleasantly warm for a while now, was covered in a thin layer of her own love nectars, which continued to flow no matter how hard Mikoto was trying to resist. Anything more and Mikoto felt as though she might as well lose herself to the surging pleasure.

Then, Masumi turns towards lewdly shivering Mikoto.

“Shiratori-san, are you a virgin, by any chance?”

She then asked Mikoto something completely surprising.

“W….. Why are you asking… something like that……?”

Mikoto’s face suddenly got brightly lit. The memory of that one time she got raped emerges inside of her mind, filling her chest with unpleasant tightness.

She was assaulted by her childhood friend, Tachibana Yamato, during their last mission together. Yamato, whose excitement was raised as a result of youma’s curse, managed to take her by surprise and pin her down on the floor, trying to push his rock-hard and burning hot penis inside of Mikoto, completely unaware of what was going on. She didn’t wanted to experience something like that ever again.

“I think it would be such a waste if we just straight up violated you right here right now. Oh yes, that’s right.”

Says Masumi as she brushes her hair while also getting closer to Mikoto, causing her face to turn bright red in shame.

“How about we start with this cute little asshole over here?”

As per Masumi’s instructions, the girls moved, spreading Mikoto wide open.


As Mikoto’s hot insides were exposed to the cold air, her body jerked uncontrollably. Her asshole now stretched wide open, it was the most peculiar feeling.

“Ahaha, how cute! It’s so wet and so sloppy!”

“It seems like you don’t play with it that often. It looks almost untouched to me.”

The girls’ voices as they were stirring Mikoto up and playing with her butt made her feel as though she wanted to die out of shame.

(I, it’s okay…… There’s no possible way that I’m going to cum from having my butt played with……)

Mikoto kept on telling herself that the shame and embarrassment were far greater than any pleasure she was feeling out of this.

That hole was normally used to excrete, it was not meant to be used as a sexual organ. But even so, the movement of the girls’ fingers was speeding up, sending waves of heat throughout Mikoto’s body ––––.


Their thin and silky fingers concentrated their caresses around Mikoto’s sphincter. Mikoto was expecting finger anyway, but when something else touched her butt as well, she let out a scream that was quite different from all others she let out so far.

(Wh, what? What the hell, is this!?)

Mikoto’s but was touched with something that was warm, slimy and really resilient. Also, what assaulted her but was the sensation of hair tickling her cheeks and warm breath being blown against her skin.

“……!? No, don’t, I don’t want to, it’s dirty there! Don’t, don’t lick me there…… Nooo!”

Mikoto desperately tried to shake her butt in an attempt to escape, but the girl who caught her wouldn’t have that, as she drew her face closer to Mikoto’s butthole. Skillfully using her tongue to enter Mikoto’s rectum, she was squeezing her way forward while moisturizing Mikoto’s insides with her saliva.

“Please don’t struggle so much, Mikoto-sama. Otherwise it won’t feel good for you at all when we use THIS.”

One of the girls presented Mikoto with a rod-like object.

The rod looked as if it was made out of shiny, sticky, rubber-like substance. It was about fifteen centimeters long and was covered with beads all across its length, each the size of the ping pong ball.

(What is this!?)

Mikoto immediately understood that it was some kind of a sex toy. However , she wasn’t sure about the way in which it was supposed to be used. Noticing Mikoto’s frightened look, one of the girls laughs and pushes a small switch at the bottom of the toy with her finger.

BZZZZZZZZZZZZ, BZZZZZZZZZZZZ…… The beaded string begins to shake mechanically, accompanied by the sound of vibration.

“This, this shall go all the way inside of your asshole, Mikoto-sama.”

“Wh…… What the hell does that supposed to mean!? What are you, talking about, noo, stop…… Stop it, stop it!”

Warm tongue slips its way inside of Mikoto’s anus again. Were they trying to apply as much saliva as they could to her insides? Under the pressure from the girl’s tongue, Mikoto’s insides shift and bend. Even warm and wet lips are now being pressed against her rear exit,

(Uuuhhh!? W, why, how!? It’s my ass…… so why!?)

Feeling it from her ass for the first time in her life, Mikoto couldn’t contain her shock.

“It’s alright, Mikoto-sama. We must make sure that you are properly lubricated before we stick that inside of you.”

“Ah, in that case, I must make this thing nice and wet as well.”

One of the girls smiles in an indecent way while looking down at Mikoto, shaking the anal vibrator and making it work again. She then licks it across its whole length, coating each and every single bead with her saliva. Her tongue stretches as it searches for every single nook and cranny –– Was this place build and equipped just for Masumi to practice her heretical magic in here, committing indecent acts almost every single night? The girl keep on sucking the vibrator, making it ready to be inserted inside of Mikoto’s dirty asshole.




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