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Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 7 Part 7




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



[Naaahhh! T, Takeru, you’re so…! Agh! So hooot~! Eeehhh!?]


Mikoto’s dick was sliding in and out of Takeru in a steady motion. The air was flowing inside of Takeru’s cavity as well, making obscene noises when Mikoto’s cock was coming into contact with Takeru’s walls.


Love juices gush out of Takeru’s pussy in huge amounts. They were pleasantly clinging to Mikoto’s cock, making her thrusts easier and even more pleasurable.

[Hyii, uugh! It’s, it’s going… all the way to the back!]

When Mikoto manages to reach all the way inside of her, they both arch their backs in pure bliss and ecstasy.


Takeru’s own elongated dick taps on her lips, making it wet with her own saliva. It gets caught up inside of the valley between her breasts, and a current of electricity runs through Takeru’s tormented body.

[Nhh……! Ahh… Aaahhh……!!]

Dense odor penetrate Takeru’s nostrils and invades her brain. There was a pounding in her head, her heart was beating faster. Her body produced even more thick nectar, which was making her feel good as it was gushing out of her.

[Afugh…… T, Takeru’s dick is…… throbbing so much……]

Mikoto was letting a sweet moans while shaking her hips. She kept thrusting without stopping, traces of saliva escaping through the corner of her mouth and dripping down onto her breasts.

[Ngahh!? Mi, Miko… Mikotoooh~!]

With each thrust of Mikoto’s dick Takeru’s small breasts bounce heavily, and she leaks out sweet moans. Her pussy twists and tightens around Mikoto’s penis. She sucks it in and expels juices onto it, which causes Mikoto to twist and shake in torrents of sudden pleasure, all the while coiling around her mercilessly.

(Ahaa…… Takeru as well…… Is feeling good from all this……)


Mikoto wanted to pleasure Takeru even more, but she herself was being sucked strongly by her insides. Her dick, piercing her flesh hole, was becoming even thicker and even harder. Her shaft was absorbing ever single drop of delicious nectar it could catch. This was causing Takeru’s dick to react accordingly.

(T, Takeru’s… Takeru’s dick is… it is……)

Mikoto’s nose was full of her sister’s raw odor, reaching all the way to her brain. Mikoto’s mind was clouded with pink fog and she could feel her pussy being violently stirred by it.

Her breasts were feeling good, too.

She could feel her meat stick being heavily twisted and manipulated.

It seems that the liquid her dick was secreting was also feeling good for Takeru. She even took her breasts in her hands and began to stroke her dick with it vigorously.

[Npuah!? Kuh, ugh! G, good…… My boobs, they feel so, good……!]

She could feel her fingers burning with the thick meat she was holding. Shaking back and forth to adjust to Mikoto’s penetration, her delicate milky-white skin was burning up. Mikoto was feeling it as well, her own dick throbbing and burning up beyond believe.

[Hyauugh!! Aah, aaahhh!!! M, my nipples are feeling it!]

The two of them shout in unison. Their dicks rubs against their skins, sending sparks of wild pleasure throughout their bodies.

[My, oh my, just look how splendidly you are getting along.]

Masumi laughed, but her words were no longer able to reach neither Mikoto nor Takeru’s ears.

[Kuaaauuuggghhh!! The back, it hits me, all the way back!!]

Mikoto’s dick continues to rub against Takeru’s deepest parts without stopping.

[Mikoto, m, my boobs are……!]

Takeru moans while squeezing her boobs even tighter around her cock and rubbing it even more violently than before.

Mikoto continues to thrust herself inside of her little sister without a moment of res, like some sort of animal in heat. She leans forward and presses her boobs against Takeru’s back, offering them even more intense pleasure. In response, Takeru coils around her dick even tighter.

[Uuuhhh!! T, Take, ru…… Nhh……!!]


Mikoto also reaches out her hands, grabbing Takeru’s boobs in her own fingers. He gently squeezed her fingers and moves her hands around while observing her little sister’s reactions. She even traces her tongue around Takeru’s neck. All the while Takeru continues to pleasure her own dick with her warm tongue and mouth.

[Fuh, eeeaaahhh!? Mi, Miko, what are you……!?]

Takeru looks at Mikoto in shock, watching her take her own erect nipple in her mouth, while Mikoto’s boob continued to slide across her back.

[Nmuh, nnh!? Munch, munch, munch, munch!! Nhh, aah, nhm…..!!]

An intense sensation keeps on spreading through Mikoto’s breasts. When she was playing with herself like that, it felt really good for her. So she squeezed her nipple even harder, making loud and obscene noises.

Her waist moves just like a mechanical device would, glued to Takeru’s crotch. She wanted to fuck Takeru more, give her even more pleasure.

(Aaahhh! T, Takeru is…… I’m melting, I’m going to melt inside of her……!)

Her pussy felt so moist and elastic. She was so wet down there and slippery that sliding in and out of her was a whole new level of pleasure, feeling as though she was going to be sucked right back in the moment she tried to pull out.

[Fuh, uhh, nnh, nmuuh…… Nmuuh! Aaah!?]

Both of Mikoto’s nipples were being violently stimulated right now, causing her unspeakable ecstasy. Takeru’s soft lips continued to flood her dick with love nectar. Her hot tongue continued to caress her dick, causing her to shiver all over.

(Kuaah!! T, the electricity!!)

Mikoto’s nipples felt as though there were electric currents dancing across their surface. They shot inside of her mammary and went further into her spine, shooting towards the brain. They continued to bounce against one another, with even more force than before.

Takeru’s pussy clasps around Mikoto;s penis, which in turn was trying to turn her inside out with its violent piston motion. Love juices continues to flow endlessly. The ecstasy continues to run across Mikoto’s urethra, burning the inside of her belly.

In response to that stimulation Mikoto accelerates the movements of her waist. Driven by some kind of invisable force, her body moves more or less on its own.

Mikoto’s dick, now one big conduit of pleasure, pushes up against Takeru’s womb, shaking and twisting inside of her pussy like a raging monster.

(Naah!? Ahh, aagh!? M, my dick, it feels…… it feels weird…… Gaah!)

The base of Mikoto’s dick becomes unbearably hot.

Squeezed by Takeru’s pussy, Mikoto felt a lava-like substance beginning to raise up from the root of her dick, rushing towards the exit in her glans.

Her glans twitch and tremble impatiently.

[Nheaah!? Fuehm fuhmmn, uuuhhh!]

Mikoto screams while the love juices drown her dick in sinful ecstasy, clamping around it mercilessly.

Takeru’s pussy further narrows down around Mikoto’s dick, squeezing even more and assaulting it with pleasure.

Takeru rains down kisses upon her own bloated cock.

A sudden flash of white lightning runs through Mikoto’s spine when she bites on her nipples.

In the next moment, pleasure explodes across her dick which was buried deep inside of Takeru’s honey drenched crack.

[Naah!? It’s coming out! It’s going to come out!!]


Hot, lava-like semen begins to pour inside of Takeru’s womb.

As white lightning penetrated Mikoto’s brain, her enlarged clitoris shakes violently.

Mikoto’s whole body stiffens, and her ponytail swings around.

Takeru grips on her breast strongly.

[Hegiyaah! Heaah, hegggh…… Aaaahhhh!!!]

SPLURT, SPLURT, SPLURT…… Takeru’s breasts shake strongly as the volumes of hot white spunk rush through her own dick only to be released all over her face.

The force of Takeru’s ejaculation was so great that some of her sticky white cum got onto Mikoto’s face, staining it with thick white stains.


White threads of semen make Mikoto’s face all sticky and smelly, with bits and pieces managing to find their way into her mouth and nose, causing her to experience a bitter taste in her mouth and a putrid smell inside of her nose.

(Ah, aahh! So…… hot……)

Inhaling the smell of her sister’s cum, Mikoto’s mind was quickly becoming numb from the mixture of arousal and the bliss of her own climax.

[Mupuh…… Fukhi!? Ahh, kyaaah!? Boobs, my boobs! They feel shooo goooooodddddd!!!]

A disturbing vibration-like sensation we reverberating throughout Mikoto breasts.

Mikoto’s body stiffens all over as all of her strength is being focused inside of her penis and the torrents of white spunk it was still propelling inside of Takeru.


Mikoto also shakes her huge breasts and threads of white milk shoot out of her nipples just like a semen from a dick would.

Mikoto’s milk squirts all over Takeru, staining her whole body and glasses, shooting inside of her mouth.

[Nhyaaahhh!? Iyaah, Noooooo! It doesn’t stop, it doesn’t stoop!]

[I, inside, insideee! Mikoto’s, hot stuff, is……!]




The twin sisters fall on top of one another, breathing heavily while still being connected through their private parts and squirting their liquids all over each other without end……




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