Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 8 Part 10




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



As the sparks of pleasure spring up from their rubbed breasts, Mikoto and Takeru shake their heads in wild rage.

Intense pleasure spread throughout their wombs, spreading even further and further towards their spines.

Rubbing against her little sister’s skin, Mikoto’s bloated clitoris was also at its limit, overflowing with pleasure.

(Good, good, shho good!! My whole body, feelsh shoo good~!!!)

The pleasure of having her pussy penetrated by her little sister combined with the sensations of having moth her ass as well as the mouth violated by the tentacles. Ecstasy runs up Mikoto’s spine and strikes her mind.

Their breasts run against one another, feeling hot.

Electric currents keep on sparking up their nipples.

As the tentacles rub against their skins, Takeru’s dick became even harder and something hot began to swirl up inside of it.

[Nyafuaaahhh!!! Aaahhh!? Aaahhh!? It’s coming out! It’s coming out! It’s gonna come out~!!!]





All of the tentacles suddenly let out all of their lust, spraying their cloudy white spunk all over the twins’ bodies.

[Hahyiiiiii!!! Shoo hoootttt, shooo hooot, I’m cuuuuuummmiiinnnggg~!!!]

The insides of all of their cavities were being flooded by white and thick liquids.

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While they continue to erupt inside of their assholes the tentacles continue to massage their insides without stopping.

The sensation of being ejaculated on makes Mikoto finally lose it, and her bladder finally gives in.

Hot arch of urine erupts from her urethra, accompanied by two streams of hot milk shooting out of her breasts.

Both Shiratori sisters were being ejaculated on and received all of the tentacles semen inside of them, turning them into two cum dumpsters.

[Hooot! Shomethingsh hooot ish, shoo muuush shooting inshide of meee~!! Shquirtiiing inshide ov my pushshyyy and boobsh……!!! Cumming, cumming, cumming!!! Ahyiii, it wont shtop, it’s not shtooopppiiinnnggg–––––––––!!!!!!]


The tentacles penetrated her holes, flooded her mouth, rubbed against her breasts and caressed her skin all over.

The sisters curl their toes and fingers from being overstimulated like that.

Their holes contracted around the tentacles that were shooting their semen up them, as if trying to suck out every single drop of tentacle cum they had to offer.


The tentacles trembled and shivered, blowing even more of their loads inside of the sisters’ bodies.

Sticking close to them, they rubbed themselves against their cheeks and faces, their hair, their breasts, their butts, they squirt all of their spunk all over them. Not to mention the inside of the sisters’ asses, which were literally overflowing with hot semen at this point.

[Fuaah, aaahh, aaaahhhh……]

Wrapped in the indecent smell and gulping down the hot semen, Mikoto and Takeru smile blissfully as the tears keep on dripping from their eyes. They were enveloped in warm and comfortable feelings. Freed from the tentacles grasp, they hugged one another, rubbing their breasts together and intertwining their tongues.


The volumes of semen that couldn’t be contained by their mouths, pussies and assess spilled outside, dripping down their bodies and onto the reddish floor. While the sister continue to hug one another, the semen from inside of their bodies starts to form a small puddle all around them.

(Shooo, goooood……)

They couldn’t think about anything anymore.

It feels so good that nothing else mattered anymore.

Rubbing their bodies together and experiencing the greatest pleasure that a woman could possibly experience, and then as their consciousness’ faded, they fell into hell together……




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