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Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 6 Part 7




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



“Oh no, it must be quite a problem, Mikoto-sama. Your boobs are so heavy!”

“I wonder if there’s milk inside of them? Let’s find out!”

They then proceeded to caress her breasts and nipples as though they were milking a cow. Under their touch, Mikoto’s breasts felt hot and pleasure began to accumulate inside of her breasts. Her nipples were so swollen right now that Mikoto was afraid they might pop at any second. But no matter what they did to her, no milk was coming out of her nipples.

“Kuh, uuuggghhh!!”

Her breasts, squeezed by so many hands, felt burning hot. Her nipples were overly sensitive, and even the touch of cold air was enough to send weak currents through her skin.

(S, stop it…… Please, stop iiittt!!)

Feeling pleasure awakening inside of her stomach, Mikoto began to shake her whole body in order to protect her breasts from being violated by the girls’ touch. BZZZZZZT –– the anal vibrator kept attacking her insides, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body.


As Mikoto’s hips jerked uncontrollably, hot waves kept on running all the way across her spine from her asshole.

“Ahaha! Look, look! Mikoto-sama is shaking her butt so much!!”

Even though the girls’ laughter burned her like hot iron, Mikoto was unable to stop her hips from bouncing. As soon as she was aware of that fact, her rectum clasped even tighter around the vibrator in her ass. Her uterus was burning up miserably, her knees felt weak and her love juices were overflowing without any signs of stopping.

Her uterus was burning up miserably, her knees felt weak and her love juices were overflowing without any signs of stopping.

“Hafuh, fuh, uuh, uuuh, uuuuhhhh……!”

Her hot moans were coming endlessly. He couldn’t stop the shame from overflowing. The pleasure that was slowly building up was growing and growing.

(My…… My ass! I’m feeling it…… from my ass……!)

The more violated her ass felt, the more Mikoto was starting to feel it. Comfortable electric current was swirling deep inside of her sphincter muscles that were coiling around the rubber beads, and stimulated by the thickness, her ass was secreting thick liquid which was leaking out of her.

“My, oh my. Look just how many juices are overflowing from Shiratori-sama’s pussy!”

“Kuuh…… Nhaah!? No…… Stop, eeeh…!?”


Her pussy was making lots of loud and obscene noises. The girls pick up any nectar that spills out, only to massage it back into her pussy.

“Ah, Senpai, that’s not fair! I wanted to play with Mikoto-sama as well!”

One of the girls, jealous of her elder, shifted her hands from Mikoto’s abdomen and rubbed the edge of Mikoto’s pussy vigorously.



Intense feeling rips Mikoto’s pussy apart.

The girl’s thin fingers uncovered Mikoto’s clitoris and pinched it as hard as she could. The current that ran through Mikoto’s pubic bones and spine was unlike anything she ever felt before. Her butthole clenched. Clamping painfully around the toy, it was absorbing its intense vibrations.

“Fuah, Fuaaah……! Aaauuuhhh!”

Mikoto’s skin was shivering and trembling.

Her womb was swelling and her pussy felt as though it was on fire.

(No, nooo…… Not like… not like this……!)

Feeling her breast being groped so violently, she felt as though there was a fever spreading throughout her chest, driving her crazy.

The pleasure was swelling even more, there was so much of it that it started to hurt. There was something deep inside of her, growing and swelling, about to burst.

There was so much friction around her ass and pussy that she thought that sparks may start to fly in the air from all of it. When her erect clitoris got pinched again, Mikoto could feel a flash of lightning travelling along her spine and white stains blossomed before Mikoto’s eyes.

“Haa! Nhh, ah, uh, ahuuh, aah, aaaah, ah, haaahnhh!!”

Mikoto’s ass was driving her insane with pleasure.

Masumi was watching her, she couldn’t cum right before her eyes! Mikoto was desperately trying to resist, but her mind was already filling up with thick pink mist.

Her whole body right now was like a balloon filled with to the brim with pleasure, about to burst. If they were to do anything more to her , she would surely succumb to pleasure.



An amazing sensation ran through Mikoto’s breasts.

Her nipples, so painfully erect, were pinched by their hard nails.

“Hahii, hahii, hyiiiiiiiii––!!!”

Having those intense sensations reverberating through her breasts and ass, Mikoto was finally about to cross that thin line that she wanted to avoid crossing this entire time.

The electric currents that were swelling up inside of her pussy finally surged, shooting throughout her spine right into her brain.

Overcome with the pleasant sensations, Mikoto was no longer able to keep her voice in check, letting out one hot moan after another.

The rubber toy twists and shakes inside of Mikoto’s ass, violating her insides.

The hot wave of orgasm ran through Mikoto’s body like a tsunami, heightening her senses to their limits.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! No, I’m cumming! I’m going to cum from my ass…… UUUUUUHHHHHH!!!”


As Mikoto’s whole body trembled, her eyes were clouded by a sharp flash of pure white.

Mikoto’s ass and breasts were flushed red, and her whole body shook violently.


One last gush of love juices squirted out of her, tainting the hands of the girls that were crawling all around her.

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