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Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 7 Part 5




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



There was a whirlpool of pleasure slowly raising at the back of Mikoto’s genitals. The tip of the girl’s dick was reaching so deep inside of her womb that she thought she might pass out from the ecstasy. The girl’s hips continue to pound her pussy. Mikoto’s crotch was unable to take it anymore.


The tip of Mikoto’s bloated clitoris rubbed against the girl’s pubic hair. Mikoto’s nerves were assaulted by the sudden pleasure that the girl’s hair were giving her, ecstasy making her unable to think rationally.

[Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!? M, my body, it moves! It moves on its own!]

Assaulted with wild pleasure, Mikoto’s pinned down body was twisting and squirming. The joy of having her body played with was driving her crazy, making her chest bounce violently like a pair of wild beasts. Each time they bounce against one another it felt unbelievably good.

[Ugh, uuuhhh~! W, wonderful! You are so hot and slippery, Onee-sama…… My dick, it feels as if it is going to melt! Kuh, uuuhhh!]

Moans the girls while swinging her hips wildly, her cheeks red from amassing pleasure.


Mikoto’s pussy makes lewd sounds every time the girl’s dick rams itself inside of her and then pulls back.

The girl’s glans smash themselves into the delicate back of Mikoto’s womb, spreading sparks of ecstasy across Mikoto’s body. Those feelings were slowly building up, spreading like waves across Mikoto’s spine, making her back arch over and over again.

[Aaaggghhh!? Kuah, aaah, uuuaaaggghhh~!!]

Mikoto kept on screaming in pleasure, thrashing her long red hair about. Her voices were reaching out to all of the girls present, making her feel even more embarrassed.

[N, noo, don’t please, stop it, let me go~!]

She tried to escape from building pleasure, but her limbs could only twist unnaturally, making her unable to do anything. The more she struggled, the more she was feeling it.

Her breasts spill to the sides under their own weight, further assaulted by the girls who wanted to see if she had milk inside of them. The heat accumulating inside of them was almost unbearable. When the air caresses her nipples and the pleasure assaults her senses with relentless tenacity.

The girl’s dick continues to penetrates her skin violently, sending ripples throughout her delicate flesh, trying to reach even deeper inside of her. Her baby penis continues to rub against the girl’s pubic hair. The sensation traces all the way back inside of her pussy, causing her to gush even more love juices. Combined with the sensation of being penetrated, it was turning Mikoto’s mind inside out.

[Fuahyii, hahii, hahyiiiiii~!]

The pleasure was gradually overtaking Mikoto’s mind, swallowing her whole. Her whole body was becoming hot. She thrashes her head around like an animal locked in a cage. She could see white and black stains of light flash before her eyes as the pleasure rose.

[Aaaaaahhhhhh! Haah, dooon’t! I’m cumming, I’m about to cum! Oh god, I’m cuuuuuumming~~~!!!]

At that moment a huge and hot shock began to run through her spine.


Hot spunk began to flood her pussy as well.


A crack of white lightning strikes through Mikoto’s head.

Her body curls up like a spring, and a bright flush spreads throughout Mikoto’s abdomen and thighs. The girls’ arms and hands grasp her firmly, holding her in place and preventing her from breaking free. Mikoto’s pussy twitches violently as her legs shake so much that they start to hurt ––––


Mikoto’s love juices gush out of her pussy, splashed around thanks to the dick that was still thrusting inside of her.

(Ahh…… Ahhhhhh…… I… I came so hard……)

The sense of satisfaction was slowly overtaking Mikoto’s mind.

Her cheeks flushed red, any light of reason that was left in her eyes was now gone.

Takeru was right next to her and she wasn’t able to help her…… The indecent pleasure completely overtook her and her strength was quickly waning. She wouldn’t be able to save anyone in such state. The only thing that was available to her right now…… was hopelessness and regret.

Even though she just climaxed, her clitoris wasn’t growing smaller. The opposite, actually.

[Fuu…… Kuh, uuuggghhh!?]


Even though it calmed down for a moment, her clitoris started to grow yet again. Her skin stretches to its very limits, and the bulge was now the size of a forefinger.

[Kuh, kii, hyiii……Auuugh!? M, my breasts, they are……!?]

Her breast began to pulse strangely and felt hot. Her nipples felt as though they were set ablaze. Her skin felt itchy and hurt a lot. The pleasure she was feeling began to affect her nerves and the pleasure was turning into pain for her.


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[Ahaah! Look, look! Take a look at Onee-sama’s nipples!]

[Uuuh…… Ahaah!? N, no, noooo~!]

Following the girls’ gaze, Mikoto looks at her own nipples, which were so bloated and erect that looked similar to her clitoris right now. And they weren’t stopping there, growing even further, becoming even more sensitive. What’s strange, their thickness remained the same.

But that’s not all. Her breasts become flushed red, and there were traces of milk coming out of her nipples in small amounts. And since she was so out in the open like that, there was no way that the other girls were unable to see it.

[Hmm, her boobs doesn’t seem big enough yet.]

[Same for her dick. Let’s pour some more into her, just to be sure!]

[Uwaah!? No, don’t…… Nhaaah!?]

Mikoto’s voices of protest were completely ignored. Just like that, another dick was inserted into her gaping pussy, making the sensations of pleasure start to assault her all over again.


[Ufufu, look at it now! Isn’t it simply magnificent?]

Masumi gazes at Mikoto’s crotch, where there was not a thing that was truly resembling a fully erect manly dick. The reddish flesh was stiff and as hard as a rock. It was full of veins and was pulsing. Its head resembled a small bell, and there were traces of transparent liquid coming out of it.

[P, please…… No more…… Anything more and I’ll… I’ll…… Uhh……]

Mikoto pleaded in a weak voice, forced to stand up and supported by the girls’ shoulders. Even breathing was painful right now for her. With each of her move the erect dick shook and swayed to the sides, forcing weak currents of pleasure to run through her spine.

(S, something like this, is……)

How could Takeru endure something like that without going crazy?

On the other hand, Mikoto was on the verge of collapsing –– She felt so useless that her heart was finding this shame hard to bear.

Her thoughts were cloudy and unfocused, and there was a funny sensation deep inside of her chest.

Even her breasts were bloated and swollen right now, so huge that they were hurting her just hanging from her chest. Even though she was not wearing any underwear they were shaped in a beautiful bell shape, with her erect nipples protruding proudly from them like antennas. Each time they kept rubbing against one another, it was sending ripples of pleasure throughout Mikoto’s body.

[Amazing, the boy of an Exorcist is truly something else. Who would have guessed it can adapt so much?]


Suddenly, Masumi approached her, flicking her fingers at Mikoto’s nipple. Even though it was just that, Mikoto could feel sparks of both pleasure and pain spreading throughout her body.

[Takeru-san is amazing as well.]

[Eh…… Aah!? W, why……!?]

Masumi steps aside, and Mikoto could see the figure of her little sister standing behind her.

Takeru was laying on the reddish ground, her blazer wide open and her panties pulled down. The buttons of her shirt were ripped out and her small breast were spilling out of her underwear.

But that’s not the problem.

It was still good.

The problem was the bloated penis that she held in between her slender fingers.

The grotesque thing was so long that it was climbing its way up Takeru’s abdomen, the valley of her breasts, and reached out all the way to her chin. And then ––.

JERK, JERK, JERK…… Takeru was moving her hands, gripping her fingers on her erect cock and jerking it vigorously. Her pretty face was stained with white liquid, and she was scooping it and licking the cloudy liquid from the tip of her glans.

[What happened to you, Takeru!? Ugh!?]

[Uuh? Ahh, ahh…… M, Mikoto……]

Takeru noticed her elder sister’s gaze and turned her tearful face towards her. But her hands started to move even faster. Her white fingers were sliding with ease on the veiny and reddish skin, making wet and obscene noises.

[It doesn’t come out…… No matter what I do, it won’t come out……]




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