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Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 7 Part 2




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



One of the girls opened her mouth and brought it closer to Takeru’s swollen member, narrowing her eyes and starting to shake her head vigorously. Suck, smack, slurp, wet and obscene noises began to reach Mikoto’s ears.

Takeru’s fair profile would twist and shake as a result of the girl taking her thick and throbbing member all the way down to the back of her throat.

[Ugh, it’s all lies, Mikoto! Don’t listen to them!]

Takeru screamed like that in between her hot moans.

[S, so overwhelming…… This, thing……]

Takeru’s arms shook so much that the girls had trouble with holding her down.


The red meat stick sticking out of the girl’s cute mouth was throbbing and twitching like crazy, flipping her skirt upwards and pushing the fabric of her panties to the very limit. The thickness of this thing was simply disgusting. Looking towards Mikoto, Masumi seemed really pleased with herself.

[See just how strong the euphoric effect of the curse is? It goes to show just how powerful the magic of youmas really is. It cannot be easily removed. But it surely can be relieved. Because the power of the curse grows weaker each time it is discharged, should everyone commit to the task, it can surely be done. Once we get rid of the curse, your little sister’s penis should all up disappear.]

[D, don’t…… Mikoto…… If they keep on doing that… the desire will… consume me…… Uuuuhhhh!]

Takeru, having her gross dick sucked furiously, shook her head wildly as her face blushed behind the glasses. Even looking at her was painful right now. Mikoto wasn’t sure if it felt good or was it painful, but it sure didn’t look pretty.

[I, I understand! You don’t need to say anything more, Takeru!]

The more lust grows, the more powerful the curses. If you were an innocent and decent person you would be able to avoid them up to some extent. Right now, Takeru was doing her very best to fight the curse that was ravaging her, even though she was doing that at the expense of her own health. Then Mikoto needed equally strong resolve inside of her heart to save her suffering little sister.

[We cannot lose. On the name of Shiratori, we won’t lose to youmas!]

[Oh my, what a brave thing to declare!]

Masumi smiled even brighter, and that smile made Mikoto’s blood freeze in her veins. That sweet, oh so sweet, angel-like smile. No matter how twisted she truly was, nothing could wipe that smile off of her lips.

It was only a given.

Masumi has total control over pretty much everything inside of this space. All of the girls here are under her spell and all youmas come from her. Mikoto was unable to stand up, numbness still lingering across her body. Takeru’s bloated clitoris looked so painful that she most probably wouldn’t be able to stand up properly on her own.

In such state, none of them would be a threat to Masumi.

[Well then, let us do this: those of you who already relieved Takeru-san shall attend Mikoto-san, and the ones who attended Mikoto-san shall help Takeru-san relieve herself.]

Hearing that, the girls began to act in unison, as if coordinated by some kind of an invisible force. The girls who held Takeru down began to gather around Mikoto, and the girls that gathered around Mikoto went for Takeru.

[W, what…… No, stop it!]

Soon, Mikoto was grabbed by her ponytail and dragged forward. Her body was also pinched and grabbed from behind.

Unlike the previous girls, these ones were pretty violent. The kicked her, knocked her back and sat on her joints to prevent her from moving.

(Why!? How!?)

Mikoto couldn’t understand. It was Masumi who was the bad guy here, she and Takeru were only trying to save everyone! So why were they so violent with them!? The girls continued to straddle her, holding her body firmly in one place.


They were girls as well, but they were so heavy. Mikoto’s arms were twisted and her lower body pushed up, her chest being crushed against the ground. Mikoto could feel the coldness of the ground sinking into her breasts. It felt as though the cold hands were groping her all over. With her right breast still covered by her bra, her right nipple was rubbing against the fabric, irritating her sensitive skin.

Her waist was being pushed up, opposite of her breasts. It was an embarrassing position, the one that made her look almost like a dog or a frog, with her legs spread apart and her pussy clearly exposed.

(N, no…… Stop it!)

Her skirt was rolled up from her shivering butt. Her drenched panties were ripped off from her nether regions completely.

When her pussy was exposed to the cold air completely, cooling its burning temperature, the surrounding girls all sighed with admiration. With clear envy and jealousy, they admired both her peach-like butt and pink pussy. Her skin shivering and trembling, it was a sight to behold for the eyes. Mikoto’s asshole, still spread and wet from all the violating that the toy submitted her to, was twitching gaped as if it wanted more.

(Don’t look, don’t look at me……!)

Mikoto could feel the cold stares of girls’ eyes on her ass. She was painfully aware of the places they were staring at. The stares were so intense that they could probably see right inside of Mikoto’s hole.

Feeling the girls’ touch, her pussy and ass were making obscene wet noises regardless of Mikoto’s will.

The folds of her pussy, inflamed and wet from the aftermath of her climax, was being crushed under the weight of Mikoto’s love juices-stained flesh. She could feel that the pleasure began to rise all over again at the very back of her pussy. Her juices began to overflow again, spilling out onto her thighs.

[What a naughty ass you have, Mikoto-sama. You are even naughtier than Takeru-sama.]

[Your butthole is gaping so wide, it must be really hungry.]

[Just look at your pussy, so much love juices are leaking out of it!]

Being compared to her sister made Mikoto’s embarrassment surge. Takeru was always the smarter of the two, combining both beauty and smarts. And even though Mikoto was always depending on Takeru in times of need, this time around she needed to be the one to act.

[Kuh, aaaahhhhh! Ah, s, stop, stop it!!!]

Mikoto’s voice followed closely the wet sounds her body was making.

Mikoto’s body shivered and tightened like crazy. At the same time Takeru’s body also twitched in pleasure, so much that her glasses shifted. All the while the girls kept on teasing her swollen clitoris. Mikoto could only watch in terror as the small hands clasped around the horrific thing, stroking and jerking it without mercy.

[T, Takeru, uuh……!]

Don’t, please, stop hurting my sister anymore! Mikoto wanted to cry like that, all the while rubbing her cheeks against the cold floor, unable to move even an inch.

[What are you even talking about, Onee-sama?]

One of the girls sitting on top of Mikoto slapped her ass with her hand. Mikoto’s flesh made a loud and dry sound upon impact.

[It is because of your own sloppiness that Takeru-sama ended up like that.]

With yet another slap, Mikoto’s butt shook and trembled. There were bright, red-colored marks in shape of hands left on top of Mikoto’s delicate skin.

[Uh, uuuhhh……]

The words that the girls threw at here hit harder than any slap she might have to endure. And even though Mikoto knew their words were the truth, she didn’t want to admit it. Beads of tears began to gather in the corner of her eyes.

[Takeru-sama is suffering because of your failure!]

[We are trying our best to relieve her, but Takeru-sama’s dick only keeps on growing!]

While spouting those words, the girls that flocked around Mikoto kept on slapping her butt without holding back. With each consecutive slap, Mikoto’s but was turning redder and brighter. The pain was soon replaced by a sense of numbness, and while Mikoto’s pleasure was beginning to raise once more, even the slightest blow of breath was enough to turn her skin into one big erogenous zone.

[Even though you are such a useless Elder Sister, there is still something even you can do!]

[Fuh, uhh……?]

Suddenly, Mikoto’s heart shivered upon hearing the girls’ words. This feeling managed to beat even the heat of being slapped repeatedly. If there really was something she could do, she wanted to do everything she could!

[Ah! N…… Nooo……!!!]

There was something hot and thick being pressed against Mikoto’s butthole. It was something way thicker than the previous vibrator. And harder. It was something similar to a male member being pressed all over Mikoto’s crotch right now.




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